About time for effective homicide investigations in Scotland

Currently there’s no effective NHS system for investigating killings by people with mental illness in Scotland.

As a result of our campaigning the Mental Health Welfare Commission for Scotland has found that:

The majority of homicides by mental health service users are not being investigated by [Scottish Health] Boards and are not being reported to the Commission.”

When we last investigated in 2016 we found that in the last ten years or so in England around 576 patients have been convicted of homicide. As a result some 321 independent investigation reports have been published.

In Scotland over the same period we found 136 patients have been convicted of a homicide but only two independent investigation reports have been published.

Our original research briefing, which prompted the investigation is here:

The MWCS is now undertaking a consultation for the Scottish Government to improve the system for investigation of patient homicides.

You can respond and add your voice to the consultation here:

You don’t have much time – the consultation ends on Friday – November 17!

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