Dr Jeroen Ensink

946d8650-0da1-4996-abce-fd47d331c7e7Today, Timchang Nandap will be sentenced at the Old Bailey for the unprovoked killing of Dr Jeroen Ensink, a man he had never met or spoken to before.

We have been supporting the family and know there are many serious, troubling factors to this case.

We are calling for an independent investigation into why a seriously unwell man, with a history of violence with knives, was at liberty that day. We want to know from all the agencies involved whether this terrible crime could have been prevented.

Dr Ensink was just one of the more than hundred victims of mental health homicides in Britain each year, and our research shows the numbers are increasing.

We are deeply concerned that seriously unwell people are not getting the diagnosis and treatment they need, which is leading to more and more tragedies like this.


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  1. An absolute tragedy which could have been prevented I’m really sorry to say! I am a nurse and also have a close relative with a mental health problem, a single male, nobody wants to know and I obviously know where to access help for him but it’s not forthcoming. How would I know if his mental health deteriorated to such an extent that he could hurt himself or even someone else? No answer! A psychiatrist even told him ” it’s your mother’s fault”; lets face it some people are a danger to themselves and others, there should be the NHS managing these patients but instead we have trusts, commissioning, private companies who lets face it want to make money!!! How can you make money out of vulnerable people they need the best care and support, if that means being a resident in an NHS facility then that is what should be available. Who is responsible? Where does the book stop? When can people be safe, both people with mental illness and people living their lives. The police are being trained in dealing with mental illness as there are no servo es to cope with demand, what does that tell you? Mental Heath services are a Cinderella service, forgotten, poorly funded and not fashionable.

  2. Mental health alone is not a reason for criminal acts , medication doesnt stop killings from happening , there are many schizophrenics with famillies and jobs who donot act in a criminal manner to lock up people like these is both unjust and unnessessary. People with Mental health problems need freedoms that ordinary people have they have done nothing wrong, to treat men as criminals on the basis that they are ill is wrong.
    Asylums nolonger exsist and that is a good thing People with mental health problems can lead productive lives if they are given equality and support and freedom from discrimination.Not every one is a killer, and those who do commit this crime should be in prison until they ve served their sentences, holding a mentally ill person indefinetly when a person who comitted the same offence and wasnt ill gets a shorter sentence is unjust and is a form of revenge and persecution

  3. Yet again more lies from the professionals. Statement on the news last night says that around 60 people a year are killed by mental health patients and the figure is falling! Nadja’s interview this morning could have been a repeat of mine over 9 years ago – saying that someone needs to accept responsibility to stop this happening to someone else! Nothing changes, lessons are not being learnt. My heart goes out to Nadja.

  4. Changes to legislation will not prevent this from happening,there are people who choose to commit murder whether they are ill or not, Does being medicated change you or who you are >NO ,you can still choose to murder if you want to Do we need to lock everyone up , the 1 in 4 of the population we would need bigger hospitals than prisions, why would we lock everyone up?Most people who experience mental illness are harmless

  5. I was not attacked, O Im schizophrenic, I see and hear things ,sometimes I have strange thoughts ,while I was going through my divorce to an adulterer I thought I was the bride of christ but that was just because I was going through a personal bad experience. Im on medication would it stop me killing if I wanted to ? NO ofcource not!!! There are many so called sane people that murder all the time are they medicated would it stop them ?No ofcourse not!

    As a schizophrenic I am a mother of four well adjusted kids and a former advice worker , local councillor with responsiblity for Health and social care scrutiny and a Councillor governor of my local NHS Trust, parent governor of local schools .We are not all murderers even when ill I know right from wrong

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