Other Families Stories

Personal testimonies and case histories from families who have had loved ones murdered by mental health patients.

  1. Jim & Judy Cargill’s son Ben was killed by paranoid schizophrenic Robert Browning in Chesham, Buckinghamshire in August 2004
  2. Dolores Altaras only child Tom Easton was killed by Barrington McKenzie, a psychotic mental health patient, in East London in September 2006.
  3. Colin Johnson was killed in Sunderland in January 2004 by Garry Taylor a long term psychiatric patient with a considerable history of violence. His sister Sue Mileson talks about what happened to her family
  4. Daniel Gonzales killed four people in the South East of England in September 2004 – this case history contains personal testimony from Daniel and his family along with information from official investigations.

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