East England

133 known cases 1994 – 2018
53 inquiry reports

NHS East of England ordered a review of all local mental health homicides between April 2002 and July 2006 which had not been properly investigated and found some 14 cases.

None of these 14 cases are publicly known.


NHS East of England – Verita Report

Date Victim Location Event Comment download
06 Aug 2018 Katherine Kemp Ipswich Psychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabs wife hours before killing himself Off meds. Coroner criticised crisis team
23 July 2018 George Acres (7) Rochford Schizophrenic woman fatally strangles and drowns young son Found to be insane at the time
15 Dec 2017 Suzanne Brown Braintree Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed partner after meds stopped Family warned repeatedly about deterioration
05 Aug 2017 Peter Wrighton East Harling, Norfolk Psychotic man off meds repeatedly and fatally stabs stranger Previously told MH workers he wanted to kill
29 Jul 2017 Farnaz Ali Norwich Mentally disordered man fatally batters neighbour 59 times with a hammer
25 Jul 2017 Natividad Nituan Radlett Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed partner
20 Jul 2017 Geoffrey Caton Bury St Edmunds Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed acquaintance
04 Jan 2017 Nicholas Daher (85) Letchworth Mentally ill man fatally stabbed his father-in-law Convicted of Manslaughter by diminished reponsibility
22 Nov 2016 Asia Tufall Cambridge Mentally ill man fatally smothers wife
12 Jul 2016 Allison Muncaster Magdalen, Norfolk Depressed man shot his wife and then himself
07 May 2016 Khabi Abrey Westcliff Mentally ill man sets fire in block of flats killing neighbour and her unborn baby
Unborn Baby
13 Apr 2016 Jean Ryan Felixstowe Mentally disordered man fatally and repeatedly stabbed wife
24 Mar 2016 Amina Begum Maldon Mentally ill man fatally stabs mother 37 times
28 Dec 2015 Rita King (81) Walton on the Naze Deluded mentally ill man fatally shoots wife
24 Dec 2015 Katie Locke Waltham Cross Recent Psychiatric patient strangles woman and abuses her body Had made prev. threats to kill, recently released from psych.hospital Inquiry
17 Dec 2015 Kathleen Griffin Clacton Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs and punches woman Remained with the body to watch television DHR-Exec


09 Dec 2015 Terry Ojuederie Peterborough Psychotic man beats cell mate to death Substance abuse history PPO Inv


20 Sept 2015 Ashwin Desai Luton Psychotic man fatally batters stranger with fire extinguisher
14 Sept 2015 Nicola Cross Hemel Hempstead Paranoid Schizophrenic breaks into strangers house & fatally stabs mother in front of her children
14 Sept 2015 Zakariyyah Islam Whitechapel, London Mentally ill man fatally stabs healer (out of London patient)
29 Aug 2015 Samantha Ho St Neots Paranoid schizophrenic beheads wife and stabs family dog Long MH history DHR


22 Feb 2015 Pauline King (82) Norwich Mentally ill man beats pensioner to death with two hammers Recently released from psych unit
09 Dec 2014 Bhagwant Singh J27 M25 Insane man drives into HGV causing multiple car fatal collision
19 Nov 2014 Dennis Nicholls Lowestoft Paranoid schizophrenic fatally strangles elderly father Not taking meds
13 Nov 2014 Deborah Ruse Bury St Edmunds Mentally ill man fatally batters ex wife with an axe before killing himself MH Trust in regular contact before death
24 May 2014 Wendy Ambrose Boxted, Essex Man with Dementia fatally shoots wife and then himself
29 Mar & 17 June 2014 James Attfield Colchester Mentally disordered man repeatedly & fatally stabs strangers Detained in Secure psychiatric hospital
Nahid Almanea
12 Mar 2014 Alexa-Marie Quinn Hatfield Mentally disordered man fatally batters his daughter Psychiatrist was frightened of him during assessment SERIOUS CASE REVIEW
22 Oct 2013 Leonard Flower Luton Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs neighbour Had been recently seen by Crisis team SERIOUS CASE REVIEW SUMMARY
26 Sep 2013 Tolu Kalejaiye Wickford Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs mother Domestic Homicide Review
21 Jun 2013 Rebecca Thompson (11) Bushey Mentally ill man fatally strangles daughter and attempts suicide
13 Jun 2013 Russell Capon Ipswich Schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs childhood friend History of mental illness
04 May 2013 Paul Simons Chelmsford Mentally ill man fatally stabbed, battered and cut man
15 Apr 2013 Levina Anderson (3) Lowestoft Mentally disordered mother kills her three children and then herself Serious Case Review
Addy Anderson (2)
Kyden Anderson (11 mnths)
30 Mar-03 Apr
John Chapman Peterborough Mentally disordered woman fatally stabs landlord & housemates Had been admitted to psych ward two weeks before
Lukasz Slaboszewski
Kevin Lee
02 Mar 2013 Thomas Baird Hemel Hempstead Recent MH patient batters and stabs ex-girlfiend’s father Previous history of violent assaults INQUIRY REPORT
11 Jan 2013 Myrna Kirby Cheshunt Depressed man smothers wife and kills himself INQUIRY REPORT
02 Nov 2012 Carol Cooper Clacton Mentally disordered man fatally smothers mother Long MH history – previously sectioned Domestic Homicide Review
28 Aug 2012 Maureen Tyler Cray’s Hill, Essex Mentally ill man fatally shoots mother then kills himself MH history – family complaints about MH treatment
15 Jul 2012 Claire Parrish Harlow Mentally disordered man fatally batters and stabs partner MH history, stopped meds DHR
10 Jul 2012 PC Ian Dibell Clacton Mentally ill man fatally shoots policeman then kills himself MH history
27 Jun 2012 Eystna Blunnie Harlow Recent MH patient fatally batters ex fiancee and unborn child Discharged from MH care less than month before Domestic Homicide Review
26 Aug 2011 Tracy Anstice Flitwick Mentally ill man fatally stabs ex-wife INQUIRY REPORT
24 Jul 2011 Jeanette Goodwin Southend Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs former girlfriend Family had tried to get get him sectioned
25 Jun 2011 Fred Hodson Luton Mentally ill man fatally and repeatedly batters strangers head with hammer Assessed as ‘no danger’ on day of incident INQUIRY REPORT
25 Feb 2011 Albert Wright (80) Hainault Mentally ill man fatally stabs elderly relative INQUIRY REPORT
20 Feb 2011 Ruth Jacobs Needham Market Merntally ill man drowns disabled wife Sentenced Sec 37 MHA – no restriction INQUIRY REPORT 
25 Jun 2010 Ramatunnessa Choudhury (70) Luton Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly beat mother to death in front of children Long MH history with serious violence. Not taking meds Inquiry
30 Apr 2010 Sandra Crawford St Albans Psychotic man fatally and repeatedly stabs neighbour Family took him to hospital day before but released.
15 Mar 2010 Carol Wetherley Needham Paranoid Schizophrenic slits mother’s throat claiming Jesus made him do it. MH History Inquiry
01 Jan 2010 Rosina Waller (88) Southend Mentally ill man fatally batters grandmother
23 Dec 2009 June Jumaily Letchworth Mental health patient fatally stabs estranged wife in front of daughter History of psychosis Inquiry
17 Jun 2009 Faith Lovemore(6 wks) Cambridge Mentally ill woman kills baby MH History SCR
08 May 2009 Christine McDonald Newmarket Mentally ill man batters and repeatedly stabs wife then commits suicide Had had CMHT assessment 9 days before
06 May 2009 Mary Griffiths Bury St Deluded recent mental health patient kills woman with bolt gun INQUIRY

High Court

26 Apr 2009 Colin Ricketts Laindon, Essex Mentally ill man with paranoid delusions fatally stabs mother’s boyfriend Ind Inq commissioned Inquiry
15 Nov 2008 Boris Reavey Bedford Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger three days after release from psych. hospital long MH history had been inpatient 15 times Inquiry
20 Sep 2008 Ryan Walsh Cheshunt Mental health patient fatally stabs boyfriend MH history w violence – inquiry found many failings in care. Ind inq. 2013 Iodem Inquiry
11 Sep 2008 Brian Haynes Peterborough Mentally disordered man involved in fatal attack on inmate Inq found poor care and missed opportunities Inquiry
26 Aug 2007 John Redhead Potters Bar Mental health patient convicted of murdering ex boyfriend Drug user. Ind inq. 2013 Niche Inquiry
24 Aug 2007 Kathleen Bainbridge Dunstable, Beds Mentally ill man fatally stabs care assistant and attempts to kill another Unfit to plead. Herts patient INQUIRY REPORT
15-17 Jul 2007 Marvaleen Lee Bedford Schizophrenic fatally stabs mother in neck and dismembers body pleaded guilty by diminished responsibility
14 Jun 2007 Neil Orton Hemel Hempstead Long term MH patient with history of violence fatally stabbed acquaintance Inq found failings in care Inquiry
11 Jun 2007 PC Johnathan Henry Luton Schizophrenic fatally stabs PC in the neck alleged contact with MH Services 4 days before incident Inquiry
01 Mar 2007 Joseph Talby (4) Peterborough Mentally ill woman smothers children then hangs herself MH history SCR
Paul Talby (2)
30 Dec 2006 Steven Janczuk Arlesey, Beds Mentally ill woman fatally stabs husband MH History Inquiry
01 Nov 2006 Marcus Witham Colchester MH patient (w PD and sub-stance abuse problems) fatally stabs partner Case ‘E’ in Inq. Report Inquiry
24 May 2006 Graham Rayner Tavenham, Norfolk Paranoid schizophrenic decapitates victim with axe and hides body in boot of car Long MH history. prev. violence. Stopped meds. Inq said Preventable. Inquiry
23 Mar 2006 Frank Empson Harlow MH patient fatally stabs acquaintance Drug User Inquiry
22 Mar 2006 Adel Makar Westcliff on Sea MH patient fatally stabs father then hangs himself Inquiry
07 Mar 2006 Paul Butterworth Hoddesdon, Herts Psychotic man strips naked and bludgeons friend’s father to death Substance abuse
Feb-06 Mandlemkosi Nelya (Mandla Leya) Cambridge Conditionally released psychiatric patient batters friend and leaves him to freeze to death Case F in Inq report. Verita 2010. History of psychotic illness & prev. violence. Inquiry
15 Jan 2006 Terence Whiteley Shenley Man with Alzheimers drove car into cyclist
Dec-05 Teresa Botwright Lowestoft Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally attempts to decapitate mother with samurai sword MH History
Dec-05 Michael Bird Braintree MH patient fatally strangles acquaintance Case ‘K’ in Inquiry report Inquiry
Aug-05 Lisa Sullivan Walton on the Naze Mental Health patient strangles partner Ind Inq found failings in care Inquiry
Jul-05 Peter Grimshaw Colchester MH patient fatally stabs friend Case J in Inq report – many problems in Care. Verita 2010 Inquiry
Jun-05 Marguerite Dunkley Lyng, Norwich Paranoid Schizophrenic kills elderly parents by repeatedly stamping on them Long MH history with previous violence yet allowed out for unsupervised visits.
Jun-05 Arthur Dunkley Lyng, Norwich Paranoid Schizophrenic kills elderly parents by repeatedly stamping on them Long MH history with previous violence yet allowed out for unsupervised visits.
Feb-05 Mary (Maisie) Dempsey (71) Harpenden MH patient fatally stabs elderly neighbour 40 times Substance abuse problems – Case B in Inquiry report. 2010, Verita. Inquiry
Jan-05 Ryszard Krasewski Bedford Psychotic repeatedly attacked three men with meat cleaver, two killed
Jan-05 Adam Krol Bedford Psychotic repeatedly attacked three men with meat cleaver, two killed
Dec-04 Christopher Mason Watford MH patient attacks stranger in street, who falls and later dies 5 yr MH history – Case A in Inquiry report. Verita 2010 Inquiry
Dec-04 Deraye Lewis (3) Bletchley MH patient fatally punches toddler Critical Inq. Verita 2010. (Case G) – PD and substance abuse Inquiry
Dec-04 Doreen Griggs Wisbech, Cambs Paranoid schizophrenic smothers and stabs grandmother fatally Indep Inq. Hanson 2009 Inquiry
Nov-04 Mark Evans Dagenham/ Ilford Murdered man and burnt body in a wheelie bin Ind Inq
Oct-04 Amanda Lewis Bury St Edmunds Depressive stabbed partner light sentence
Aug-04 John West Sheringham Norfolk Paranoid schizophrenic killed his father in law Ind Inq 2008. Previous violence, released days earlier, warnings. Poor risk assessment. Poor team work. Inquiry
Jan-03 Sean Hand Basildon MH Homicide by stabbing Ind Inq 2008. Released despite homicidal thoughts, poor records Inquiry
Dec-02 Jayne Poppy Leigh on Sea Paranoid Schizophrenic batters girlfriend to death Ind Inq 2008. Released against advice, missed appts, came off meds, no risk assessment. Inquiry
Jul-02 Derek Salmon Colchester MH patient fatally and repeatedly stabbed her husband Yes – Ind Inq Inquiry
Jun-02 Hazel Prager Hainault, Essex Paranoid schizophrenic rapes and fatally stabs a stranger
Aug-01 Jason Hill (6) Shortstown, Bedordshire Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally strangles young son Social services deemed son at no risk two weeks earlier. SS inq
Aug-01 John Boultwood Tilbury, Essex PTSD depressive (after Ladbroke Grove) fatally and repeatedly stabs stranger Indefinite detention
May 01 Dorothy Rush Norwich Psychotic man repeatedly and fatally batters and stabs disabled mother Originally unfit to plead, sentenced 2012
May 01 Karen Richards Watford Mentally ill man fatally and repeatedly stabs wife Recently released from Psychiatric unit
08 Nov 2000-20 Jan 2001 John Timms St Albans Hospital Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters and stamps on fellow psychiatric patient Refused meds & abused substances
8 Jan 2000 Dorothy Parsons (87) Thorpe le Soken Depressed man fatally shot wife
Sep-99 Rosemary Neale Colchester MH homicide of mother Ind Inq 2002 Bradley
Jul-99 Violet Dunderdale Chelmsford Paranoid Schizophrenic kills grandmother (DNA evidence 8 yrs later) MH patient
Apr-99 Older brother Barking & Havering MH homicide Ind Inq 2001 Roy
Sep-98 Martin Cass Ford End, Essex MH patient fatally shot ex’s new partner, then shot himself Ind Inq 2001 Bowron
Aug-98 Joanne Alawode (3) Cambs MH homicide of daughter Ind Inq 2000 
Jan-98 Daphne Bidwell (DB) Thetford Mentally ill man fatally bludgeons wife before killing himself Ind Inq. 2003. Bellis (not publ)
Oct-97 Barbara Coleman Beds MH homicide Ind Inq 1998 Price
Apr-97 Perry James Hemel Hempstead
Dec 1996 Marlene Kemp Norwich Insane man drives car into pedestrains killing a woman
Aug-96 Daniel Whayman Ipswich Schizophrenic woman throws baby off 150ft bridge killing him
Jul-96 Daniel Coleman (83) Norfolk MH Homicide Ind Inq 2001 Armstrong
Jul-96 Denise Palmacci Bedfordshire Mentally ill man fatally stabs ex-girlfriend after release from Psychiatric hospital Ind Inq 1997 Price
Mar-96 Matthew Bowyer Essex MH patient sets mothers house alight and kills lodger Ind Inq 1999 Herbert
Nov-95 John McLusky Peterborough area MH homicide of mother’s boyfriend IndInq 1997 Mischon
Oct-95 Ben Slowley (8) Ipswich Mentally ill woman drugs and strangles sons
Sam Slowley (2)
May-95 Brenda Horrod Hickling, Norfolk MH patient fatally batters, stabs and smothers wife day after leaving hospital Ind Inq 1998, Armstrong
May 95 Curtis Porter (8) Thetford Psychotic woman fatally stabs three children and commits suicide
Cherelle Porter (5)
Clinton Porter (4)
Dec-94 Robert Mitchell Bramford, Suffolk Paranoid Schizoprenic absconds from open psych ward to behead father and strangle elderly neighbours Ind Inq 1996 (Blom-Cooper). Previous history of attempted murder and assault
Arthur Wilson
Shirley Wilson
Nov-94 Christopher Edwards Chelmsford prison Schizophrenic homicide Ind Inq 1998, Coonan (European Court HR case)
Oct-94 Paul Smith Basildon Essex Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed stranger to’bring about second coming’ Psychiatric patient
03 Sep 1994 Gillian O’Dowd Tring Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs wife Been ill for 6 years, had previously made threats to kill
10 Oct 1993 Cheung Ki Ho Norwich Mentally ill man fatally stamps on sister

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