South Central England

105 known cases 1993 – 2020
42 inquiry reports

05 Aug 2020James NashUpper EnhamPsychotic and deluded man fatally shot and stamped on neighbourPrevious MH history – family had tried to get help beforehand
05 Feb 2020John PerrySouthamptonMentally disordered man fatally strangles his fatherLong MH history – Saw MH workers immediately after incident 
01 Jul 2019Joanna ThompsonHambledonMentally ill teenager killed his motherPleaded guilty to Diminished responsibility – later died before trial 
24 Mar 2019Hedley Robinson (86)Newport PagnallMentally ill man fatally assaults elderly father and then attacks motherhistory of MH problems – just released from police custody after assaulting emergency worker 
17 Dec 2018Charles Taylor (82)PooleMentally disordered man fatally battered his step-grandfather  
29 Oct 2018Dr Barry HounsomeGosportMentally ill teenager kills man with hammer and electric drillsCommand voices told him to kill 
07 July 2018Lorna MyersAylesburyPsychotic man fatally stabbed mother and attacked anotherFamily had been trying to get him help 
10 Apr 2018Miroslaw JanuszkiewiczBracknellMentally ill man fatally batters and stamps on strangerNot taking meds – Family tried to get him helpCourt of Appeal
29 Dec 2017Joy GreenWindsorMentally ill man fatally batters elderly motherunfit to plead – trial of the facts 
24 Dec 2017Mark Whittow

Shane Stokes
Between Junction 10-11 M40Confused Man with Alzheimers stops on motorway causing collision which killed two people  
07 Dec 2017Ella ParkerMilton KeynesMentally ill man fatally stabs pregnant womanWalked out of psych unit day before 
14 Mar 2017Tyler Warmington (5)Faringdon, OxonMentally ill woman repeatedly & fatally stabs five year old sonConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished reponsibilityInquiry

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12 – 13 Feb 2017Carl ScottWinchesterSchizophrenic man fatally battered and stabbed man Sentencing
2 Oct 2016Jackie PattendenCrowthorneMentally ill man fatally stabs partner  
14 Aug 2016Ryan MernaPooleMentally ill man repeatedly & fatally stabs vulnerable former friendPrevious warnings of serious violence 
6 July 2016Albertina Choules (81)MarlowMentally ill man batters stranger and sets her body alightConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished responsibility 
1 Jun 2016Keziah Flux Edmonds (6)East Cowes, IoWDepressed man fatally drowns daughter and takes his own lifeMH historySCR


7 Dec 2015Justin SkrebowskiAbingdonPsychotic man fatally stabs strangerLong history of MH problems & violence. Had prev made threats to killInquiry
21 Nov 2015Josephine Williamson (83)WokinghamDepressed man pushes wife down stairs & strangles her  
26 May 2015Elliot HandleyDorchesterMentally ill man fatally batters victim with claw hammer  
26 May 2015Phillip NicholsonBoscombeMentally disordered woman fatally slashes acquaintance’s throat  
20 Mar 2015Nick BeattieSouthamptonMentally disordered man fatally battered disabled and vulnerable acquaintanceConvicted of MurderInquiry
17 Aug 2014Sandra TalmanNewburyPsychotic man with history of depression fatally strangled wifeRecently seen by MH servicesDHR Exec Summ

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11 Aug 2014Tommy Sheldon (5)Hursley, WinchesterPsychotic woman sets car on fire with herself and children in it killing her sonChild was found with antidepressants in bloodstream 
24 Jun 2014John WilldigSouthamptonParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs pensionerMH historyInquiry
17 Feb 2014Karolina NowikiewiczSloughDepressed man fatally slits woman’s throatHad recently stopped meds 
23 Nov 2013Annie Beaver (81)HavantMan with dementia fatally stabbed wife  
11 May 2013Keith BevisPortsmouthParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs man 38 times24 year history of mental illness – ‘revolving door’ patientINQUIRY REPORT
31 Jan 2013Mark AustinAylesburyLong Term MH patient fatally attacks manLong MH history w violence – previous hospital orderInquiry
12 Aug 2012Vittoria BakerOxfordSchizophrenic woman fatally stabs mother two days after release from psychiatric hospitalEvidence MH Trust knew she was a risk. Victim also MH patientDHR/ Inquiry
17 Jul 2012Sergio MarquezBournemouthParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs flatmate and mutilates bodyLondon patient. Had absconded from Huntley MH unit months beforeInquiry
20 May 2012Deborah MorrisRyde, Isle of WightMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs wife (later suicide)History of serious mental illness 
16 Mar 2012Darren LockNewburyMentally ill man fatally stabs man Inquiry

Inquiry follow up report

02 Aug 2011John WilliamsCamberleyMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs man Inquiry
19 Apr 2011Anita BawtreeSouthamptonPsychotic man fatally and repeatedly stabbed partnerExtensive Drug history. Recently released from MHAInquiry


Aug-10Christopher VarianThameParanoid schizophrenic decapitates boss with cheese knifeLong MH history with violence 
25 Feb-2010Stephanie Bellinger

Lili Bellinger (10 mths)
TottonMentally ill man fatally stabs partner and daughter  
Jan-10Annelise Storrar

Duncan Storrar
ReadingPsychotic man drives at speed into couple’s car killing them bothLong MH History. Had been taken to psych hospital that day yet discharged 
Aug 2009Rosina TillyerBurghfield CommonDepressed man fatally batters partner and kills himself  
Jul-09John McCarthyWaterloovilleDeluded Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed friend thinking he was on mission to assassinate IRALong MH History – recently released from Psych hospitalInquiry
Aug-08Sally SinclairAmport, AndoverDepressive fatally and repeatedly stabs wife  
Sep-06Valerie RhodesShanklin IoWMentally ill man pushes stranger off cliff wall fatally injuring her  
Apr-06Elizabeth CookLangley, BerksParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs motherInd Inq 2006Inquiry
Dec-05Nokukhanya MkhontaSouthamptonPsychotic (depressive) fatally and repeatedly stabbed girlfriend  
Sep-05Stephen Bayliss (16)

Nuttawut Nadauld (14)
Finchampstead, BerksPsychotic man kills teenagers  
29 Mar 2005Patrick MarkcrowLong CrendonDepressed woman fatally drugged and suffocated adult disabled sonDiminished responsibility – suspended sentence
Jan-05Sarah SmartOxfordDepressive MH patient fatally stabs ex-wifeInd Inq 2005 Recent contact w servicesInquiry
Dec-04Simeon ClaxtonPetersfield, HampshireMentally ill man fatally stabs friend then commits suicide (victim was also mentally ill)Ind Inq 2007- previous inpatientInquiry


Sep-04Judith KimberPortsmouthParanoid Schizophrenic with history of violence fatally smothers mother Inquiry
Aug-04Ben Cargill (Mr D)Chesham, BucksMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed former flatmateInd Inq 2006Inquiry
Mar-04Angela StanyerTilehurstPsychotic mentally ill man kills woman he believes to be a witch by setting her house on fire.  
Jun-03Alison GableThealeSectioned MH patient on day release kills girlfriendInd Rev 2004 – originally unpubl. Not in public interestInquiry
20 May 2003Mary JohnsonFarehamMentally ill man fatally strangles his wifeDiminished responsibility – 3 year community rehabilitation order 
Jan-03Michael RogersMilton KeynesPsychotic kills woman and son – (wanted to be serial killer)Guilty to man-slaughter 
Jan-03Dorothy RogersMilton KeynesPsychotic kills woman and son – (wanted to be serial killer)Guilty to man-slaughter 
Dec-02Theresa Francis

Elizabeth Francis (84)
Ropley, HantsPsychotic bludgeons grandmother and aunt to deathindefinite detention under MHA 
Dec-02Rena WestMilton KeynesSchizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed mother and attempted to kill himself (unsuccessfully)  
Sep-02Carolyn HopcroftAylesbury, BucksParanoid schizophrenic fatally & repeatedly stabbed parents with large knifeInd Inq (Lost) 
Sep-02John HopcroftAylesbury, BucksParanoid schizophrenic fatally & repeatedly stabbed parents with large knifeInd Inq (Lost) 
Jun-02Christina AustinSouthamptonMentally ill man fatally strangles wifeLong MH history. Tried to kill wife twice before 
May-02Tristian LovelockBasingstokeMentally ill man killed victim with knife, dismembered body and scattered remains on housing estateInd Inq. sent to Broadmoor 
May-02Wendy HolmesChesham, BucksSchizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed neighbourDrug user. Ind Inq 
Apr-02Catherine OgramAldershotSchizophrenic fatally punched and stabbed his girlfriendLong history of MI – clear warning signs beforehandInquiry
Feb 02Michelle AdamsPortsmouthParanoid schizophrenic fatally bludgeons woman with iron barVictim was caller to the house & mother of five 
05 Jan 2002Stephanie WhittakerDidcotMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed wifeDiminished responsibility – depression 
Jan-02Hugh MacDdonaldHedge EndMentally ill teenager fatally and repeatedly stabs fatherSent to Broadmoor 
Nov-01Norette RuzindanaOxfordParanoid schizophrenic strangles wife  
Nov-01Elizabeth Sellers AldershotMH patient set fire to home killing motherJoint Ind Inq 2005 – previous suicide attemptsInquiry
Aug-01Patrick GarwoodAldershotMentally ill woman fatally stabbed victimJoint Ind Inq 2005Inquiry
May-01Morris Short (81)AbingdonMentallly ill man fatally shot stepfather with air rifleInd inq. 
29 Mar 2001Necati SamilogluReadingMentally disordered man fatally battered business partnerDiminished responsibility 
Aug-00Ben Pepall (4)GosportPsychiatric patient stabs children day after dis-charging himself from hospitalLater suicide 
Feb-00Valerie SextonGosportMH patient strangled wifeInd Inq 2004Inquiry
Oct-99Richard Turnbull

Robert Turnbull
Bembridge IoWDepressive drugged and smothered disabled sonsInd Review 2001 
Sep-99Katie KazmiReadingSchizophrenic ex Broadmoor inmate fatally stabs stranger 77 timesInd Inq 2002. ‘damning indictment of incomptence and complacencyInquiry
Mar-99David CloseFareham HantsMH patient drove at high speed into back of parked car killing pensioner instantly,Ind Inq. 2000Summary
Apr-98Anthony HarrisonAndoverDetained MH patient leaves hospital and fatally stabs manInd Inq 2001. Later hanged himself at BroadmoorInquiry


Dec-97Lena Huntingford (84)Lindford, HantsMH homicide of mother during exorcismInd Inq 2001Inquiry


Oct-97Thelma AllumMaidenhead, BerksMH homicide of wife, after attacking mother days earlierInd Inq 2000Inquiry
Oct-97Rita RiddlesworthBracknellEx Broadmoor patient kills girlfriend and then himselfHad killed his parents and grandparents (4 people) in 1969 
Apr-97Eileen CameronReading, BerksMH homicide of motherInd Inq 2000Inquiry
Nov-96Patricia EskeSouthamptonMH homicide of motherInd Inq 1998Inquiry
23 Aug 1996Louise CampbellChalfont St PeterMentally ill man fatally stabbed wifeDiminished responsibility case 
Jun-96Kenneth LongmanBasingstokeMH homicide of father by setting him on fireInd Inq 2001Inquiry



Dec-95Lorna ThomasMilton Keynes, BucksMH man stabbed his girlfriendInd Inq 2000Inquiry
Jun-95Julie Ann Lowell (4)AbingdonMH patient sets home alight killing landlady and two daughters  
Jun-95Kylie Roberts (6)AbingdonMH patient sets home alight killing landlady and two daughters  
Jun-95Susan HearmonAbingdonMH patient sets home alight killing landlady and two daughtersInd Inq 1997Inquiry
22 Nov 1994Audrey FisherKiln Green, BerksMentally ill man fatally stabbed his motherPreviously killed his girlfriend & been released 
13 Apr 1994Sara AlesworthAylesbury, BucksMentally ill GP fatally batters daughter 14 times with club hammer then stabs herMH history 
06 Mar 1994Phyllis (Constance) Saville (85)WimbourneMentally ill teenager fatally stabs elderly stranger  
01 Feb-94Louise Murrie (9)BerksMH homicide of daughter by suffocationInd Inq 1999Inquiry
05 Dec 1993Dr Barry Taylor

Janet Taylor
SouthseaMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs woman and kills her husband with hammerAlso killed family dog 
09 Oct-93Jonathan NewbyOxfordPsychotic fatally attacked volunteer care workerInd Inq 1995, previously sectionedInquiry
19 Aug-93Margaret Godfrey

Susan Godfrey

Florence Jeffrey (78)
OxfordMentally ill man kills wife, daughter and mother in law with lump hammer25 yr MH history, previously attacked first wife with hammer 
Jan 1993Jordan Strudwick (baby)St Mary’s hospital PortsmouthMentally ill mother poisoned babyDetained ‘indefinitely’ in hospital 

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