South East Coast

109 known cases 1993 – 2019
54 inquiry reports

10 Oct 2019Lesley SpearingRainhamMentally ill man fatally stabs and batters his motherUnfit to plead – Trial of facts 
27 Dec 2018Jake Ford (23 months)

Chloe Ford (23 months)
MargatePsychotic woman kills young twins Sentencing remarks
29 Sep 2018Margaret Harris

Sharon Harris
Hadlow, KentParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighboursUnder a CMHT at the time of the assault 
31 July 2018Stephanie PackmanKemsley, SittingbourneDepressed man fatally stabs wife and attempts to harm himselfDiminished responsibility case 
05 July 2018Samantha TomsMaresfield, E SussexMentally ill man suffocated his partnerConsistently not taken meds – sent to Broadmoor 
18 Jun 2018Leo Tompsett (5)Beachy Head, SussexDepressed mentally ill woman kills herself and young son by jumping off cliffs  
20 Apr 2018Fiona FisherCrowboroughMentally ill man fatally stabs mother Court of Appeal
13 April 2018Maryna Zhytnyk-KavaliauskeWorthingMentally disordered and obsessive man fatally strangles friendSubsequently took his own life 
28 Nov 2017Glyn RouseCrawleyMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs complete stranger  
29 Oct 2017Mary Steel (79)FarncombePsychotic man fatally stabs elderly motherReportedly asked for help which ‘wasn’t forthcoming’ 
21 Jul 2017Olivia KrayHerne BayMentally ill man strangles daughter and attempts to kill partnerSection 45a Hybrid order 
29 May 2017Alan CreaseyLancingMentally disordered man fatally batters and stamps on manConvicted of MurderInquiry
19 May 2017Harry MessengerFavershamMentally disordered man repeatedly and fatally batters neighbour with a hammerConvicted of murderInquiry
6 May 2017Razvan SirbuMaidstoneMentally ill man fatally attacks stranger with machete  
21 May 2016Sonita NijhawanWeybridgeDepressed man fatally and repeatedly batters wife with an axe & knife DHR Full

DHR Exec Summ

5 Apr 2016Newborn babyBognor RegisMentally ill mother fatally strangles her new born babyConvicted of infanticide 
19 Nov 2015Jean Robertson (86)SittingbourneParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters his grandmotherHistory of previous serious violence, off meds, released by MHRTInquiry

DHR Full

DHR Exec Summary

17 July 2015Donald LockFindonParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs strangerMH history, some previous violence, family not listened toInquiry Report
25 Dec 14Joe LewisBrightonParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs friendJudge said a ‘disaster waiting to happen’Inquiry
5 Dec 14Yvonne TappSouthboroughPsychotic man kills partnerLong MH history 
Aug 14Philip PennelegionRamsgatePsychotic man with history of violence fatally battered friend after ‘spirits told him to’Not taking meds – didn’t think he was ill 
Apr-14Sandra Boakes (70)SomptingMentally ill pensioner fatally batters wife  
24 Jan 2014Elizabeth Thomas (17)OxtedMentally disordered teenager fatally stabbed young friendConvicted of murderInquiry
24 Nov 2013Dennis Bryant (90)DorkingMan with Dementia fatally batters fellow care home residentInadequate Serious Case ReviewAssurance Review

16 Aug 2012Chris PooleEastbourneMentally ill man fatally punches and kicks man Inquiry
Aug-2012Jan JensenHassocksMentally ill man fatally stabs MH patient day after release from psych. hospitalNurses and others falsified records after the killingInquiry 
May 2012Annette SturtDoverParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters and strangles his motherHeavy drug abuseExecutive Summary



Sep-2011Terence WottonGravesendParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs fatherUnmedicated – Crisis team had attended that dayDHR Exec Summ


Full DHR

Indep Inq

Jun-11Linda AllenHorshamMentally ill man fatally stabs wife and bludgeons her with a hammer.Hospital order under MHA 
Apr-11Jonathan EllisonBrightonMental Health Patient fatally batters vulnerable manLong Forensic history, D&A problems, PDExecutive Summary


Full Inquiry

Mar-11Natalie WalkerBroadstairsParanoid psychotic man fatally stabs wife in front of 3 year old childDrug history – asked to be sectioned before killing before but was sent home.Inquiry
Mar-11Nigel Randall RossSouth ChaileyMentally ill man fatally stabs stepfather  
6 Mar 2011David FordMargateMan with schizophrenia fatally attacks fellow hostel resident Inquiry


Inquiry Follow up

Nov-10Shehlah BaigCrawleyUnmedicated Paranoid Schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs wifeLong MH history – Not taking medication 
Sep-10Stefan WelchBrightonMentally ill man kills acquaintance and sets body alight Inquiry- Full


Inquiry – Exec Summ

Sep-10Anthony WakefordEffinghamMentally ill woman fatally stabs husbandReleased at trialInquiry
15 Feb-2010Gordon StalkerBrightonParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs neighbour believing him to be a witch stealing his soulHistory of increasingly erratic and threatening behaviour. Inq found death was preventable.Inquiry
Follow Up
Nov-09Dominic KellyGuildfordSchizophrenic batters friend and pushes him into river where he drowns  
Jun-09Magda BusharaHoveMentally ill man man repeatedly and fatally stabbed wife then killed himselfCoroner found- ‘clear history of MH problems’ 
Jan-09Timothy HutcheonChathamMH patient repeatedly and fatally stabs acquaintanceLong MH historyInquiry
Dec-08James TaylorDartford, KentMentally ill woman kills her son by drowning  
May-08Sharani Navaneethan (4)CarshaltonMentally ill mother fatally stabs children  
May-08Shanjayan Navaneethan (5)CarshaltonMentally ill mother fatally stabs childrensectioned 
May-08Drusilla PaisleyBurgess HillMentally ill man batters and fatally stabs wife then kills himselfhad recently been seen by psychiatrist 
Dec-07Valerie TwymanRamsgate, KentPsychotic man fatally stabs grandmotherMH history 
Dec-07Sue GoswellWest Chiltington, SussexMentally ill man fatally stabbed wife then kills himself, a week after leaving psychiatric hospital. Many previous warningsMH history – released from Psych hospital despite warnings from daughterExecutive Summary

Full Inquiry
Aug-07Daniel QuelchMaidenhead, BerksParanoid Schizophrenic breaks into house and fatally and repeatedly stab stranger in front of his childrenLong MH history – sectioned 2001 – not taking medsInquiry
Aug-07Brenda LindleyNorthfleetMentally ill man fatally batters wife then kills himself Inquiry
May-07Catherine GenestinBrightonMentally ill man bludgeons wife and hides her body around houseMH history, previous suicide attemptSerious Case Review
Jan-07Claire EdrichLowlandMentally ill man fatally shoots wife  
Mar-06John McKennaEgham, SurreyParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs friend days after release from Psych unit (Chertsey)MH history (Ind Inq 2013, Verita)Inquiry
Nov-05Marion EdgingtonForest Row, E GrinstedSchizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs mother  
Jun-05Anthony RadfordPewley Down, GuildfordParanoid schizophrenic fatally and repaetedly batters man with logMH History. (Ind Inq 2013, Verita)Inquiry
Jun-05Chris StonesWorthingParanoid Schizophrenic stabs father of twoLong MH historyInquiry
Apr-05Jackie MarshallChichester SussexMentally Ill man kills manager in frenzied attack  
Dec-04Angela TitleyPrivate Psych hospital, Redhill, SurreyPsychotic MH patient fatally and repeatedly stabbed lover with Swiss Army KnifeInd Inq 2009. May have missed medsInquiry
Nov-04Derek SaxbyFolkestoneMH Patient with schizophrenia kills fellow hostel residentLong MH history. (Ind Inq 2013, Verita)Inquiry
Oct-04Jonathan KendrickBrightonSchizophrenic man beats a man to death with screw-driver and hammerPsychotic disorder – victim had been trying to help him 
Sep-04Marie Harding (73)WorthingPsychotic fatally stabs strangers (& 3 in London)Ind Inq 2009 Mother had been asking for MH help for him for monthsInquiry
Jan-04James FordSunburyMH patient fatally attacked man with brickInd Inq 2007, usual problems team work, poor notesInquiry
Aug-03Richard Baker (Mr G)HastingsParanoid schizophrenic strangles acquaintanceDrug and alcohol. 2006, GeorgiouInquiry
Jul-03Richard CromartyMaidstoneMH patient fatally stabs neighbour 20 timesIndep InqInquiry
Apr-03Laura SturlaGillinghamMentally ill man fatally injects former patient with heroin Inquiry
Mar-03Rae Torbet
(Ms E)
Hastings, SussexMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabbed ex girlfriendInd Inq 2005Inquiry
Dec-02Joan SmytheRainham (but SE Coast patient)MH patient sexually assaulted and murdered elderly strangerInd Inq 2006 Family had been trying to get him helpInquiry
Jun-02Julie Ann Wendel (Ms L)Netherfield, East SussexLong term MH patient strangled girlfriendIndep Inq. Previous violence. 2005, GeorgiouInquiry
Feb-02Natalie ScottBognor Regis, SussexParanoid schizophrenic with delusions fatally and repeatedly stabs girlfriend  
Sep-01Gilbert McCallumDoverMan with MH problems killed manInd Inq 2005Inquiry
Aug-01Melanie Welch (Ms B)Redhill, Surreydepressive MH patient strangled his partnerInd Inq 2005Inquiry
Jul-01Joseph DayFolkestoneSchizophrenic (triggered or exacerbated by drug abuse) fatally stabbed anotherInd Inq 2004 found failures and errors. No Risk Ass. Team work poorInquiry
Jun-01Mark BlackstonNorthfleet, KentMH patient fatally stabbed victimInd Inq 2005. Previous violence, had warned she would kill s.oInquiry
Jun-01John StevensWokingMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabbed friendPoor risk assessment, CPA, & information sharing. 2003, MackayInquiry
Jun-01Jamie McCarville (4)DoverMentally ill woman fatally shoots son and tries to shoot herself  
25 Apr 2001Rajinder Kaur SidhuCrawleyDelusional and psychotic man fatally stabbed wifeDiminished responsibility – she was in fear of her life 
Dec 2000Bernard Murphy (79)BrightonMentally ill man fatally strangles friend  
17-22 Sept 2000Alex Wessell (13)Findon, SussexMentally ill woman fatally drugged and smothered teenage son.Diminished responsibility 
Apr-00Sarah LawsonWorthingDepressive strangled mentally ill daughterInd Inq 2004Inquiry
Mar-00Mrs PGKentMH patient killed womanInquiry hushed up 
Feb-00Simon WidgerEastbourne, SussexPsychotic glued partners eyes, ears and lips and fatally and repeatedly stabbed himInd Inq, 2003Inquiry
Dec-99Taher RahmanHove, SussexMentally ill man beheads mother  
26 Nov 05 Dec 1999Barbara MooneyCrawleyMentally disordered man fatally batters wifeDiminished responsibility – alcohol problems
Oct-99Avril HollensTonbridge, KentMH patient fatally stabs girlfriendInd Inq 2003Inquiry
09 Aug 1999Ann May WorthingMentally disordered man fatally batters partner with hammer and cuts her throatDiminished reponsibility
Jun-99Nancy BroadbridgeRamsgateMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed landladyMH history with violence with knives, known threatInquiry
Jun-99Robert KavanaghHove, SussexDepressed Psychotic woman fatally stabs boyfriend  
Sep-98Remy Surage (Mr S)Orpington, KentMH homicide – stabbed and killedInd Inq 2004. Had been sectioned for previous violenceInquiry
26 Jan-1998Beryl O’ConnorHastings, KentPsychiatric patient strangled woman and set her alight  
17 Jan-1998Clare LetchfordHastings, KentPsychiatric patient strangled woman and set her alight  
27 Nov 1997Justin El KorashyBrightonMentally disordered man stabbed three people one fatallyDetained in Broadmoor 
06 Aug 1996Ossie ClarkBrightonPsychotic man fatally stabbed friend more than 40 times  
Jul-96Lin RussellKentMan with PD & psychosis killed strangers with a hammerInd Inq 2006, Had asked for help before incident.Inquiry
Megan Russell
Jan-96Marion AddyAshington, W SussexMentally ill woman repeatedly and fatally bludgeons woman with club hammer  
Aug 1995Mary Morris (84)CamberleyMentally ill man fatally stabbed elderly mother  
26 Jun 1995Sujad KahnCrawleyMentally ill man shoots his sons, one of them fatallyDiminished responsibility 
10 Mar 1995Maxine BootGuildfordPsychotic former abattoir worker fatally attacks woman with numerous weapons  
end Jan / early Feb 1995Margaret FarrageTunbridge WellsParanoid schizophrenic satanist fatally beats and stabs motherDiminished Responsibility 
Jan 1995Alexander Oatley (11 days)Hinchley WoodWoman with post natal depression kills young baby  
Nov-94Mary PoveyWest KentMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabs motherPreviously threatened violence with knives.Inquiry report available on request
25 Jul 1994David EnticknapWokingMentally ill woman fatally stabbed husband  
May 1994Fiona WoodWokingMentally ill woman fatally stabbed husband’s new partner  
10 Mar 1994Kenneth TaylorCanterburyPsychotic man steals car and crashes into another killing passenger and severely injuring driverinsanity case – given two year supervision & treatment order 
Jan 1994Maraj AkhtarWest SurreySchizophrenic fatally stabbed manReleased from hospital 6 months earlier 
20 Nov 1993Jeanette TaddWokingParanoid mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed young wife.Diminished responsibility 
Sept 1993Husnare AliCrawleyMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed wife  
Pre Sept 1993Marie Worrell (18)DartfordMentally disordered man battered woman to death and threw her body out of windowLong MH history 
15 Jul 1993Nicholas StanleyGuildfordMentally ill woman fatally stabs support workersent to hospital without limit of time 

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