West Midlands

130 known cases 1993 – 2020

31 inquiry reports

06 Sept 2020Jacob BillingtonBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs student and seriously injures and stabs seven othersDiminished responsibility – lengthy MH history
19 Mar 2020Wendy Morse (71)KnypersleyPsychotic and deluded man repeatedly and fatally batters pensionerLong MH history -diminished responsibility
25 Feb 2020Jasbir Kaur

Rupinder Bassan
OldburyMentally disordered man fatally and repeatedly stabbed Mum and stepdadHad previously tried to get MH help without success 
04 Sep 2019Lana NemcevaBurton on TrentMentally ill man fatally strangled his wife and then took his own life  
17 Aug 2019Belinda RosePerry Barr, BirminghamDepressed businessman fatally stabs support-worker employeeDiminished responsibility 
23 Feb 2019Gary CunninghamHarborne, BirminghamMentally disordered and depressed woman repeatedly and fatally stabbed partnerDiminished responsibility 
31 Jan 2019Mary PageBilstonMan with Aspergers fatally batters mentally ill motherDiminished responsibility case 
14 Jan 2019Amy GriffithsDroitwich SpaMentally disordered man fatally strangled, battered and stabbed womanPleadedguilty to murder – detained in Broadmoor
14 Sep 2018Blaine RockNuneatonParanoid schizophrenic drives at speed at road workers, causing multiple injuries & killing one of themNot guilty by reason of insanity 
27 Jul 2018Nigel AbbottSutton ColdfieldParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters stranger with metal poleFamily tried to call MH team 34 times without resultInquest PFD
11 Apr 2018Viktorija Sokolova (14)WolverhamptonSchizophrenic teenager rapes and repeatedly and fatally batters teenagerEx CAMHS patient 
20 Feb 2018Bradd DarbyNuneatonMentally disordered man repeatedly and fatally stabbed manDiminished responsibility 
09 Feb 2018Jasmine Forrester (11)WolverhamptonMentally ill man carried out ‘frenzied and sustained’ fatal attack on great nieceFamily tried to get help from MH services without successSerious Case Review
09 Jan 2018Julie ClarkHerefordMentally ill man fatally and repeatedly stabs his motherTrial of facts as Unfit to plead 
04 Jan 2018Khalid YousefHandsworthPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabs friend and decapitates him in shopFound not guily by reason of insanity 
01 Dec 2017Susan WestwoodCoventryParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed motherLong MH History – upset about ‘milky tea’ 
12 Nov 2017Martin BriggsCradley HeathParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs man after previously assaulting relativesLong MH history but off meds 
10 Aug 2017Harish KumarWest BromwichParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed man and drove body to Police station  
31 Mar 2017Anthony BantingBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed strangerPreviously inpatient in secure unit 
28 Mar 2017Sebert Mitchell (87)BirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabbed and beat elderly father  
19 June 2016Umesh ParekhHandsworthParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger  
21 Feb 2016Lisa ReynoldsAbbey HultonParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs partnerWasn’t taking medication 
06 Oct 2015Malgorzata MarczakWorcesterDepressed man fatally batters and strangles wife  
05 June 2015Anne DunkleyMarston GreenParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters auntHistory of mental illness 
30 May 2015Norasab HusseinHanley, StaffsMentally ill woman fatally stabbed partnerDiminished responsibility case 
06 Apr 2015Celia Powell (95)Stoke on TrentMentally ill man fatally bludgeons elderly mother  
04 Dec 2014Andrea CarrBirminghamMentally ill man strangles partnerHospital order 
18 Nov 2014Francesco LecceseBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs flatmateSec 45a 
12 Oct 2014Maja Galikowska (5)

Olga Galikowska (1)
Stoke on TrentMentally disordered woman fatally stabs her young childrenMH services closed case 2 days before incidentSerious Case Review
11 Oct 2014David AinscowKidsgroveParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs fatherWas unfit to plead 
22 Jul 2014Tia KounotaHalesowenParanoid schizophrenic fatally strangled girlfriend and set her alightHad stopped taking his medication 
7 Jul-2014Quoi Chang

Pin Cheng Chang
SolihullParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs parentsPolice called due to deteriorating MH 
28 Jun 2014Philip SilverstoneBelsize ParkParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters pensioners & later kills himself in prison Prison investigation
27 Jun 2014Cynthia Beamond (80)HalesowenParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters pensioners & later kills himself in prison See above
20 Jun 2014Janet MannNuneatonMentally disordered man fatally stabs disabled wife Sentencing Remarks
20 May 2014Beatrice Bennett (75)Market DraytonDepressed man fatally batters wife with dumbbell  
31 Jan-2014Leon DavisHandsworthDeluded paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbourHad contact with agencies 
30 Jan 2014Karen WildHanbury, WorcsMentally ill man fatally stabs his mother  
20 Jan 201473 year-old womanMalvernMan with Dementia fatally batters wifeNo recollection – unfit to pleadDHR Full

DHR Summary

02 Jan 2014Jean GazeleyNuneatonMentally disordered man administered morphine & fatally smothered his wife who had multiple sclerosisDiminished responsibility – alleged ‘mercy killing’ case
Jul- 2013Jane McRaeRowley RegisMentally ill man fatally batters wife then kills himselfUpset about knotweed in garden 
May 13Amarjit Singh RaiBirminghamMentally ill man cuts man’s throat and fatally batters him  
Mar-13Lillian Henderson (86)WalsallMentally ill man fatally punches elderly motherPrevious inpatient 
Mar-13Christina Edkins (16)BirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs schoolgirlMany apparent failings in careExecutive Summary

Full Report


Inquiry Update

Jan-13Wayne Busst

Ian Watson-Gladwish
BirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs Big Issue sellersSeriously psychotic at time 
Dec-12Anthony BrownErdingtonMentally ill man convicted of man-slaughter of flatmate in MH hostelBrutal assault. Dim. responsibility & Sec 45a MHA 
Oct-12Christine WilliamsonTelfordMan with Alzheimers fatally batters wife about the headPrev. warnings. Coroner said killing was preventable 
Oct-12Maureen StoneTrentham, StaffsMan with dementia fatally batters care home resident with curtain pole  
Oct-12Pauline GillenWalsallParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs mother with screwdriverMentally Ill for 10 years – substance abuse problems 
Oct-12Jason DuffieldWalsallParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour & throws him off high rise
5 Sep 2012David PowellTiptonDepressed man fatally drives car at wife’s friend  
Jul-12Janice SmithenBirminghamMentally ill man fatally batters mother with metal weights barMH historyDomestic Homicide Review
5 May 12Nathan EdwardsBirminghamMentally ill man starts fire in hostel killing fellow residentMH history 
Apr-12Marcus WyeBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs girlfriend’s stepfather in front of son  
Mar-12Jonas DaraskaWolverhamptonParanoid schizophrenic batters friend with an axeMH problems ‘known to authorities’ but failed to treat 
Feb-12Oliver SmithBirminghamSchizophrenic fatally stabs acquaintanceMH history 
29 Dec-11Shadi AfrouziWolver-hamptonMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs wiife in front of 12 year old sonRisk of harm was predictable (Ind Inq 2013, DHR)Exec. Summary

  Full Report

26/7 Oct 11Susan GrayStaffordParanoid schizophrenic fatally shoots mother in the faceHad been behaving erratically for a year before killingDHR – Full

  DHR – Exec Summary

25 Sep-11Ahmed MohammedBirminghamMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs fatherLong term deterioration of MH 
31 Jul-11Kerry SmithRowley RegisMental health patient fatally stabs ex-partnerLong history of previous violence 
Jul-11Anita YoungBirminghamUnmedicated psychotic man fatally batters his mother to deathLong MH history – saw psychiatrist on day of attackDomestic Homicide Review
Jun-11Ayesha White-MukumbiraStratford upon AvonDepressed woman kills daughterDrug history – Previous warning unheeded 
May-11Anna CuporiovaStoke on TrentParanoid schizophrenic slits mother’s throat and dumps her in wheelie binUndiagnosed at time of incident 
9/11 Jan-11Carol BrownBirminghamMentally ill woman fatally strangled mother  
14 Dec-10Jane EdwardsHanwood, ShrewsburyPsychotic man (who killed sister in 1985) fatally and stabs friend 50 timesStopped Meds – Long MH history – released 2002INQUIRY REPORT
14 Dec-10Jill Louis NevittOswestryMentally ill man fatally and repeatedly stabs wife 28 timesMH history of depression and PTSDINQUIRY REPORT
Nov-10Shauna LeeCoventryMentally ill man bludgeons pregnant woman with hammer and dismembers bodyPrevious MH patient 
Nov-10Mesiach PearceBirminghamDemented man fatally batters care home residentUnfit to plead but found guilty of the act 
Nov-10Audrey MeadleyEdgbastonMentally ill woman fatally stabs friendMH history – recently released from hospital against her wishes 
Feb -10Alia Ahmed Jama (3yrs)BirminghamParanoid Schizophrenic woman repeatedly and fatally stabs daughter then pours acid all over her bodyFamily concerns. Some SS and Police involvement before killingSerious Case Review
Feb-10Gabrielle Grady (5)EveshamMentally ill man kills daughter by driving into icy riverHistory of previous violence – previous warnings, info not sharedSerious Case Reveiw
27 Jun 2009Margaret Casey (83)EdgbastonMentally ill woman bludgeons elderly mother to deathLengthy MH history – not taking medsINQUIRY REPORT
Sep-08Mark CannonLichfieldMentally ill woman repeatedly and fatally stabs partner  
Jul-08Patricia FortCastle BromwichMentally ill man fatally stabs mother 80 times  
17 May 2008Khyra Ishraq (7)HandsworthMentally ill parents fatally starve young daughterJudge said they displayed ‘horrific cruelty’ – Diminished responisbility 
May-08Glenn HollinsheadStoke on TrentPsychotic woman fatally stabs man, afterwards repeatedly hit her head with hammer and jumped off 50′ bridge  
Aug-06Fatina BassouCoventryMentally ill man fatally stabs wife  
Aug-06William Plant (76)WalsallParanoid Schizophrenic kills stranger breaking every bone in his face – 130 serious injuries. Absconded from psych hospitalPsychiatric inpatientFull Report
Jul-06Irene Watling (83)CoventryMentally disordered woman kills elderly woman by setting fire to her bed  
28 Jun 2006Geoffrey WatkinsStaffordMentally disordered man fatally stabs acquaintance in ‘frenzied attack’Previously tried to kill his mother – Diminished responsibility 
May 06Courtney Kennedy (6)Kings NortonMentally ill woman fatally strangles daughter with skipping ropePrevious contact with MH services 
Oct-05Vera Roberts (73)Whitchurch, SalopSchizophrenic with history of violence fatally batters mother with hammer and pokerInd Inq 2008. found good practice – criticised internal investigationFull_Report
Oct-05Elaine WainCoventryParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour 130 times  
Aug-05Susan LoweErdingtonMentally ill man fatally batters wife with axeThreatened suicide 
Feb-05Colette LynchRugbyPsychotic schizophrenic fatally stabbed his wife (many previous warnings)Very critical Indep Inq 2006Full Report

Inquest Report
Jan-05Fiona StephensonRugbyStabbed his wife thinking she was having an affairInd Inq 2006. Previous violenceFull Report
Jun-04Hazel DixRedditch, WorcsParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs and dismembers wife (released after previous murder of woman)Previous serious violence – Long MH history in care of local services 
May-04DC Michael SwindellsBirmingham M6Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed policeman who was trying to arrest himInd Inq 2009. Hadn’t taken meds, previous sectionsFull Report
Apr-04Bharana Krishna NamootyCoventryEx Mental patient strangled girlfriend  
Sep-03Kevin HooperOldburyMentally ill woman repeatedly and fatally stabs man  
Jul-03Sheila LochlinRedditch, WorcsDepressive strangles partner and attempts suicidedetained under MHA 
Nov-02Barbara LynchBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly batters neighbour with clawhammerHistory of MH problems 
Nov-02Irene NormanWolverhamptonMH patient drowned neighbourInd Inq 2006Full Report 
Sep-02Balbir KaurBirminghamParanoid Schizophrenic kills shopkeeper with machete and attacks anotherInd Inq 2005Full Report
Apr-02Robert EdwardsRowley RegisSchizophrenic fatally stabs flatmate more than 30 timesPrevious Hospital order for affray but released after 5 weeks 
Apr-02Craig BeesleyBirminghamSchizophrenic (undiagnosed?) drives car at crowd outside pub killing oneSchizophrenic drives car at crowd outside pub killing one 
12 July 2001Nazia BegumFoleshill, CoventryMentally ill and depressed man fatally stabs sisterDiminished responsibility 
09 June 2001Raymond SmithLeamingtonMentally disordered woman fatally stabs partnerDiminished responsibility – jailed for 3 years
12 May 2001Rosie Ross (16)BirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs sunbathing schoolgirlIndefinite detention
10-13 May 2001Colin FoulkesShrewsburySchizophrenic man fatally batters housemate with an axeHad previously killed Julian Sanders in Birmingham 
Oct-00Susan Hall (Mother)

Clifford (grandfather)

Lynda (aunt)
CoventryParanoid Schizophenic kills family with hammer  
May 00Margaret Manning (77)BirminghamMentally ill man fatally strangles partner  
Feb-00Shamim AkhtarBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed wife in front of children whilst on unsuper-vised release from MH unitCritical Ind Inq 2004Inquiry
Dec-99Melanie Harris (18 months)SolihullMentally ill woman fatally poisons daughter with anti-depressant drugGot 3 years probation 
Jul-99Lewis HodgeBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic kills victim with macheteInd Inq 2004, previous violenceInquiry
May 99Lorraine HowellWolverhamptonDepressed man throttled and decapitated next door neighbour  
7-12 Apr 1999Ann-Marie HanleyCoventryMentally ill woman fatally battered and stabbed a friendDiminished responsibility 
23 Dec 1998Melanie GwiltStoke on TrentMentally disordered man kicked young mother to deathOn probation for wounding at time – diminished responsibility 
Sep-98Ruksana BegumBirminghamDeluded Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour  
May-98Richard ChandlerWarwickshireMH double homicide (drove into them)Ind Inq 2000 (released 2002 after 3 yrs)Inquiry
May-98Richard AstonLeamington, WarwicksMH double homicide (drove into them)Ind Inq 2000 (released 2002 after 3 yrs)Inquiry
21 Sept 1997Angela SteemsonWalsallMentally disordered man fatally strangled his wifeDiminished responsibility 
Sep-97Mohammed AtlasBirminghamMH homicideInd Inq 2000Inquiry
Aug-97Geraldine SimpsonBirminghamMH homicide of woman by throwing her from 12th floor flatInd Inq 2001Inquiry
May 97Glenys AdamsStokeMentally ill man repeated hacked wife to death after bringing her cup of teaPrevious MH history 
Mar-97Lynn BradburyIpstonesMentally ill man fatally batters partner with hammer3 yr sentence 
29 Dec 1995Thomas MacGregorBordesley GreenMentally ill man fatally attacks stranger after stabbing supermarket shoppers  
Pre Oct 1995Heddwyn Fox (baby)TelfordMentally ill mother deprived baby of food and fatally poisoned her with saltpossible Munchausens case 
Sep 1995Sam ViggarsStokeMentally ill woman fatally punched and kicked disabled fatherDiminished Responsibility – Inquiry held 
Jul-95Richard Eadshaw (12)CoventryMH patient sets fire to flat killing neighbour and his son.Ind Inq 1997Inquiry
Jul-95Tom Radshaw (Redishaw?)CoventryMH patient sets fire to flat killing neighbour and his son.Ind Inq 1997Inquiry
31 May 1995Barbara Mary WheaverGrindon, nr LeekMentally ill man kills wifeInq report 1996 
04 July 1994Kulvinder Kaur SamraSmethwick, BirminghamMentally disordered man fatally stabs wife with swordDiminished responsibility – Sent to Rampton 
10 Sep- 93DC James BourkeBirminghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally battered neighbour  

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