Yorkshire & Humberside

158 known cases 1993 – 2021

65 inquiry reports

In 2014 a Thematic Review was published into six homicides between March 2007 and June 2011 by patients of the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

21 Dec 2021John Taylor

Beverley Taylor
SkiptonParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs both his parentsMH history had sought help day before killings
25 May 2021Agita GeslersBarnsleyParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs his motherDiminished responsibility
24 Apr 2021Adam KrolikowskiGrimsbyMentally disordered woman fatally stabbed husband after drinkingDiminished responsibility
08 Apr 2021Jamie GilesLeedsParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed man at supported accommodationHistory of previous violence, Off meds – Diminished responsibility
24 Mar 2021Patricia AudsleyMirfieldParanoid schizophrenic fatally battered wifeUnfit to plead – she had raised serious concerns before incident
23 Mar 2021Samantha Mills

Rees Schofield
HuddersfieldPsychotic man sets house on fire killing two peopleConvicted of murderSentencing
23 May 2020Piotr Rafal KoniorScunthorpeParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed lodgerDiminished responsibility
25 Jan 2020Paige Bolton (10)HullParanoid and anxious mentally disordered man sets fire to home killing his daughter and himselfFamily disagreed with coroner’s verdict
19 Sept 2019Vera HudsonHullMentally disordered man fatally battered and strangled neighbourHad previously threatened to kill himself and others
12 Sept 2019Bethany Rae FieldsHuddersfieldMentally disordered and coercive man fatally and repeatedly stabs friendMH staff warned three times previously of his threats to killNHS Investigation 
20 Oct 2018Susan AtkinsonHullMentally ill woman with history of serious violence fatally batters neighbour12 prev Psych inpatient admissions, off medsInquiry

Inquiry Follow up
13 Sept 2018Allan Grayson (85)SheffieldElderly woman with dementia fatally stabbed her husbandDiminished responsibility caseCoroners Inquest PFD
02 Sept 2018Dianne WilliamsonGristhorpe near FileyMentally disordered woman kills friendDiminished responsibility case 
14 Mar 2018Diane JonesCastlefordParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally bludgeons mother with claw hammerUnfit to plead – Trial of the facts 
04 Mar 2018Angela RyderCawoodMentally ill man kills womanDiminished responsibility caseCourt of Appeal
29 Jan 2018Eddie Fish (80)WalthamSchizophrenic woman fatally stabbed grandfather  
19 Dec 2017Jayne LewisSheffieldMentally ill man fatally strangles and stabs partner with a screwdriverHospital order with restrictions 
21 Oct 2017Elliot Proctor (18 mnths)BradfordMentally disordered woman throws toddler off sixth floor of high rise block of flats  
22 Sep 2017Keith RobinsonScarthoMentally ill and delusional woman starts fire and kills partnerMany previous warnings by familyInquiry
08 Sep 2017Philip SlaterSilsdenMentally ill man fatally stabs stepfatherLong history of MH problemsInquiry
28 Jun 2017John UttleyHuddersfieldParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters stepfatherPrevious history of violence and serious mental illness. Convicted of murderInquiry

Trust response
16 Jan 2017Rob McNeillScunthorpeParanoid patient kills vulnerable patient in psychiatric unitConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished responsibilityInquiry
15 Jan 2017Leonne Weeks (16)DinningtonRecent psychiatric patient repeatedly and fatally stabs teenage girlConvicted of murder – Inquiry found failings in careInquiry
09 Jan 2017Katie Rough (7)YorkMentally ill teenager fatally suffocated & stabbed young girlConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished responsibilityInquiry not published 
06 Sep 2016Karen ArnoldNew Waltham‘Psychotic man fatally and repeatedly stabbed partnerReleased from hospital hours before without MH assessment 
21 Apr 2016Daniel Hatfield

Matthew Higgins
HullMentally ill man brutally murders two men who posed no threat to himExtensive drug historySentencing rmarks
02 Feb 2016Geraldine Newman

Shannon Newman (11)

Shane Newman (6)

Allerton BywaterMentally disordered man kills wife with hammer and fatally stabs two young children before killing himself DHR
17 Nov 2015Jasmine Weaver (3)

Evelyn Lupidi (18 mnths)
BradfordDepressed & deluded woman fatally stabs her children  
28 Feb 2015Kenneth Godward (77)

Roger Lamb (79)
St James’ Hospital, LeedsSchizophrenic in acute hospital fatally assaults two fellow patientsOff meds – Long MH historyInquiry
2 Aug 2014Linda GoswellCygnet hospital, BradfordMentally ill patient fatally strangles anotherPrevious violence – no beds in Bath so transferred to BradfordInquiry Exec Summary
04 Mar 2014Sara Al ShourefiSheffieldMentally ill man repeatedly stabs and batters wife with a number of weaponsLong standing MH problems 
18 Feb 2014Amrita Kaur (22 months)BradfordWoman with schizophrenia jumps out upstairs window killing her daughter  
22 Jan 2014Gladys Allen (93)SheffieldDepressed woman fatally strangles and batters mother  
22 Sep 2013Betty Constable (79)Dunholme, LincsMentally disordered man fatally battered motherHistory of violence & not taking medication 
25 Aug 2013Betty Gallagher (87)LeedsMan with dementia strangles wife DHR Full

  DHR Exec Summary

22 Jul 2013Jean Redfern

Sarah Redfern
Wath on DearneDepressed mentally ill man strangles wife and fatally batters daughter with hammerPossible psychiatric reaction to ceasing Cancer meds 
04 Jun 2013Reema RamzanSheffieldSchizophrenic man decapitates girlfriend  
14 Apr 2013Ryan CarruthersNormantonParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs manHistory of MH problems – sd wanted to be in hospital 
20 Jan 2013Riley Turner (4)KeighleyMentally disordered man fatally stabs boy 38 timesHistory of violence 
07 Oct 2012Amelia-Lilly Sultan (6wks)HullPost-natally depressed woman fatally batters new born daughterDidn’t take medicationSerious Case Review
04 Aug 2012Eileen Callaghan (76)HaworthMentally ill man murdered wife  
16 May 2012Margaret HobsonSheffieldSchizophrenic man kills and mutilates motherDrug History 
06 Apr 2012Mariam Mohd TaqiLeedsMentally ill man fatally batters, stabs and strangles wife DHR
14 Feb 2012Casey Kearney (13)DoncasterRecent MH patient fatally stabs teenagerDrug History. Long MH history, asked to be sectioned, warned not to carry knivesInquiry
13 Jan 2012Sarah Laycock

Abigail Miller (8)
Garforth, LeedsPsychotic man fatally batters and stabs partner and daughter with an axeHistory of substance abuse 
10 Dec 2011Claire Smith

Ben Smith (9yrs)

Aaron Smith (1yr)
LeedsDepressed man fatally stabs wife and young children before killing himselfPrev. MH history 
31 Oct 2011Darren EdesonLeedsHad told psych nurses months before she wanted to killHad told psych nurses months before she wanted to killInquiry
24 Jun 2011Gary BeechSheffieldRecently released MH patient stabs friend 120 times – mainly to the headMH history – previous violence
09 Jun 2011Michelle SuttleHuddersfieldRecent mental health patient repeatedly and fatally stabs girlfriendSCR found clear failings in MH careDomestic Homicide Review

29 Mar 2011Louise Donnelly

Tracey Donnelly
SheffieldParanoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs partner and her daughter claiming to be Son of GodDrug & MH history – previous inpatientInquiry Executive Summary
22 Mar 2011Henry MackellarMexboroughMentally disordered man strangles flatmate
24 Jan 2011Judith GarnettWoodlesfordFormer soldier with PTSD fatally shoots landlady  
25 Sep 2010Pamela HardyWombwellMentally disordered man fatally stabs motherHistory of Autism – brief Inq(Ind Inq 2013 Dineen)Inquiry
20 Sep 2010Abida BiBradfordParanoid schizophrenic beats wife to death with crowbarLong MH history. Prev. threats to kill wife. (Ind Inq 2012 Dineen)Inquiry
20 Aug 2010Keith Headleand (85)SheffieldMan with Alzheimers fatally batters dementia patient
15 Aug 2010Ann GethenGoldthorpeMentally ill teenager beat mother to death with baseball bat  
24 Jun 2010Beryl GilchristCroydonParanoid schizophrenic (from Huddersfield) fatally stabs motherStabbed partner month before – on bail 
03 May 2010Frank Wright (73)BradfordMentally ill psychotic man fatally batters father with poker and attacks motherHeavy drug user – MH history – saw MH team day before – he thought he might kill 
19 Feb 2010Jasmine BellfieldDewsburyParanoid Schizophrenic fatally smothers two year old daughterLong MH history – not taking meds – seen by MH profs 2 days before killing but no Ind InqSerious Case Review
18 Feb 2010Jack Taylor (9)BradfordParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs brotherDrug user – MH historyInquiry

Serious Case Review

08 Jan 2010Mariatu NumiBradfordSchizophrenic man fatally stabs motherLong MH history – reportedly not taking meds 
11 Oct 2009Cheryl MartinRotherhamPsychotic mentally ill man fatally stabs partner 20 times  
22/3 Aug 2009Simon ClarkLiversedgeParanoid and mentally disordered teenager fatally stabbed friendDiminished responsibility 
12 Aug 2009Peggy NolanSouth Ferriby, HumbersidePsychotic man drives head-on into oncoming traffic in apparent suicide attempt after absconding from MH unit  
12 Aug 2009Gordon CousenSouth Ferriby, HumbersidePsychotic man drives head-on into oncoming traffic in apparent suicide attempt after absconding from MH unit  
07 Jun 2009Claire Wilson (& unborn baby)GrimsbyMentally ill man fatally stabs pregnant stranger killing her and her unborn daughterPrev. 3 inpatient stays after threatening to kill someone with knivesInquiry
15 May 2009Margaret HartleyWakefieldPsychotic mentally ill woman fatally stabs mother in law 35 times  
03 May 2009Abdullah JamaBlackheathParanoid Schizophrenic fatally batters with an axe after leaving Sheffield Psych Unit and Greenwich hospitalLong MH history, not taking medsInquiry
15 Apr 2009Marius RogiowiczLeedsParanoid schizophrenic beats stranger to death.
28 Dec 2008Irene RobertsonHullSchizophrenic breaks in and kills pensioner (stranger) with an axe after attacking several other peoplePreviously undiagnosed?
23 Dec 2008Doreen MannDewsburyMH patient fatally batters wife and cuts her throat before committing suicideMH historyInquiry
19 Oct 2008Peter GreenHuddersfieldMentally ill man fatally batters man and mutilates body  
05 Sep 2008Mohammed ShafiqBradfordPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabbed victim  
01 Jun-2008Pat ReganLeedsMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabs grandmother to face and head after previous stabbing of rail workerGrandmother had been trying to get him help. Her body poss found by MH workers 
21 Feb 2008Eddie ThorpeDewsburyParanoid schzophrenic fatally batters father Inquiry
05 Nov 2007Jane Wheatley

Gary Gardiner
SheffieldMH patient fatally stabs ex-partner & boyfriend Inquiry
22 Oct 2007Peter EllertonBradfordSeverely mentally disordered teenager fatally stabbed fatherlater admitted 630 other offences 
12 Aug 2007Gladness Numusa KhawulaSheffieldParanoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs grandmother 96 times – “I got rid of the devil, God has done it”  
31 May 2007Nazeer AhmedKeighleyMentally ill man beats housemate to death with cricket batHad been detained two months previously and released 
11 May 2007Jacqueline DuffyWakefieldParanoid schizophrenic strangles and batters wife  
07 May 2007Annie Garbutt (77)MirfieldMentally ill woman batters grandmother to death with garden spadeInd inq. Verita, 2012Inquiry
26 Mar 2007Margaret CurleyDewsburyMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabs motherStopped anti psychotic meds
20 Mar 2007Jankee JaimungalBatleyMentally ill man joins in ferocious and fatal attack on acquaintanceAlcohol user –Inquiry
05 Feb 2007Yacob Milakovic (14 mths)SheffieldDepressed man drugged and drowned severely disabled childDiminished responsibility
24 Nov 2006Suryakant PatelHarlington, LondonPsychotic schizophrenic battered stranger to death, soon after release from Halifax psych hospital.Ind Inq (2006/8119) 2009Inquiry
21 Sep 2006Gemma RobertsLiversedge,West YorksPsychotic man fatally attacked stranger with broken bottleHistory of mental illness. Sought help on day of incident. Told to go on anger mgt course. Released from prison 2 weeks before 
25 Jul 2006Rodney RamkissoonLeedsMental Health patient fatally batters man in sustained attackInd Inq (2006/4924) 2009Inquiry
02 Apr 2006Wendy PashleyRotherhamMH patient strangles& batters wife with iron then sets body on fire at home in front of childrenInd Inq (2006/1787) 2008. MH recent history, recent releaseInquiry
14 Sep 2005David BurrowsRavensthorpe, YorksMH Homicide w knife whilst out on bail after conviction for assaultInd Inq, (2005/3404) 2007. Previous hist of violence. Suicide in jailInquiry
10 Jul 2005Kenneth LightLeedsParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs father 120 timesInd Inq (2005/ 2579) 2009. Long MH history – family concernsInquiry
03 Jun 2005Mark BerryDewsburyMH patient kills stepfather (provocation)Ind Inq (2005/2100) 2007Inquiry
19 May 2005Oluwadamilola Obafemi WilsonHuddersfieldDeluded Paranoid Schizophrenic stabs housemateInd Inq (2005/2081) 2008. Long MH HistoryInquiry
05 Jan 20052 babiesHullParanoid Schizophrenic kills heavily pregnant stranger (twins) after rowing with mother.Ind Inq (2005/95) 2009. Recently released from Psych unit, missed meds. Previous threats to kill.Inquiry
05 Jan 2005Tina StevensonHull,East YorksParanoid Schizophrenic kills heavily pregnant stranger (twins) after rowing with mother.Ind Inq (2005/95) 2009. Recently released from Psych unit, missed meds. Previous threats to kill.Inquiry
07 Nov
Bernard ClarkBarnsley, YorkshireParanoid Schizophrenic stabbed father.Ind Inq (2004/3403) 2008. Previously sectioned for attempted murder. Ceased meds before killingInquiry
08 Jul 2004Helen HaySheffieldMH homicide of stranger after altercation in nightclubInd Inq (2004/1964) 2008Inquiry
03 Jul 2004Derek BrothertonBradfordParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs stepdad.Ind Inq. (2004/1904) 2006. Turned away from hospital day before.Inquiry
13 Mar 2004David LimbWathMH Homicide (+ alcohol)Ind Inq (2004/680) 2008Inquiry
28 Feb 2004Arthur LingardGrimsbyParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters stepfatherCritical Ind Inq (2004/487) 2008 -Few notes, inexperienced staff, warnings by familyInquiry
02 Feb 2004Amina AliSheffieldPsychotic MH patient sets fire to flat killing occupantInd Inq (2004/282) 2006. Warnings unheededInquiry
29 Nov 2003Stephanie HammillWakefieldMH homicide of young woman (Fake taxi murder)unfit to plead, MHA detention 
14 Sep 2003Ivy TorriePocklingtonSchizophrenic kills elderly mother (by cutting her throat)Ind Inq (2003/1578) 2009Inquiry
21 May 2003Natalie Mellor (18)SheffieldMH patient repeatedly and fatally batters girlfriendHistory of violence, superficial inq. S1 case. 2006. Dineen 2003/827Review
05 Apr 2003Ronnie Bryan KetteridgeSheffieldDrug induced psychotic stabbed stranger in head and chest  
21 Mar 2003Melonie ParkinPenistoneMH patient strangles girlfriendInd Inq (2003/1015) 2005Review
11 Mar 2003Mabel WhitelamGrimsbyPsychotic drug user fatally stabs pensioner 22 times. CCTV exit
22 Oct 2002William SwinburnKirkbymoorsidePsychotic and depressed woman repeatedly & fatally batters husband with a hammer  
Oct 2002Saira Bibi (82)BradfordParanoid Schizophrenic fatally batters elderly mother with a hammerReportedly off meds 
07 Aug 2002Beverley DaviesLeedsMentally ill man repeatedly stabs wife and strangles her in front of 5 yr old childMH history – previous inpatient 
01 Apr 2002Nathaniel LeesHalifaxMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabs boyfriendInd Inq. (2003/2374) 2005. Warnings yet deemed no risk. Records deficient.No risk assessment.Inquiry
26 May 2001Peter HartleyKeighleyDepressive kills victim whilst drunkInd Inq. 2005. Bad team work, Bad info.Inquiry
13 May 2001Wasim DadBradfordParanoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs neighbour  
12 Apr 2001Jennifer HollandHigh Royds Hospital, MenstonMentally ill man fatally bludgeons wife with brick  
19 Sep 2000George Bowley (Mr A)BradfordMH homicide (on CCTV)Ind Inq (2000/315) 2003 – sent to RamptonInquiry
06 Sep 2000Mahfooz BegumBradfordParanoid schizophrenic batters sister in law to deathOriginally unfit to plead – guilty plea 12 years laterJudicial Review
Sept 2000Paul CuthbertGuisboroughMentally disordered woman fatally stabbed husbandDiminished responsibility – 3 months probation 
06 Jun 2000Nihaal Kapede (6)StaincliffeSchizophrenic (sets fire to house) killing young sonInd Inq 2002Inquiry
05 May 2000Gemma SimpsonHarrogateDelusional Schizophrenic kills and dismembers friendReleased from Psych hospital 6 wks before when still unwellInquiry

Appeal Court
11 Oct 1999Denise EckersleyLeedsMH battered wife to deathInd Inq 2003Inquiry
17 July 1999Michael Galloway (13)IllingworthPsychotic depressive battered wife, strangled disabled son and killed himselfInd Inq 2003Inquiry
03 Jan 1999Anna StewartOtleyMentally ill man fatally stabs wifeDiminished responsibility – 4.5 years 
19 Dec 1998Adrian PawsonWakefieldParanoid Schizophrenic hospital patient with collection of knives fatally and repeatedly stabbed another patientInd Inq 2001, wrong risk assessment, avoidableInquiry
31 Aug 1998Butta SinghBradfordMentally ill man kills worshipper at Sikh templeDiminished responsibility 
07 Jul 1998Dennis Trott (Mr B)EllandMH Patient fatally stabs anotherInd Inq (1998/204) 2004Outline
14 Feb 1998Zamab Bi

Tanveer Hussain (18)

Nazia Parveen (16)
BradfordMentally ill man batters his wife with a claw hammer then fatally stabbed her & two of his childrenDiminished responsibility – Sent to Rampton 
24 May 1997Elva AggianoScunthorpeParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs wife  
06 May 1997Fred IllingYorkMH patient absconds from psych hospital and batters stanger with hammer who later dies.Ind Inq 
Apr 1997George Lofty (4 weeks)BridlingtonMentally ill woman kills babyDiminished responsibility
05 Jul 1996Roger CarlinDoncasterDepressed woman fatally stabbed violent partnerDiminished responsibility – probation after murder conviction overturned
12 Apr 1996Mahrouf BibiKeighley, YorksMH patient kills sister in law in front of children and motherInd Inq 1999 – system failuresInquiry
05 Jan 1996Milton Lawrence (73)HuddersfieldParanoid schizophrenic kills pensionerInd Inq 1998Inquiry
21 Jun 1995Malcolm HodgsonHalifaxMH patient strangles neighbourInd Inq 1998, Awol from Psych unitInquiry
Mar 1995Peter JonesSheffieldMentally disordered woman fatally stabs boyfriend 12 timesHistory of abuse 
02 Jan 1995Eva BlamiresNorthallertonMentally ill depressed man fatally throttles his wifeDiminished responsibility 
26 Dec 1994Abigail Firth (14 mths)BatleyMentally ill woman fatally smothers baby with pillowSentenced to be detained for four years
14 Nov 1994Angela DawsonHalifaxSchizophrenic repeatedly batters mother with frying pan, cuts up the body and gouges out
eyes – body parts found on cooker
08 May 1994Sara Ann Moore

Gwynneth Mary Swan
StainforthMentally disordered man fatally shoots wife and mother in lawReportedly sent to Rampton 
01 Nov 1993Rees Thackray (6 weeks)EasingwoldMentally ill man fatally threw baby down stairs – had been seen by psychiatrist the day before.sent to Rampton 
02 Jul 1993Shaun HadleySheffieldMentally ill man shoots people outside of nightclub – one of them fatallyreportedly sent to Rampton 
10 Jun 1993Peter SavageDoncasterMentally ill man kills stranger in hospital ward  
02 Apr 1993Parveen Akhtar

Sabba Qadeer (2)
Manningham, BradfordMentally ill man ‘posessed by demons’ fatally batters wife and daughter with an axe  

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  2. I would like to find more info on the fate of Clive Moore who shot Sarah ann Moore and Gwyneth Swan (her mother) in Stainforth S. Yorks on 8 May 1994.

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