The Victims

1540 known mental health homicide cases by region

522 official investigation reports – all downloadable without charge


Scotland 97 cases
NHS North of England
NHS North West 165 cases
NHS Yorks & Humber 125 cases
NHS North East 77 cases
NHS Midlands and East
NHS West Midlands 107 cases
NHS East Midlands 87 cases
NHS East of England 132 cases
NHS London 350 cases
NHS South of England
NHS South East Coast 92 cases
NHS South Central 91 cases
NHS South West 112 cases
Wales 69 cases
Northern Ireland & Islands 36 cases
Total 1540 cases


This section contains information on 1540 cases of mental health killings in Britain between 1993-2019, all collected from press reports and official documents.

They are a considerable underestimate of the total as not every case is reported or known publicly.

This section aims to provide brief details on mental health homicides in any given area along with information about any previous official inquiries or investigations.

The information is broken down by former NHS Strategic Health Authority region.

The cases also link to 522 official investigations – internal and independent inquiries, case reviews, sentencing remarks and coroner’s reports – which are all downloadable without charge from this site.

They represent the largest and most comprehensive publicly available collection of such investigations in the country.

Information on other cases, or copies of any other inquiry reports, particularly in an electronic format are welcomed.