When do mental health related homicides occur?

We’ve done a breakdown of the 2000+ mental health related homicides we’ve identified so far – to see if there are any potential patterns.

We’ve broken them down by month, day of the week, and day of the month.

The 2000+ cases date from 1993 – 2022 and have all been identified from press reports, official inquiries and investigations and legal judgments. They are a considerable underestimate of the total number of such cases.

Which Month?

We found the highest number of mental health related homicides occurred in March, followed by June, July, and then January

Which Day?

The greatest number of mental health related homicides happened on a Wednesday, followed by Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

Which Day of the Month?

We recorded the greatest number of mental health related homicides on the 2nd of the month, followed by the 25th, then equal numbers for the 5th and 12th

Note: This isn’t a scientific study. We’re not statisticians just families affected by mental health related homicides, but offered to encourage discussion and further research.

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  1. I am so pleased I came across your website as I worked in mental health services for 40 years and advocted and lobbied for a focus on people with severe mental illnesses.Following the Clunis Inquiry I went to the USA to study a service model I had read about and which I believed went some way to better addressing the care of those people who are difficult to engage. It was included in the National Service Framework for Mental Health and rolled out across the county. Unfortunately it did not meet with the approval of most psychiatrists because it does not conform with the medical model and collectively psychiatrists stranged it at birth. As a concequence community care has little to offer severely mentally ill people. Thus the Calocane case in Nottingham has proven that nothing has changed and it is time for a public inquiry into the care and treatment of severely mentally ill people and in particular those difficult to engage.

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