How we make a difference

“It is easier to find information [on the hundred families website] than the current NHS information systems relating to these tragic incidents.” Head of Safety, NHS mental health trust, 20 September 2014


We’ve helped over 70 families with support, information and advocacy after killings by people with mental illness.

Some of their comments are here.

We work with Criminal Justice System, the Health Service and other organisations to support victims and to embed real learning in order to prevent these tragedies from happening in future.

Some comments from professionals are here.

We are a commissioned service of Victim Support’s Homicide Service.
We offer training to NHS staff on:
  • the extent and impact of mental health homicides,
  • engaging victims with decency, openness and respect and
  • learning lessons effectively after such incidents.

We advise government departments, national organisations, Members of Parliament and others on the scale of the problem and the needs of families.

We are members of:

We advise NHS Wales and the NHS in Scotland

We contribute to national consultations on criminal justice and mental health policy

We feature in the Press and Media.

And we conduct research and investigations.


2 Replies to “How we make a difference”

  1. I cannot believe that my darling cousin was murdered and the judge said that the person responsible is extremely dangerous, he had stabbed someone else previously, and that he should not come out for a very long time, yet before 5 years had passed, they were letting him out for days and now he is about to be released, how can this be right, he will do it again

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