North West England

248 known cases 1993 – 2023

94 investigations and official reports

In addition to the individual homicide inquiry reports available here, in September 2009 NHS North West published a study of all local mental health homicides between 2002 and July 2006 which had not been investigated properly.

They found 42 mental health homicides occurred in the area during that time.

By contrast only 22 cases have been found in press reports for the same period (involving 27 victims).

Of the 42 cases identified by the NHS North West report, 21 have still not been properly investigated.

In 2023 NHS England published a thematic review of five violent incidents by patients in Lancashire between 2019 – 2020

05 Feb 2023Esmaeil TofighManchesterDelusional undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally batters his neighbour with a hammerDiminished responsibility Sec 37/41 Hospital order with restrictions
06 Nov 2022Alexis KarranManchesterMentally disordered man fatally batters girlfriend with a claw hammerDiminished responsibility –  Hospital Order Sec 37/ 41
24 Sept 2022Thomas MurphyManchesterDelusional paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs housemateDiminished responsibility –  Hospital Order Sec 37/ 41
20 Nov 2021Anthony Tipping

Patricia Livesey
PrestonParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed parents hundreds of timesLong MH history – off meds, convicted of murder
08 Nov 2021Tamby DowlingChaddertonSchizophrenic and delusional man fatally and repeatedly stabbed ex partnerMH History – had been begging authorities to section him
26 Jul 2021William LudlowNestonMentally disordered man fatally crashes his car into another at high speed after drinkingConvicted of death by dangerous driving
29 Mar 2021Simone AmblerBlackpoolPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabbed partnerDiminished responsibility – history of previous violence
06 Mar 2021Martin DekkerBirkenheadMentally disordered man fatally bludgeons man with a hammerHistory of killing animals – Guilty of murder – Life minimum of 33 years
29 Jan 2021Rose Marie Tinton (82)SouthportParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally batters elderly mother with lump hammerPreviously well but deteriorated during COVID
29 Jan 2021N’Taya Elliot-CleverleyLiverpoolMentally disordered man (undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia) fatally strangles his girlfriend in front of baby daughterConvicted of murder – sentenced to life with minimum of 19 yearsSentencing Remarks
22-23 Jun 2020Leon BlaneyWorkingtonPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabbed and battered vulnerable brother with a knife and an axeDiminished responsibility, sentenced to 21 years
03 June 2020Mandy HoughtonNelsonDelusional and demented pensioner fatally battered neighbour with claw hammerTrial of facts – history of mental ill health
22 May 2020Tom WalkerNelsonPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabbed his fatherRecently released from hospital after previously attacking his Dad
07 May 2020Hyacinth MorrisManchesterSeverely depressed man fatally strangles his motherUndiagnosed illness – diminished responsibility
22 Mar 2020Emily Jones (7)BoltonParanoid schizophrenic woman off meds & known to be a danger to children,fatally attacks young girlSec 45a Hybrid orderInquiry

Assurance Review

Sentencing Remarks
06 Mar 2020Raymond Conlan (75)LongtonSchizophrenic woman fatally assaults pensionerDiminished responsibility.
27 Feb 2020Ryan LowryManchesterParanoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly attacks his cousinLong MH history – off meds, inadequate risk assessmentInquiry
01 Jan 2020Mark RobertsNew BrightonMentally disordered man fatally stabs neighbour with macheteHistory of prev. violence – diminished responsibility 
20 Dec 2019Paul CookeMacclesfieldMentally ill man fatally stabs man in the head and throws hot liquid over himDiminished responsibility
11 Sept 2019Zakari Bennett-Eko (11 mths)ManchesterPsychotic man with paranoid schizophrenia fatally throws young son into riverHad been to A&E 6 times before incident with concerns about his MHSentencing remarks

Serious Case Review 
04 Sept 2019Marlene McCabeBlackpoolMan with paranoid schizophrenia fatally batters his grandmotherFamily previously raised concerns about his deterioration which went unheededCoroner’s PFD 
18 Aug 2019Pamela MellorHandforth, CheshireMentally ill man fatally batters and strangles friendUnfit to plead – hospital order 
18 Jun 2019John MacMillanBarrow in FurnessMentally ill man fatally batters father days after release from psychiatric hospitalReleased early due to bureaucratic error – Judge made critical commentsInquiry
29 Apr 2019Alex DaviesParbold Hill, LancsParanoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs and batters young manConvicted of murder – substantial planning & theft, planned more victims 
28 Mar 2019Hassan MohamoudToxteth, LiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs acquaintance after hearing voices  
27 Mar 2019Barbara Heywood (80)BoltonMan with dementia fatally stabs wifeunfit to plead – trial of the facts 
14 Feb 2019Jessie McKinley (91)FreckletonMan with Dementia fatally batters and kicks fellow care home residentNot prosecuted because of his mental state
22 Jan 2019Mary SowerbyDearham, nr MaryportParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs mother in a ‘brutal and frenzied’ attackFamily had warned of his deteriorationJoint Inq & DHR
14 Jan 2019Leanne UnsworthBurnleyParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters womanDiminished responsibilityInquiry
14 Jan 2019Casey Lea Taylor (3)

Darcey Stevens (1)
Bolton Mentally disordered and paranoid woman fatally drugs her young children and herselfPreviously referred to MH services 8 times but didn’t engage
03 Jan 2019David CapseedLiverpoolMentally disordered man with schizophrenia fatally battered acquaintanceConvicted of murderInquiry
22 Aug 2018Julie OwensLiverpoolMentally disordered man with schizophrenia fatally battered his motherAdmitted manslaughter – jailed for four and a half yearsInquiry
08 Jul 2018Patricia Franks (84)StockportMentally disordered man fatally bludgeoned sick wife with scaffolding pole and smothered herDiminished responsibility 
14 Jun 2018Graham RenshawEllesmere PortPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabbed his father  
20 May 2018Jonathan PalgravePrestonParanoid schizophrenic fatally punches mentally-ill fellow residentInquiry
26 Apr 2018Elizabeth LaceyGarston, LiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs his mother and injures anotherHad been unwell for weeks before handTrust internal investigation
Late Jan early Feb 2018William PhelanManchesterParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs vulnerable mentally ill friendConvicted of murderLearning Paper
17 Oct 2017Tommy GracePrescotSchizophrenic man repeatedly and fatally stabs stranger four days after discharge from prisonPrevious history of mental illness and violence 
26 Aug 2017James Lesicka (23 mths)Wythenshawe, ManchesterMentally ill woman fatally stabs son after breakdown following abuse by boyfriendSudden onset of iilness – Diminished responsibility 
02 Jul 2017Jason GregorySt HelensParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs friend in the heart with machete Inquiry
30 May 2017Areena Saeed

Shadia Salem (7)

Rami Saeed (4)
Toxteth LiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally suffocated his wife and drowned his childrenFamily had recently tried to get him MH help 
22 Mar 2017Thomas JonesManchesterMentally disordered man fatally stabs vulnerable man and sets his body alightConvicted of murder – had killed before but had been releasedInquiry

Assurance Review
08 Dec 2016Anthony CulleyOldhamMentally ill and manic woman fatally stabs husbandHistory of previous violence 
28 Nov 2016Natasha WildRochdaleParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs vulnerable girlfriendHistory of MH problems & previous warningsInquiry


30 Oct 2016Phillip OwenManchesterParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs man Inquiry

Assurance Review
26 Oct 2016Victor MaroukianLiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters co-worker with claw hammer  
31 Aug 2016Stephen O’BrienCreweMentally disordered man convicted of fatally stabbing man Inquiry Report
25 Aug 2016Michael KeenDarwenMentally disordered man repeatedly anf fatally stabbed acquaintanceInquiry due 
22 Aug 2016Jia Lu HuangManchesterParanoid Schizophrenic fatally batters man and seriously assaults his wifeConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished reponsibility 
21 Jul 2016Nicola HowarthBurnleyMentally ill man fatally strangles partnerParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs friend in the heart with machete 
08 Feb 2016William LoundSalfordParanoid schizophrenic with history of violence fatally stabs manHad previously made threats to killCoroner PFD Report


07 Feb 2016Maylyn CouperthwaiteBuryParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour and seriously injures her vulnerable motherKnown to services – Previous offending history with knives 
02 Oct 2015Allan Wallace (86)Huncoat, LancsMan with dementia fatally attacks and kicks fellow care home resident Safeguarding Adults Review
29 Jul 2015Florence Higham (16 days)StockportMentally ill man inflicts multiple fatal injuries on young baby SCR Inquiry
09 Jun 2015Ian DolleryLytham St AnnesParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs strangerLong history of mental illness and violence.


Poor investigation.


Inq. Follow Up

Appeal Court
15 Apr 2015Bernadette Fox

Sarah Fox
BootleParanoid Schizophrenic strangles mother and fatally stabs sisterOff meds and abusing substances 



25 Mar 2015Adam NightingaleRochdaleMentally ill man with history of violence fatally punches strangerInvestigation finds death was preventableINQUIRY
31 Dec 2014Sandra BrothertonStockportParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs motherHistory of MH problems – Failed to take medsINQUIRY 
02 Dec 2014Edith Gravener (79)St HelensDepressed man strangles wife then kills himself  
19 Sept 2014Paul Brown

Dorothy Brown
LiverpoolParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed parentsHad sought psychiatric help the day beforeInquiry
29 Apr 2014Carole DysonAdlingtonMentally disordered man fatally strangles wife Inquiry
15 Apr 2014Mussad MohsinLiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs father  
14 Dec-2013Glennis BrierleyLittleboroughParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs motherLong history of mental illness 
13 Sept 2013David RimmerSt HelensSchizophrenic teenager fatally batters pensioner with bottleSubstance abuse problems 
09 June 2013Carol ParrLiverpoolMentally ill woman fatally throttles her motherConcerns raised with medics before incident 
08 Jun 2013Alice McMeekin

Katie Jenkin
Millom, CumbriaMentally ill man kills mother and sister with an axeDischarged two days before incidentCourt of Appeal
09 Apr 2013Lisa Clay

Joseph Chadwick (6)
Bolton-le-SandsMentally ill man fatally stabs partner and young son  

Serious Case Review

High Court

28 Nov 2012Paula ClintonLiverpoolMentally ill man fatally stabs wife  
28 Nov 2012Brian MellingLiverpoolMentally ill woman fatally stabs boyfriendLong history of deprivation, PD 
4 – 7 Sep 2012Hazel Bailey (82)WinsfordDemented man fatally batters wife with walking stick DHR Exec Summ
31 Aug 2012Khalid Kassian HassanManchesterPsychotic woman beats man to deathPrevious history of psychotic mental illness 
21 Aug 2012Jane Archbold (77)Outgate, CumbriaMentally disordered man smothers and strangles his motherHistory of drug and alcohol problems 
19 May 2012Hannah WindsorWirralLong term MH patient repeatedly stabbed, cut and strangled & sexually assaulted girlfriendLong MH history 
05 Feb 2012Josephine GilliardBlackpoolMentally ill man repeatedly stabs and fatally batters wife with garden statue Sentencing remarks 
02 Jan 2012Mark ChandlerCheadleMentally ill woman fatally stabs partner 90 times and then kills herselfMH history 
07 Oct 2011Neil RyanBlackburnMentally ill teenager fatally stabs father  
22 Sep 2011Kalya Blake (4yrs)ManchesterParanoid schizophrenic mother suffocates daughterPre. MH history. Did not believe she was illSCR Exec Summary


SCR – Full

19 Sep 2011Tracey Jones

Shaun van Straaten (15)
AltrinchamMentally disordered man sets fire to house killing woman, her son and himself DHR Exec Summary Redacted
15 Sep 2011Darren BrewsterBirkenheadPsychotic teenager repeatedly and fatally stabs friendHistory of autism 
18 June 2011Harry MorrisWarringtonPsychotic man ‘doing God’s will’ drowns strangerDrug history – Previous warnings about mental state, but no action taken after assessmentInternal Investigation
17 Apr 2011Thomas ThompsonLiverpoolMental Health patient fatally batters man with variety of implementsHistory of violence. Previous inpatient month before incidentINQUIRY REPORT
15-21 Apr 2011Ryan LiveseyBlackburnUnmedicated paranoid schizophrenic punches and kicks friend to deathExtensive drug and MH historyInquiry
11 Apr 2011Bernadette GallagherPrestonParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs mother and mutilates her bodyMH History 
07 Apr 2011Daniel SkeffingtonManchesterMentally disordered man fatally stabs sonAlcohol related – Diminished responsibility – sentenced IPP, min 2.5 years
24 Mar 2011Valerie DonnellyPrestonParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs and slashes Mother 80 timesMH History – due for ’emergency appointment’Inquiry
18 Feb 2011Peggie WilsonKendalPsychotic man punches, strangles and repeatedly and fatally stabs wife then kills himselfDischarged from hospital 2 days beforeSerious
Case Review
16 Feb 2011Chloe Makin (4)BuryMentally ill woman repeatedly and fatally stabs daughter then attempts suicide  
10 Feb 2011Noreen Patrick (89)BurnleyWoman with dementia fatally punches fellow care home resident  
30 Jan 2011Peter HopwoodRochdaleMentally ill man fatally beats stranger about the headMH HistoryInquiry
21 Jan 2011Ferat KesmezManchesterParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters co-workerUndiagnosed? 
21 Nov 2010Michael NaylorManchesterPsychotic man fatally stabs flatmateHad prev. made threats to kill not passed onInquiry
01 Nov 2010Muriel Richards (79)Ellesmere PortPsychotic pensioner with Dementia fatally and repeatedly batters wife in the head and face  
28 Oct 2010Simon MakinLiverpoolSchizophrenic man fatally strangles friend with dog leadDeliberately stopped taking meds 
30 Jun-10Elsie HayesSalfordParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally batters mother with hammer, then stabs and mutilates her bodyLong MH history 
24 Jun 2010Patricia HammondAlsagerMentally ill man (dementia) repeatedly and fatally stabs wife Inquiry
02 Jun 2010David Bird

Kevin Commons

Darren Rewcastle

Susan Hughes

Kenneth Fishburn

Isaac Dixon

James Jackson

Jennifer Jackson

Gary Purdham

Jamie Clark

Michael Pike

Jane Robinson
West CumbriaMentally ill delusional man goes on shooting spree, then kills himself  
03 Apr 2010Tia Rigg (12)ManchesterMental Health patient drugs, rapes, stabs and strangles 12 year old nieceMH history – drugged her with OlanzapineSERIOUS CASE REVIEW



31 Mar 2010Edna GadsbyLiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs mother (had previously murdered father in Feb 2004 – released 2006)MH staff unaware of previous warning signsInquiry – Full 


Inq Exec Summ

10 Sep 2009Jean DarbyshireWiganMentally ill man fatally strangles wife, then kills himself.Long MH history. Inq found many care failuresInquiry
29 Apr 2009Chloe Fletcher (4)Wallasey, MerseysideSchizophrenic woman drowns daughter and attempts suicide. Serious Case Review
24 Jan 2009Claire MarshallMillom, CumbriaPsychotic mentally ill man fatally stabs ex-girlfriend 41 times in front of her two children Court of Appeal
16 Jan 2009Patricia SmalesManchesterMentally ill man bludgeons wife to death with a brick  
12 Jan 2009Jean Nevin (81)St HelensMentally ill psychotic woman strangles elderly aunt.  
15 Dec 2008Patrick McGeeManchesterParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs pensioner, decapitates him and leaves head in wheelie bin.  
12 Nov 2008Delayno Mullings-Sewell (6m)ManchesterMentally ill woman fatally stabs childrenMH history, recent contact with MH services – discharged 


IPCC Report

12 Nov 2008Romario Mullings-Sewell (2)ManchesterMentally ill woman fatally stabs childrenMH history, recent contact with MH services – discharged 


Reference to SCR

01 Nov 2008John CrookLiverpoolMental health patient fatally attacks man in ‘brutal and savage’ assaultLong MH history with violence – Ind Inq. 2013 ConsequeInquiry
21 Aug 2008Judith DavidsonPenrithDepressive fatally and repeatedly stabbed wife  
28 Jul 2008Sidney WallerManchesterParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs strangerinternal inquiry found many failingsInquiry
23 Jul 2008Ethel Heyworth (93)CarlisleMan with Dementia pulls elderly woman from bed fatally breaking her neck SCR
01 Jun 2008Michael KahanManchesterRecently released Schizophrenic fatally stabs strangerCCTV. Pennine Care NHS Trust.Inquiry
31 May 2008Abdo Saeed Al SelwiHuyton, LiverpoolMentally ill man fatally shoots newsagentParanoid schizophrenia undetected until after incident 
07 Apr 2008Philip EllisonPrestonPsychiatric patient fatally stabs care worker during visit Inq Exec Summ


Inquiry Full

31 Mar 2008Alan Scott

Stella Scott
Allerton, LiverpoolSchizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed parentsPrevious inpatientInquiry
19 Feb 2008Geeta Rao

Leela Rao
WiganParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stab sister and mother Inquiry
31 Oct 2007Thomas GrundyIslington, LiverpoolParanoid Scizophrenic fatally shoots stepfather  
13 Aug 2007Rosalind McManusBirch Hill H, Rochdale, LancsParanoid schizophrenic fatally strangled co-patient in Psych hospital believing her to be a spyMH patient in hospitalInquiry
22 Apr 2007Steven CalvertToxteth LiverpoolPsychotic fatally and repeatedly stabbed stepfather  
16 Apr 2007Simon SuttonBirkenheadMH patient fatally batters sister’s boyfriend with pool cue and kidnaps acquaintancesCritical Inquiry – D&A2012-VeritaInquiry
29 Dec 2006Sandra WilsonNewton le WillowsMental Health Patient fatally strangles acquaintancePrev history of depression & suicide attemptsInq. Exec. Summ

Inquiry Full


14 Dec 2006Jeannette HullahCheetham, ManchesterPsychotic mentally ill man strangles and fatally stabs landlady in front of her childIndefinite detention under MHAAppeal
13 Nov 2006Kevin RedfordSalfordMentally ill woman fatally stabs stepfatherHistory of drug abuse and violence 
28 Sep 2006Leslie BrownWarringtonParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour after failing to take meds Inquiry
09 Jun 2006John SpeakmanWiganMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabbed drinking partnerWith Alcohol abuse.(Ind Inq2012 Consequence)Inquiry
23 Apr 2006Andrew AndersonBarnston, WirralPsychotic mentally ill man fatally stabbed lodger 39 times, mainly to face and headPreviously sectioned twice. Before attack Mother had taken him twice to hospital the same day. Had reduced meds. 
01 Mar 2006Joe Geeling (11)Bury, Gtr ManchesterMentally disordered youth fatally batters and stabs schoolboyCourt found he was mentally disordered at time 
Jan 2006Kenneth CoombesStockportDepressed woman fatally battered father and hid his body in garden for 12 years  
25 Dec 2005Donelle SchofieldWarringtonMH patient strangled partner then killed himselfHad warned of killing partner , no MH appt 
31 Aug 2005James Brennan (6)Chorlton, ManchesterParanoid schizophrenic babysitter fatally stabbed sleeping young boy 73 timesDiagnosed year earlier with drug induced psychosisSerious Case Review summary 
19 Mar 2005Miriam PoulinMacclesfieldMental Health Patient sets fire to house killing womandrug user – MH history – brief Ind Investigation six years laterInquiry
18 Mar 2005Paul CooperRochdaleMentally ill man fatally and repeatedly stabs disabled man in the headIOPC investigation 
16 Mar 2005Alison LumsdenAltrinchamDepressive repeatedly and fatally slashes face and neck of partner  
20 Feb 2005Edward Mills

Margaret Mills
LiverpoolParanoid Schizophrenic bludgeons parents to death with hammer & tried to burn bodiesUndiagnosed? 
25 Jan 2005Premawatnie DolamullageThornton, MerseysideDepressive fatally strangled houskeeper with necktie.MH patient 
02 Sep 2004Terezia Sternberg ErovaSalfordPsychotic fatally stabs strangerSectioned (BBC Film on this case) 
30 Jul 2004Charles ShawLiverpoolfatally stabbed boyfriend in the throathistory of MH problems
25 Jul 2004Sydney Blackwell

Jaqueline Blackwell
LiverpoolPD fatally battered and stabbed parents  
19 Jul 2004Janet CourtneySt Annes, LancsMentally ill man strangled disabled wifedetained indefinitely under MHA 
29 Apr 2004Mary BlainLiverpoolParanoid Schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs elderly neighbour  
06 Apr 2004David BrownBlackpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters man after argumentPrevious inpatientCourt of Appeal
01 Apr 2004Ida Heginbotham (87)PreesallMentally ill man cuts wife’s throat and attempts suicide
08 Mar 2004Alan ReeceFormby, LancsSchizophrenic son stabs parents, mother survivesHad been diagnosed & asked for home visit, ignored. 
19 Feb 2004Arthur GadsbyLiverpoolParanoid Schizophrenic fatally batters father with hammer the day he was due to be admitted to Psych hospital  
30 Oct 2003Edward Lowe (83)Walkden‘Insane’ man fatally punches, batters and stamps on his father (90 times) whilst sleepwalkingNot guilty of murder by reason of insanity – released after 2.5 years
28 Aug 2003Stephen BradleyWiganParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour  
20 Jul 2003Pauline Stephen

Hanane Parry
Aintree MerseysideSchizophrenic murders two women, dumps dismembered bodies in binbags in alleyInd Inq 2006 – previously sectioned for stabbing, released as ‘no risk’, had warned of intentionInquiry
09 Jul 2003Judith HunterManchesterMentally ill man fatally stabs ex partner 113 times – whilst not taking medsHistory of mental illness
04 Jul 2003Richard HodgsonNether Kellet, LancsMentally ill man fatally stabs neighbour and buries him in garden
27 Jun 2003Chloe Fahey (5)ManchesterFatally stabbed daughter 52 times – attacked partner day beforeInd Inq 2010 – recently released MH patient – family and school concerns ignoredInquiry

Court of Appeal
26 Apr 2003David CrawfordCrewefatal stabbing by MH patientMH patient 
12 Mar 2003George WaitahakaBoltonPsychotically depressed man fatally stabs friend  
27 Mar 2003Patricia Jarvis

John Jarvis (11)

Stuart Jarvis (8)
BlackpoolPsychotic fatally stabs and removes heart from wife, fatally stabs two children  
17 Jan 2003Tamra ShawManchesterMentally ill man tortures and repeatedly and fatally batters young womanDiminished responsibility 
11 Dec 2002John WilliamsOxton, WirralMentally disordered man fatally batters and stabs fatherLater suicide 
17 Aug 2002Joan Key (79)ManchesterDepressed man fatally smothers vulnerable motherDiminished responsibility – Sentenced to three years probation 
23 Jul 2002Celia BoyesBrierfield, LancsMentally ill man fatally stabs wife 74 times  
26 May 2002Daisy Hallsworth

Fiona Hallsworth
ManchesterMentally disordered man fatally batters wife and disabled daughter with an axeDiminished responsibility – sentenced to 9 months 
29 May 2002Harry Upton (75)Culcheth, WarringtonFormer MH patient fatally stabs pensioner during burglaryInd Inq 2005Summary



12 Feb 2002Hostel residentManchesterMentally ill man kills fellow hostel residentLong MH history – Internal review onlyInternal Review
11 Feb 2002Ahmed AdiaBoltonParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs acquaintance and attacks anotherLong MH history, Inquiry announced but never published 
07 Jan 2002Anthony RigbyBlackburnSchizophrenic with history of violence fatally shot friend in the back of the head, three months after release from hosptalCritical Ind Inq 2003Inquiry 964kb
03 Nov 2001Aaron Elleray (18mnths)Bowness, CumbriaPsychotic mentally ill woman sets garden shed alight with baby son inside killing him  
5 Feb 2001Julie SchaapStandishDepressed man fatally battered wife with a baseball bat and strangled herDiminished responsibility – jailed for four years
7 Dec 2000Colin DaviesMorecambeMentally ill woman fatally stabbed complete stranger in stomachDiminished responsibility, depression and alcoholism 
14 Oct 2000Michael Dickinson (7)Seascale, CumbriaMother poisons son (Munchausens)Serious Case Review 
23 Sep 2000Matthew MurphyManchesterMentally ill man with history of violence fatally and repeatedly stabs manpreviously jailed for knife attack – released early 
14 Mar 2000Emma Jade Dyson (5 mnths)BurnleyMH patient drowns baby daughterLong history of MH problems 
14 Feb 2000Joanne WhiteleggBolton, LancsMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabs friend 27 timesInd Inq 2003Inquiry
04 Dec 1999Eunice WattsRuncornSchizophrenic fatally strangles wife and kills himselfInd Inq 2001Executive
16 Sep 1999Liaquat AliBuryMH homicideInd Inq 2003. Previous threats of violenceInquiry-Full

27 Dec 1998Carol HoughtonBirkenheadSchizophrenic fatally battered girlfriend around face and head.Ind Inq 2001, Ceased meds, previously sectioned after stabbingInquiry

Board Summary
20 Dec 1998new born baby daughterBlackburnMentally ill woman gives birth and leaves baby outside in plastic bag in freezing conditionsInfanticide case – 3 month probation order
20 Dec 1998Gary SadlerMoretonEx-soldier with PTSD kicks man tp deathDiminished responsibility – sentenced to 6 years
30 Nov 1998Garry WarburtonLancsLong term MH patient fatally batters best friendInd Inq 2002Inquiry
29 Nov 1998Heath RowsonManchesterDelusional paranoid schizophrenic batters flatmate to deathCritical Ind Inq – 2001Inquiry
16 Oct 1998Eileen HalewoodLiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs motherInd Inq 2000Inquiry
13 Oct 1998Lurlene MorrisNewton le WillowsMentally ill man fatally batters his wife with a scaffolding pole and then kills his dogDiminished responsibility 
10 Oct 1998Irene LythgoeAthertonParanoid schizophrenic kills mother with hammer & then attacks father.Ind Inq 2000Inquiry
22 Apr 1998Nicholas Proctor-BeauchampSt HelensMentally disordered man fatally stabbed friend four timesLong MH history – convicted manslaughter / sentenced five years
13 Dec 1997Senga KellyMorecambeMentally disordered woman repeatedly and fatally battered woman with an axeDiminished responsibility – sentenced to 6 years
26 Nov 1997Margaret LambNorthwichDepressed man fatally batters wife with a cricket batDiminished responsibility – sentenced to 5 years
12 Nov 1997Mary Helen TarryBoltonSeverely mentally ill man fatally bludgeons his motherDiminished responsibility – Judge warned about release 
03 Nov 1997Patrick KellyAshworth HospitalMentally disordered patient fatally throttles another  
28 Oct 1997Lillian Agnes Wilson (81)Maghull, LiverpoolMentally disordered pensioner fatally smothered his wifeDiminished responsibility
28 Feb – 2 Mar 1997Harold BostockSkelmersdaleDelusional man fatally shot brother  
21 Feb 1997Janet SmithLiverpoolMentally disordered and depressed teenager fatally stabbed his father’s partnerDiminished responsibility 
05 Jan 1997Tracey Corlessnear BacupMentally ill man fatally stabs wife in front of their childrenInquiry report 
24 Dec 1996Paul MastersWiganhomicide by patient w brain injuryInd Inq 1999Inquiry
18 Nov 1996Kenneth HorrocksBoltonParanoid Schizophrenic suffocates elderly neighbourInd Inq 1998 – care and comms failuresInquiry
31 Oct 1996Mohammed GuledMoss SidePsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabbed a friend after habitually chewing KhatDiminished responsibility – 5 years imprisonment
24 Apr 2006new born baby boySt Annes, LancsMentally ill woman suffocated new born baby, wrapped in towels and newspapers and left on beach.Convicted of infanticideAppeal Court
27 Mar 1996Hazel HornerLower DarwenMH patient kills wife and self a day after discharge from psych unit.Critical Ind Inq 1997Inquiry
08 Mar 1996Dennis SpencerDarwenMH patient killed neighbourCritical Ind Inq 1999 – catalogue of failures 
18 Feb 1996Wendy MorreyWythenshaweMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed his girlfriendDiminished responsibility – Life, 15 years imprisonment before parole
11 Feb 1996Lee Kinch (14)Huyton, MerseysideSchizophrenic fatally stabs 14 year oldsectioned twice. Inq initially kept secret 
28 Jan 1996Lesley PillingGarston, LiverpoolMentally ill man fatally batters and strangles his wife and attempts to kill his childrenDiminished responsibility 
20 Jan 1996Elsie DonaldsonHeald GreenPsychotic man fatally stabs his mothers after believing Television was talking to himDiminished responsibility – hospital order
Nov 1995Dannon Harrison (4 mths)OldhamPost-natally depressed young woman fatally smothers young babyInfanticide case – three years probation
21 May 1995Thomas DisleyWalleseyMentally disordered man shoots ex girlfriend’s new boyfriendDiminished responsibility 
05 Feb 1995Janet Lynn FoxMacclesfieldMentally disordered man fatally stabbed neighbour, a psychiatric patientDiminished responsibility – jailed for three and a half years
21 Dec 1994Stephen CuddyLiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic stabs strangerPrevious assault with blade on WPC weeks earlier 
28 Sep 1994Harry JohnstoneOldhamMH patient bludgeons man to deathInd Inq 1997 Inquiry
05 Aug 1994Anne Watkinson
Miles Trigg (5)
BirkenheadMentally ill man strangled his mother and son  
11 Jul 1994Philip BellBoltonMentally disordered man fatally stabbed his father after ‘brainstorm’Diminished responsibility – three years probation with MH treatment
06 Jun 1994Joanne SkeltonAccringtonMentally disordered man with a history of violence repeatedly and fatally stabbed ex-partnerDiminished responsibility
03 Apr 1994Helen McEwen (80)ManchesterMentally disordered man fatally batters neighbour and tried to incinerate her bodyDiminished responsibility – life sentence
25 Mar 1994Lesley Kenny (10)
Joseph Kenny (8)
WythenshaweSchizophrenic kills both children with a hammer  
25 Feb 1994Jason ComerfordManchesterMentally ill man fatally stabs strangerLong MH history – only convicted in October 2020 
Feb / Mar 1994new born baby daughterSt Anne’sMentally disordered woman gave birth in secret and killed babyinfanticide case 
26 Dec 1993 Henry Smith (91)WiganDepressed man fatally battered and strangled his fatherDiminished responsibility – three years probation with MH treatment
03 Sep 1993Tracey WilliamsonMacclesfieldMentally disordered man fatally stabbed vulnerable wifeDiminished responsibility – jailed for two and a half years
20 Jun 1993Sandra GreechLittleborough, RochdaleMentally ill man fatally stabs wifeDiminished responsibility – two year suspended sentence 
Jun 1993James BradleyManchesterParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour in supported housing complexDiminished responsibility – sent to Ashworth
27 May 1993Sean Kemp (18 months)LancasterMentally ill delusional woman fatally strangles young sonHad previously killed her sister’s child in 1981
23 May 1993Amy TurtonCrosby, LiverpoolParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed mother after hearing voicesDiminished responsibility 
27 Apr 1993baby daughter (2 mths)St Helens. LancsSuffocated daughter whilst suffering post natal depressioninfanticide case 
18 Dec 1992Halima PowerToxtethParanoid schizophrenic fatally cut his mother’s throat and battered her with a hammerSent to Ashworth ‘indefinitely’ 

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