Northern Ireland & Islands

43 known cases 1993 – 2019
8 inquiry and official reports

06 Aug 2019Pamela NisbetSt Peter, JerseyMentally disordered man fatally stabs his motherDiminished responsibility 
05 Dec 2018John O’Reilly (83)ArmaghDemented man fatally pushes fellow care home residentHistory of previous violent incidents 
13-16 Nov 2018Pauline KilkennyEnniskillenMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally batters and stabs woman who’d helped himHistory of severe mental illness and violenceJudgment summary

Sentencing remarks 
06 Jul 2018Gerard ScullionBanbridgeMentally disordered man fatally batters and repeatedly stabs friend  
21 Oct 2017Anne O’NeillBelfastMentally disordered man kills his mother with a chisel  
04 Jun 2017Hazem Ahmed GhreirBelfastMentally ill man fatally stabs strangerLong & concerning MH history ‘slipped through safety net’ 
26 May 2017Michael Cawdery (83)

Marjorie Cawdery (83)
PortadownPsychotic man fatally stabbed elderly strangers after escaping from hospitalSouthern Trust (NI)Inquiry awaited
4-6 Nov 2016James HughesBelfastParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs neighbourPrevious history of violent offending 
21 Oct 2016John McCarthySt Helier, JerseyMentally ill man fatally stabs pensionerConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished reponsibility 
18 Jan 2016Eddie GirvanGreenisland, Co AntrimMentally ill woman smothers and fatally stabs pensioner  
12 Dec 2015Lisa ArustamovsPortavogiePsychotic man fatally strangled his mother  
29 Jan 2015Mohsin BhattiBelfastParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs friend in unprovoked attackNo insight, failed to comply with treatment 
19 Dec 2014Ronald ReidBangorPsychotic and delusional man fatally stomps on and batters his fatherIndefinite hospital order – later absconds from hospital 
4 Jun 2014Margaret EvansPortstewartPsychotic & depressed man fatally batters his mother who he thought was a witchSubstance abuser 
April/May 2014Baby (5 months)N IrelandMother with post natal depression fatally smothers baby3 years probation 
4 July 2013Brendan Owens (3)LisburnParanoid schizophrenic mother suffocates young sonSigned herself into psych unit day after 
4 Jan 2013Aloysius HackettAugher, Co TyroneDepressed mentally ill man fatally shoots father Appeal Hearing
14 Aug 2011Izabela Rzeszowska

Kinga Rzeszowska (5yrs)

Kacper Rzeszowski (2yrs)

Marek Gartska

Marta De La Haye

Julia De La Haye (5yrs)
JerseyMentally ill man fatally stabs family and neighbours  
03 Apr 2011Lynn CoburnConnor NIParanoid schizophrenic decapitates mother and stabs her repeatedlyLong MH history 
Nov-2009Michael J McGleenonLurgan NIPsychotic mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed fatherLong MH history, reportedly released from Psych clinic three days before assault 
06 Jul 2009George MorrisonBelfastParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs nephewUnfit to plead – hospital order 
11 May 2009Anthony RobinBelfastMentally ill woman fatally stabbed partner  
Aug-07William McClatcheyBelfast NIParanoid Schizophrenic with PD fatally stabs and dismembers victim then disposes body parts in wheelie bin  
27 April 2007William McMillanBelfastPsychotic alcoholic with Depression and PTSD fatally stabbed brother Sentencing remarks
Feb 2007Daniel WhyteBelfastMan with alcohol dependency syndrome fatally stabs friend Appeal hearing
Jan-06Elaine Le SauvageGuernsey CIMentally ill man kills mother  
18 Dec 2005Patrick McGrathCoalisland, Co TyroneMentally ill man off meds with history of violence suffocates elderly postmaster and severely assaults sister  
Oct-05Maureen LyttleBelfastSchizophrenic fatally and repeatedly batters mother (‘a ferocious beating’)Long MH History & previously sectioned 
Jul-05Lauren O’Neill (9)Carryduff, Co.Antrim NIMH homicide of daughter and herselfInd Inq found catalogue of errors and missing notesInquiry



Jul-04Geraldine KaneBelfastMentally ill man fatally stabs friend 5 times, later attempts suicidePrevious attempts to kill 
28 June 2003New Born BabyEnniskillenMentally ill teenager suffocates her baby  
Mar-03Sharon MooreLisburn, NIParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed and mutilated woman, a month after release from Psych hospitalInd Inq 2006. Known risk of violence to others, just released from Psych hospitalInquiry
Jul-99Marion HobbsPortadown NIMH/Psychotic stabbing of girlfriend  
16 Jan 1997Pat DouglasBelfastMentally disordered man fatally stabs wife with Alzheimers and attempts to stab himselfAlleged ‘Mercy killing’ – diminished responsibility – 3 yr probation
21 Feb 1995Clara Joughlin (4)Isle of ManMH patient attacks two daughters, killing younger oneInd Inq 1997. Long MH historyInquiry
Jan-94Kieran Hegarty (11)Tyrone, NIMH patient abducted and killed schoolboy Inquiry 
4 Mar 1993Alexander McNaughtBelfastMentally disordered man kills acquaintance  

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