114 known cases 1993 – 2020
5 inquiry reports

25 Jul 2020Catherine CampbellCoatbridgePsychotic woman repeatedly and fatally stabbed friendReleased from hospital month before as not requiring hospitalisation.
21 Oct 2019Frank Kinnis (83)Barmuckity, ElginPsychotic man fatally and repeatedly batters elderly stranger before attacking two others and policePrevious warnings unheeded about deterioration in mental state. 
10 Jul 2019Carol MilneAberdeenMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs his motherShe had previous raised concerns without success.
25 Jun 2019Ann DrummondBathgateMentally ill man fatally batters and sets on fire his former partnerSeen by Forensic MH services x3 before incident but released 
30 May 2019Paul SmithEdinburghParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs a strangerLong history of mental illness – recently released from prison 
21 Dec 2018Joanne GallacherBiggarMentally ill man fatally stabbed ex-partner 57 timesReleased from hospital that day despite family concerns 
17 Dec 2018Roddy LoughtonEdinburghMentally disordered man repeatedly and fatally batters brother with hammer  
11 Nov 2018Kane Morris (10)Coupar AngusPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabbed his young son and attacked young girlHad barricaded front door hindering prompt access 
01 Oct 2018Martyn Smyth (73)

John Whyte (75)
ObanMentally ill man fatally batters, kicks and jumps on elderly neighbour & fatally punches another  
23 Dec 2017Rafal RymarkiewiczPerthMentally ill man fatally stabs man at Christmas partyDetained in Carstairs 
22 Dec 2017Beverly BlissCarrutherstownMentally ill man fatally stabs mother and assaults her partnerAwaiting NHS investigation 
20 Oct 2017Mark JohnstonDundeePsychiatric patient fatally stabbed best friend 120 times two days after discharging himself from hospitalTransferred due to lack of beds & walked out 
25 Sep 2017Gordon DiducaDundeeMentally disordered man kills man with knife and crossbowCulpable homicide – diminished responsibility 
28 Apr 2017Patricia GordonTroonMentally disordered man fatally smothers wife  
12 Mar 2017Colin SkilbeckEdinburghMentally disordered woman fatally stabbed and threw boiling water over neighbour  
8 Mar 2017Anne Marie JamesWolverhamptonRecently released Edinburgh MH patient fatally stabs his sister and himself and assaults his motherInquest found failings in care contributed to the deaths 
24 Sept 2016Nasreen BukshGlasgow‘Stressed’ husband fatally batters wifeConvicted of culpable homicide by diminished responsibility 
3 Sep 2016Henry WilsonAyr‘Mentally tormented’ woman fatally smothers husbandConvicted of culpable homicide by diminished responsibility 
26 Apr 2016Xin Xin LiuNewton MearnsDeluded mentally ill man fatally stabs wife 76 times  
2 Feb 15Chloe Sutherland (8 mnths)EdinburghPost-natally depressed mother fatally smothers daughterUnable to access care as baby ‘too old’INQUIRY
4/5 Dec 14Scott Chiriseri (5)AlvaPsychotic woman fatally stabs and mutilates young sonThought she was on a special mission from God 
7 July 14Andrew MainStenhousemuirPsychotic man fatally batters and stabs fatherPrevious history of serious violence 
May-14Eileen GlassfordUddingstonInsane man pushes woman into river where she drownsNot guilty of murder by reason of insanity 
Mar-14Ryan McNeillGlasgowMentally ill man repeatedly stabs strangerHad previously attacked his father 
Oct-13Catherine SandemanForfarPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabs girlfriendPrevious warnings about deterioration in mental health 
Aug-13Alexander GlassfordGlasgowParanoid scizophrenic fatally stabs strangerLong history of mental illness 
Jul-13Craig MacKenzieEdinburghMentally ill man fatally stabs acquaintanceHad previously killed 
Apr/May 13Philomena DunlevyEdinburghMentally ill man fatally batters and dismembers mother  
Mar-13Ellen Ash (83)GlasgowMentally disordered man fatally smothers mother  
Oct-12Marie McCrackenEast KilbrideMentally ill woman throws boiling water over friend then repeatedly and fatally batters herPossible Medication problems 
05 Oct 2012Anne MorrisTroonMentally ill man kills mother and attacks father who survivesPatient of Sussex Partnership Trust in EnglandInquiry
17 Jan 2012Carolyn EllisEdinburghMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs former girlfriend in the headPrev MH history, had previouly told Drs about violent fantasies 
28 Oct 2011Jane KellyPowmillSchizophrenic man fatally strangles and stabs girlfriendPrevious warningsInquiry
18 Sep 2011Douglas HillGlasgowMentally ill man fatally batters friend  
15 Jul 2011Jane (Barbara) CummingLongforganMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs wife and attempts suicideSaw psychiatrist day before, but no beds available 
24 June 2011Dawn McKenzieHamiltonMentally disordered teenager fatally stabs foster motherReleased after five years 
24 May 2011Michael Padden (84)DumbartonParanoid schizophrenic fatally punched and kicked fatherLong MH history with violence, previously attacked Dad with axe 
30 Mar 2011Robert BreretonForfarMentally ill woman repeatedly and fatally stabs former partnerLong MH history 
19 Mar 2011Roger GrayEdinburghMentally ill man fatally stabs man 114 times  
07 Mar 2011Frances CraigGlasgowMentally ill woman fatally stabbed mother 60 timesMH history – previous warnings of deteriorating mental health 
23 Feb 2011Isabelle Cowley (4)InvernessMentally disordered woman drowns her own daughter  
Nov-10Karen GallagherThornliebankMentally ill man fatally stabs girlfriend  
Oct-10Michael DavisGlasgowPsychotic unmedicated mentally ill man fatally stabs strangerLong MH history – Not taking medication 
Jul-10Scott MargeryStevenstonParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs man over £10 betHistory of violence 
Jul-10Margaret BurkeBlantyreMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs a family friend.  
Jun-10Marie-Rose McNeilRothesay, Isle of ButeSchizophrenic fatally and repeatedly battered his mother and attempted to remove her brain. Not taking meds  
07 Feb 2010Ann GeddesCamoustieMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally batters wife with axe  
Jul-09Veronica ReidDundeeSeverely mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs his mother four days after release from Psychiatric hospital  
Oct-08May BrysonBellshill, LanarkInsane man fatally and repeatedly batters wife and attempts to strangle her  
May 08Satpal GhusarBishopbriggs, GlasgowMentally ill man fatally stabs stepfather  
May 08Ann BrownBadnabanMentally ill man fatally and repeatedly stabs wifeDepression a significant factor 
16 Sept 2007Agnes RaffanArbroathMentally ill man fatally stabbed wife then tried to kill himself unsucessfullyCulpable homicide – diminished responsibility 
Aug-07Jacqeline HughesGlasgowPsychotic repeatedly stabbed and battered partner (in front of children)Partner asked for him to be sectioned days before. MH wouldn’t discuss with her. Stopped meds 
Jul-07Sandy AllenDalkieth, MidlothianParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed father 26 times  
Jun-07Jim WardAyrParanoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabbed fatherInd Inq 2009. Family warningsInquiry
Jun-07Rosa LimneyMethil, FifeSchizophrenic man fatally batters mother about the head 13 times with an axe  
Apr-07Ina Flaherty (69)GlasgowMan with Dementia fatally strangles wifeAvoids jail term but barred from pub 
Mar-07Susan ShiversGlasgowParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs woman three times  
Jan-07Mandy WilliamsonShetland IslesDemented man fatally and repeated stabs wife (frenzied attack) then kills himselfNo Investigation yet 
Sep-06Donna RuleGirvan, AyrshireMentally ill man fatally batters wife with malletDementia and depression 
Jun-06Kevin KeeganPaisleySchizophrenic fatally stabbed acquaintance 29 timesSerious drug and alcohol problems 
23 Mar 2005Alexander PullarCumbernauldInsane teenager repeatedly and fatally batters strangerConvicted of murder
Feb-05Susan Third (21)AberdeenPsychotic mentally ill man strangles womanReleased after 4 years but recalled 7 months later 
Oct-04Stuart RobertsonGlasgowMH patient killed victim with hammerPrev discharged from psych hospital. History of serious violenceInquiry
Sep-04Christine MacCowanBalmedieMentally ill man batters wife with sledgehammer and strangles herDepressive illness, Suicide attempts. Detained in psych hospital 
Jul-04Thomas BoyleGlasgowMentally ill woman fatally stabs husbandReleased after 18 months 
Apr-04William MeldrumEdinburghPsychotic man repeatedly stabs and batters stepfather and cuts off his handDefence QC said he was ‘quite, quite mad’ 
Apr- 04Billy ClarkEllon, AberdeenshirePsychotic man kills brother by running over him with a tractor (insane)  
Nov- 03John LeatherSanquharDepressive man fatally and repeatedly stabs father with two samurai swordsGuilty by diminished responsibility due to depressive mental illness 
Dec-02Brendan GorrieLeithMentally ill woman repeatedly and fatally batters son around head (then attempts suicide)  
Sep-02Erin Gilmour (5)Stonehouse, LanarkshireMentally ill mother repeatedly and fatally battered daughter with claw hammer (and attacked another daughter)  
Jun-02George WilliamsonEdinburghParanoid Schizophrenic batters stranger pensioner who subsequently diesLong MH history 
18 Oct 2001Caleb Ness (2 mnths)EdinburghMentally disordered man repeatedly & fatally shook babyNHS Lothian case 
Aug-01John McClellandAberdeenSchizophrenic fatally batters acquaintance with breeze blockHistory of not taking meds. Prev violence. D&A problems 
Mar-01Luke Gargan (4)Lochwinnoch, AyrshireInsane man fatally batters child  
Eileen HowieTurriff, AberdeenshireInsane man batters mother to death and sets fire to house  
Jan-01Archibald JeffreyKirkcudbrightParanoid schizophrenic fatally punches, kicks and throttles stranger  
23 Sept 2000Rosina MasonCruden BayMentally disordered man fatally strangled wife18 months imprisonment 
Feb-00Kenneth GreenanGlasgowSchizophrenic fatally stabs partnerMH history 
Oct-99John DillonGlasgowMH patient fatally stabs another in Ruchill Hospital  
27 Oct-1999Derek Campbell (6)GlasgowPsychotic mother throws six year old from 14th floor of tower blockPrev MH history of depression 
Oct 1999William ScottCondorratParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs strangerLong previous MH history with violence 
Oct 1999John Houston SinnamonGlasgowInsane ex-boxer fatally drowns witness to killing of Thomas MorganSent to Carstairs 
Sept 1999Thomas MorganGlasgowinsane ex-boxer fatally drowns acquaintanceSent to Carstairs 
13 Apr 1999Frances StorrierHaddingtonMentally ill & deluded man fatally batters wife with a hammerSent to Carstairs 
28 Feb 1999Diane HopkinsPolbethRecently released mental patient kills partner  
14 Jan 1999Ian GalbraithInveraryMentally disordered woman fatally shoots husbandChanged law in Scotland on culpable homicide & diminsihed responsibility 
05 Sept 1998James HeeneyNew StevenstonSchizophrenic man repeatedly and fatally batters manDiminished responsibility, sent to Carstairs 
Aug-98Tracey HomerGlasgowMentally ill man strangles woman in Glasgow then bludgeons man to death in London 4 days laterLong history of violence – trial heard illness due to abuse and psychopathy 
Jun-98Simon McCaskillEdinburghParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs father in the heart & face then wounds mother  
Apr-98Louise Miller (7)KilwinningMentally ill mother poisons children then attempts suicide  
Apr-98Kevin Miller (7)KilwinningMentally ill mother poisons children then attempts suicide  
Mar-98Coral FrerichsCallenderPsychotic mentally ill man kills woman whilst driving recklessly ‘to escape mafia’MH history – licence not confiscated despite medical requests 
12 Dec 97Hugh FerrisGlasgowParanoid schizophrenic ties up and fatally punches man during burglaryFinding of facts in 2015 
21 Aug 1997Alexander McGibbon (19m)EdinburghDepressed mother fatally smothered & suffocated her babySeen by psychiatrist in hospital days before but allowed to go home 
Jul-97Lizzie DuffyGlasgowMentally ill man rapes woman and fatally throws her out of window on 6th floor flatsExtensive history of Mental illness and violence 
30 Jun 1997Angela Thornton (17)IrvineMentally ill man fatally batters and mutilates young girlNHS Ayrshire probe announced but not published (?) 
Jun-97Benny McGurkCastle DouglasSchizophrenic bludgeons father to death, saws off head and kicks it around car park  
05 Jun 1997James Kidd (86)RenfrewDepressed man fatally strangled father  
12 Apr 1997Margaret Trench (79)PaisleyMentally ill man fatally stabs and strangles elderly grandmother  
16 Oct 1996Colin MacDonald (16)AberdeenMentally disordered boy fatally stabs teenager  
16 Jun 1996John Jessiman (79)HuntlySchizophrenic man repeatedly and fatally batters grandfather with hammerReport sent to MWCS (but not published?) 
03 May 1996Francis KeenanGlasgowParanoid schizophrenic who had killed before repeatedly and fatally stabs stranger  
02 Nov 1995Raymond ArmstrongPaisleyMentally ill man fatally bludgeons friend with masonryDiminished responsibility 
Sept 1995Heather GrantCoatbridgeMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed girlfriend  
14 Aug 1995James Gatt (92)AberdeenParanoid schizophrenic fatally battered and stabbed grandfatherlong MH history 
25 Jun 1995Patricia HunterGrangemouthMentally ill and psychotic man fatally strangled wife believing her to be a zombie  
19 Oct 1994Dr Donald MacKayAirdrieMentally disordered man fatally stabbed GP  
10 Oct 1994Eoghan Moy (2 weeks old)DumbartonMentally ill man threw two week old baby off bridge fatallyNot guilty by reason of insanity 
Oct 1994Sandra BradleyGlenrothesMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally batters wife with a spadeCulpable homicide due to mental disorder ‘bordering on insanity 
07 Sept 1994Dorothy McLeish (72)GlasgowMan with dementia fatally strangled his wife  
Jun-94PC Lewis FultonScotlandMH patient fatally stabbed policemanInd Inq 
21 Feb-1994Brendan Holmes (3)LargsMentally ill psychotic woman fatally stabs son 11 timesOn release from Psychiatric ward at hospital at time 

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