South West England

125 known cases 1993 – 2018

63 investigation reports

Date Victim Location Event Comment download
03 Jan 2020 Katherine Bevan Gittisham, Devon Paranoid schizophrenic fatally strangles co-worker Long history of violence & MH problems – Diminished responsibility
25 Aug 2019 Omar Rashid Gloucester Paranoid mentally ill man fatally stabs acquaintance (later takes his own life in prison)
10 May 2019 Thomas Abraham Gloucester Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs mentally ill man whilst suffering relapse Indefinite hospital order with restrictions
10 Feb 2019 Anthony Payne (80) Exeter Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters elderly strangers with a hammer and spade Previous inpatient, released twice by police, Dr said not detainable despite violence and talking of unicorns
Dick Carter (84)
Roger Carter (84)
10 Jan 2019 Bashir Abdullah Bristol Mentally ill and paranoid man repeatedly and fatally stabbed friend Had stopped taking medication two weeks before.
03 Aug 2018 Lee Turner Barnstaple Paranoid schizophrenic with long history of mental illness fatally stabs complete stranger Not taking Meds, family’s concerns unheeded
19 July 2018 Lesley Davies (81) Par, Cornwall Demented and psychotic man repeatedly and fatally stamps on partner’s head Hospital order with restrictions
23 Oct 2017 Janet Northmore (76) Derriford Hospital, Plymouth Depressed and mentally ill man kills mother Defendant later kills himself in prison
06 June 2017 Philip Ryan Honiton Mentally ill man fatally stabs electrician
22 Feb 2017 Avis ‘Mary’ Addison (88) St Merryn Demented man fatally batters and smothers vulnerable wife
13 Feb 2017 Karina Guimaraes Batista Bristol Deluded mentally ill man fatally stabs wife
17 Dec 2016 Gary Miller Plymouth Mentally ill man fatally batters friend around the head
7 July 2016 Kamil Ahmad Bristol Paranoid schizophrenic with history of violence fatally stabs and mutilates refugee Previous Rampton patient – released by Tribunal day before Case review
02 Mar 2016 Dawn Green Newquay Depressed man fatally strangles wife then kills himself Inquiry Report
29 Dec 2015 Michael Horner Newlyn Paranoid schizophrenic sabotages disabled mans’s boiler causing death by carbon monoxide poisoning
26 Nov 2015 Alexander Cusworth HMP Dartmoor Mentally disordered prisoner with history of violence fatally stabs fellow prisoner PPO Investigation
4 Jul 2015 Tracey Baker Chard Mentally ill man bludgeons ex-wife to death with a hammer Took his own life afterwards Inquiry
9 Jun 2015 Kenneth Tyrer (90) Yeovil hospital Demented man batters elderly fellow patient who subsequently dies
2 Dec 2014 Zaani Bevan (new-born) Bristol Psychotic woman kills herself and new born baby after failing to take meds Coroner found ‘chain of failures’ in care SCR
3 Nov 2014 Valerie Davison Barnstaple Schizophrenic man fatally punches and stabs his mother Previous history of serious violence
13/16 Oct 2014 Melissa Mathieson Bristol Mentally disordered teenager strangles vulnerable fellow care home resident History of MH problems and serious violence SCR

Family statement

19 Sep 2014 Newborn Baby Bristol Mentally ill mother kills new born baby SCR
10 Sep 2014 Michael Redpath Swindon Mentally disordered woman sets house on fire and locks it killing friend  Inquiry
9 Jul-2014 Sharon Wall Gloucester Psychiatric patient fatally stabbed care assistant in hospital Had previously killed twice before – wanted to avoid move to MH unit which was non-smoking with no wi-fi. Inquiry
26 Jun 2014 Aulton Tom Rogers Swindon Schizophrenic man fatally & repeatedly stabs a stranger Previously seriously assaulted a woman
18 Jun-2014 Una Dorney (87) Yate Paranoid schizophrenic fatally battered grandmother Later battered fellow prisoner – left in vegetative state DHR (poor)
18 Apr-2014 Doreen Webb Durrington Mentally ill man fatally stabs wife DHR Full

DHR Summary 

Mar-2014 Mashael Albasman Bournemouth Psychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabs daughter
Nov-2013 Geraint (Gary) Hughes Feock Psychotic woman fatally stabs husband History of deteriorating mental illness Chronology

DHR Exec Summ

DHR Full

Inquest PFD

Oct-2013 Derisa Trenchard Carbis Bay Mentally ill man bludgeons his wife to death with hammer and kills himself Paranoid depressive illness
Sep-2013 Brian Kemp Sidmouth Psychotic man fatally stabs stranger Deteriorating for months before
Aug-2013 Robert Cox Bristol Deluded and psychotic man fatallly stabbed fellow resident of hostel Sec 45a case – Serious case & IPCC review due SCR Summary
6 Aug 2013 Mayurathy Perinpamoorthy Yeovil Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs female acquaintance Depression, PTSD & alcohol abuse Inquiry 
12 Jul 2013 Joshua Patterson (5) Haytor Depressed mother jumped from high rocks with her young son killing them both Other son found dead at home SCR
Mar-13 Victoria Rose Devizes Depressed mentally ill man shoots ex partner and then himself Had seen Drs & MH professionals days before
Jan-13 Shaun O’Neill (2) Modbury Paranoid schizophrenic fatally strangles then stabs young son Long MH history, prev. inpatient Inquiry
Jan-13 Suzanne Newton Melksham Psychotic man fatally stabs wife after medication stopped History of mental illness
Jun-12 Mike Bithrey Bridgwater Mentally ill & deluded man fatally stabs man Had previously attempted to kill wife Inquiry
13 May 2012 Alan Clinch Liskeard Mentally disordered woman fatally stabs partner Long history of violence – diminished reponsibility
Mar-12 Gino Nelmes Bristol Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs friend 18 times with samurai sword Prev. history of violence; released from secure unit days before assault Inquiry
Apr-11 Winston Cooper Marnhull Mentally ill man fatally attacks father with hammer, knives and secateurs Previously convicted for assaulting father in 2009 Domestic Homicide Review
Oct-10 Earl Swaby Bristol Mental Health Patient convicted of manslaughter after fatal stabbing MH history Summary


Aug-10 Rosemary Armstrong Bournemouth Mentally ill woman fatally stabs mother. Later tried to sue MH trust for poor care Summary


Follow up

Jul-10 Dorothy Shepherd Winchcombe Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs grandmother History of prev. violence. V many failings in care Inquiry
Apr-10 Leo Norris (10 days old) Brixham Mentally ill mother fatally smothers 10 day old baby MH historyPreventable. V many failings in care Serious

Jan-10 Ben Philpotts (10) Trevarrian Mentally ill man starts fatal house fire after bludgeoning son and battering wife Long MH history – previous violence, family concerns. 2012, SCR Serious

Patricia Philpotts
Dec-09 Ivy Hawken Strete, Devon Mentally ill man murders fellow care home resident
Sep-09 Mark Pinnell Clevedon MH patient fatally stabs aquaintance MH history Inquiry Exec Summ

Inquiry Full

Sep-09 Vincent Francis Wells MH patient fatally stabs friend’s boyfriend 17 times MH historyInd. Inq. Dale Inquiry
Sep- 09 Gordon Ackrell Plymouth Paranoid schizophrenic fatally battered neighbour after earlier warning he would kill Long MH history – warned authorities he would kill
Jul-09 Sheila Iles Bristol Mentally ill man fatally stabs mother Heavy drug user
May-09 Sam Riddall (11) Bristol Mentally ill woman kills schoolboy whilst driving dangerously MH history – had been sectioned 4 times in previous year
Nov-08 Joan Toop Bournemouth Mentally ill woman fatally batters parents
Arthur (Bob) Toop
Sep-08 Debra Ford Bristol Psychotic man fatally batters partner ‘hundred of times’ with lump hammer Eligible for parole after three years
23 Jun-2008 Joyce Lovell Donhead St Mary, Wilts Mentally ill man fatally batters mother Poor practice found Inquiry
08 Jun-2008 Ms B Cheltenham Man with history of MH & substance abuse problems kills partner Convicted of murder Inquiry
May-08 Alan Riddock Bristol Mental health patient beats man to death MH history.Ind inq 2013 HASCAS Executive

May-08 Terrance Hall Weston Super Mare Mental health patient beats neighbour to death in row over washing machine MH history.Ind inq. 2013 HASCAS Executive

Apr-08 Alan Clarke Salisbury Mentally ill man fatally stabs friend Dem Resp – hospital order MSU Executive

Feb-08 Christian Puttock Clevedon, Avon Mentally ill man fatally stabs stranger Long MH hstory
Jul-07 Robert Crook Swindon Mentally ill man fatally batters parents with hammer then drives them to Lincoln Many service failings Inquiry
Elsie Crook
Jun-07 Phyllis Deane (70) Shaldon/Torquay Devon Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly bludgeons grandmother with hammer Indefinite detention under MHA. Had been discharged – not on meds. Inquiry found killing was preventable Inquiry
May-07 Brian Marsh Swindon Mentally ill man in frenzied fatal attack on stepfather, and attacks mother Many failings – Preventable homicide Inquiry
May-07 William Moss Newquay Schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed friend Many failings – serious incident was ‘foreseeable’ Inquiry
Apr-07 Ryan Manser (4) Exeter MH patient fatally smothers son SCR 2008.Later suicide in MH unit Serious
Apr-07 Philip Hendy Bristol Psychotic MH patient fatally stabbed stranger Repeated failings Inquiry
Mar-07 Carl James Swindon Schizophrenic fatally stabbed friend 6 times Prev. threatened violence. Mother warned MH services Inquiry
Feb-07 Sharon Stokes Exmouth MH patient kills woman with brick Family had tried to get him sectioned beforehand Inquiry
Feb-07 Robert Newby Sticklepath Mentally ill man fatally stabs friend Depressive illness, new medication. Victim was also mentally ill Inquiry
Aug-06 three year old girl Ilfracombe, Devon Mentally ill woman fatally stabbed child 30 times sought help before incident
Jul-06 Steven Hoskin St. Austell MH patient tortures and murders learning disabled man Drug history – known MH patient Serious

Oct-05 Jeremy Drake Exeter Paranoid Scizophrenic beats stranger to death in launderette Off medication
Jul-05 Iris Middleton Wootten Basset, Wiltshire Psychotic batters parents to death with brick (Alcohol)
Jul-05 Theo Middleton Wootten Basset, Wilts Psychotic batters parents to death with brick (Alcohol)
Nov-04 Maxine Penfold Cullompton, Devon Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabbed mother Ind Inq 2006. Found poor records and teamwork. Mother sought help two weeks before incident Inquiry
Nov-04 Bernard James Bristol Mentally ill man starts fire that kills disabled landlord Long MH history with LD
Nov-04 Lily Burrow (7) Tipton St John, Devon Delusional paranoid schizophrenic drowns 7 year old daughter
Oct-03 Flo Seccombe Plymouth Psychotic killed sleeping pensioner (stranger) by single stab to neck Previous history of MH problems, Paranoid, previously violent but month before MH concluded not in need of psych care.
Sep-03 Marjorie Davies (92) Upleadon, Glos Mentally disordered man rapes and strangles his great grandmother MH history
Jun-03 Jennifer Sheppard Bristol Mentally disordered man fatally batters his mother leaving her unrecognisable Ind Inq commissioned but never published
May-03 Lyn Grant London Mentally ill man strangles wife in London then returns to Cornwall to kill himself Ind Inq, 2005 Internal

Feb-03 Joyce Holden (78) Bristol Man with dementia fatally batters fellow care home resident
Jan-03 Rui Garrido Bristol Paranoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs housemates
Jan-03 Mario Pedro Bristol Paranoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs housemates
May-02 Roy Warnes Plymouth Psychiatric patient kills neighbour Ind Inq 2004 found failings. Previous Inpatient Inquiry
Mar-02 Adelaide Howard Winterbourne, Bristol Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed elderly neighbour 42 times Ind Inq 2006 found many failings Inuqiry
Feb-02 Ann Obray The Lizard, Cornwall Psychotic man fatally and repeatedly stabbed wife Ind Inq 2004 found catalogue of errors. Previous attempts to harm wife. Stopped meds 2 days before. Inquiry
21 Nov 2001 Laura Tait (3 mths) Mere, Wilts Post-natally depressed woman fatally smothers baby daughter Infanticide – 3 year community rehabilitation order
Aug-01 Shirley Cotton-Betteridge Bristol Psychopath fatally stabbed barmaid 40 times Previous violence. Broadmoor
09 Dec 2000 James Gavaghan Woodleigh, Kingsbridge Mentally ill man fatally shot neighbour twice Diminished responsibility
Nov-00 Tammy Little Hayle Toans, Cornwall Paranoid schizophrenic strangles partner Ind Inq 2003 found serious failings Inquiry
29 Sept 2000 Adelaide Fairey (86) Cheltenham Depressed man battered wife to death with a hammer
Apr-00 Carol Trethewey (Mrs S) St Austell, Cornwall Depressive repeatedly and fatally stabbed wife Ind Inq 2003, failings in care,got 3 yrs probation Inquiry
Apr-00 Donna Smart Shepton Mallet MH homicide of wife (alc) Ind Inq 2001 Inquiry
Jan-00 Andrew Pennington Cheltenham Psychotic fatally and repeatedly stabbed councillor with samurai sword
Jan-00 David Harkin (6 mnths) Bristol Schizophrenic with autism fatally and repeatedly stabs baby brother (severing one hand) Previous history (later escape & Chepstow rape)
May-99 Michael Martin Almondsbury,
S Glos
Paranoid schizophrenic kills father with pickaxe Ind Inq 2003. Father had repeatedly appealed to MH services for help Inquiry
Oct-98 Gillian Sexton Ilton, Somerset Depressed man fatally batters wife with spade & throttles her
Jun-98 William Bodle Bournemouth MH homicide Ind Inq 2002 Inquiry
Apr-98 Michelle Lock Bournemouth Mentally disordered man rapes and kills woman Ind Inq 2002 Inquiry
24 Mar 1998 Olivia Perkins (2) Minchinhampton, Glos Depressed woman hangs her daughter Diminished responsibility – sentenced to probation for 3 years
Mar-98 Lynda Young Dartmoor Psychotic man fatally strangles, stabs and batters wife Not guilty by reason of insanity
Feb-98 Virginia (Ginny) Sivil and unborn baby Bath Schizophrenic fatally strangled partner whilst she was in labour with his child Ind Inq 2001 13 prev admissions. Prev. violence. Records a mess, No Insight Inquiry
Nov-97 Aiyse Sullivan Dorset Mentally ill man killed girlfriend (PD) Ind Inq 2000 Inquiry
Oct-97 Peter Lewis Somerset MH homicide of partner after rape and abuse by carers Ind Inq 2000 Inquiry
Aug-97 Joseph Osmond Salisbury, Wiltshire Mentally ill man fatally and repeatedly stabbed landlord Ind Inq 1999. previously sectioned, then released before killing Inquiry
05 Apr 1997 Katie Cave (6 mnths) Taunton Mentally disordered man fatally throttles baby daughter Munchausen’s case
May-96 Walter Creece Gloucester Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally batters elderly neighbour with a hammer (frenzied attack) Later escaped from Fromeside. Later still suicide there
27 Jan 1996 Douglas Holman Cambourne Mentally disordered man fatally batters pensioner Long history of violence
25 Sep-95 John Witts Cinderford Mentally ill man fatally stabs brother Ind Inq 1997 Inquiry
13 Sept 1995 Nathan Beale (20) Wareham Mentally ill woman strangled young son believing he was ‘poisoning’ her Long history of MH problems – Inq not published?
Jul-95 Colin Beynon Bristol Schizophrenic batters father to death with hammer on home visit Ind Inq 1997 found “string of errors” Inquiry
Apr-95 Muriel Viner Ferndown, Dorset MH patient kills mother with repeated blows from heavy metal disc and commits suicide MH patient repeatedly bludgeons mother then commits suicide Inquiry
Mar-95 Joshua Skerton (2) Dartmoor Depressed man killed son in exhaust filled car and attempted suicide
14 Jul 1994 Annette Renouf Salisbury Mentally ill man sets fire to house killing his mother Convicted manslaughter / diminished responsibility – Inquiry report
29 Apr – 2 May 1994 Fiona Pope (9) Roundswell Mentally ill woman fatally stabbed daughter
Sep-93 Georgina Robinson Torbay Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed occ. therapist in acute psych ward Ind Inq 1995 MH failures, ‘entirely predictable’ previous assaults Inquiry
9 Aug 1993 Rory England (15 mths) Taunton Mentally ill young mother fatally battered toddler
Jul-93 Margaret Archer Trowbridge, Wilts MH homicide – killed wife with axe, then committed suicide
13-16 Jun 1993 Yvonne Raglan Plymouth Mentally ill man fatally strangles wife Diminished responsibility

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  1. I’m trying to get info on the case of a woman who murdered her 4/5 yrs old daughter Jojo later part of 1980’s into 1990’s. She was originaly from Bedford but lived in Norfolk and imprissoned there. Both she and doting father(he from Nigeria) are Jehovah’s witnesses. Her previous name was Marie Stone before her marriage. She had mental health issues due to being ill and abnormaly large doses of steroid being miscalculated. I would greatly appreciate any info please.

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