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What Professionals have said :

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“Very informative, touching and inspirational – it’s fantastic what you’re doing. Thank you! “

2gether NHS Foundation Trust

“The training was one of the best things I’ve done for a long time. Thank you”
“Very useful. It is not that common … for practitioners to have direct contact with families of a victim of homicide.”
“Having course facilitators who have personal experience [of patient homicide] ,,, made a significant impact.”
“Very good session, with detailed and emotive case studies.”
“The whole workshop was very good.”

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the session you did for the LCFT students.   The module and your session in particular was really well evaluated, and the perspective you give to students is priceless – and massively important, so thank you so much.”

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

“In my whole 11 years of nursing, I’ve never had a presentation that has made me question so much about my practice.  It was a so inspiring”

Surrey & Borders NHS Foundation Trust

“Thank you so much for your powerful development session last week.  It has had a huge impact.  A number of people have fed back to me that your and Len’s session has transformed their thinking about their focus and approach as leaders in our organisation”.

West London Mental Health NHS Trust

“There was a very strong impact on everyone who attended the conference and we were able to learn a lot about the way in which we can improve our service within the trust.”  

Feedback from NHS England South Learning Event Oxford

“I can’t tell you how valuable yesterday’s session was. Yet again new pieces of information for me personally to digest and work into our programme, but also for my new team. For them to hear first-hand, objective feedback on the current state of play, at the very start of this work, sets us up in exactly the right mind-set in a way that I don’t think anything else could.” 
Senior Patient Safety Manager, NHS England

Feedback from NHS England North Homicide Conference

“Just a note of personal thanks for your valued contribution to yesterday’s Homicide Conference, an early scan of the feedback is extremely positive with your presentation and powerful message as usual evaluating really well.” 
Senior Patient Safety Mental Health Manager – NHS England North

“Thanks again for the talk.  It was very helpful, powerful and informative.”  
Consultant Psychiatrist, Leeds and York NHS Foundation Trust

On Twitter:

Event opened with an excellent and eye opening presentation from Julian Hendy @hundredfamilies

Hugely powerful presentation from Julian Hendy @hundredfamilies; humbling and deeply thought provoking.

Thank you for a powerful presentation – lot for us to learn.

“Thank you so much for highlighting the … family [with Ministers and senior officials], I know they will appreciate your support.” 
Victim Support Homicide worker,

“Thank you so much for this, your time and effort in building bridges and helping families is so appreciated.” 
Victim Support Homicide worker

Feedback from Clinicians at Quality Call to Action conference – Kent & Medway Partnership Trust 

Very engaging and thought provoking.  Will cause me to reflect widely on my practice and take this to my teams thank you 

Powerful and inspirational.  Very moving… well done. 

A poignant and shocking presentation which has encouraged me strongly to reflect on my own practice and that of my service

Very engaging – eye opening 

Provided a different perspective that will influence future practice 

A difficult topic delivered well – would have like more time to discuss 

Very well presented and puts things into perspective! 

Excellent – made me think about the victims family 

Interesting and useful facts; good signposting to additional data sources 

So powerful 

Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

“Thank you for attending yesterday and giving your thought provoking presentation. I have had a number of colleagues approach me today to say how much they appreciated you attending and that they feel it will alter their future practice in terms of being more aware of victims. I hope to keep in contact with you in the future as I think your organisation is incredibly important.” 
Consultant Psychiatrist,

“I think what you are doing is unbelievably admirable and incredibly important to stop professionals becoming desensitised. Your training session was really powerful and very emotive, and this was really refreshing, as sometimes the training provided can be stark and not provoking of thought. I really enjoyed it and have highly recommended it to the rest of my team.” 
Mental Health Social Worker, Manchester,

Feedback from Manchester Mental Health & Social Care staff presentation 

A powerful and meaningful session. 

Great speaker, really pleased to have had the opportunity to attend.

Victim’s family view point – I have better awareness; thought the session was really informative and thought provoking

Thank you, please present to the rest of the organisation 

This has been an excellent learning and a rare reflective experience that all staff should be given the opportunity to experience. 

Well researched and presented 

It was extremely interesting to hear Julian’s perspective and it definitely encouraged me to reflect on my own practice.


Excellent training, highly informative

A very moving presentation today, courageous way of presenting to make change happen and address your personal grief…I will look at enquiries from a family/carer point of view

“Julian Hendy tells us about stigma, mental illness and homicides. Inspirational stuff.” 
Dr JS Bamrah, Medical Director, MMHSC Trust


“Thank you so much for being part of the South Directors of Nursing Conference…We received some extremely positive feedback, related to both your input and the way your presentation connected with the rest of the day.” 
Liz Redfern CBE, Chief Nurse, NHS South of England

“The tenacity with which you pursued the health service in your case and on behalf of other families is extremely inspiring. Thank you for all the work that you continue to do.” Victim Support Homicide worker,

“A very sincere thank you to you for attending and speaking at our meeting yesterday. the interest your presentation generated in the room was palpable and the feedback I have received was extremely positive.” 
Victim Support Homicide worker,

“Thank you so much for participating in the conference last week; it really added value to the day to hear your perspective and I remain in admiration of your ability to crunch data and present it in an interesting and meaningful way.” 
Head of Risks, NHS Mental Health Trust in the west of England,

“The Society asked me to pass on its warmest support in your endeavours.” 
Dr Dermot Ward, Chairman, Society of Clinical Psychiatrists.

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  1. I was attacked by a care in the community man, he cut my throat, but thank god I did not die from injuries. What was more upsetting was the way the case was handled by all. His file from his phsyciatrist somehow was lost, one minute he was a man with severe problems, in court he was described as an evil man he had told his phsycriatic nurse what he was going to do, i.e., go to a girls school and cut them down, or get some white women. He was sent off and told to take his tablets. Is that care for him, or the public, So very sad for all concerned, he was sent to broadmoor, on the first anniversary of his attack, he took a knife to one of the nurses, and on the first anniversary they wanted to hold the court case, who is looking after who, thank you for working on this,

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