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In the aftermath of my Dad’s murder, I found it incredibly difficult to get any reliable information about what had happened. Nobody tells you what’s going on or what’s likely to happen next.

It seems to be a common experience for many victims’ families.

We didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t get any advice from anybody. Nobody comes to you and says “Well this is what normally happens, and this is what you can ask for,” we were just…

Didn’t have a clue…


This guide is a first attempt to change all that.

It covers:

 Criminal investigations

Health service investigations

The Media

Homicide followed by suicide

Other Families Stories


and Links to a few organisations that can offer support.

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  1. We have recently been through 7 years of hell from a neighbour who had mental health issues.
    He had already been diagnosed from a case in 1978 where he shot and killed 3 of his neighbours over his belief that they were winding him up.
    Which was proved to be untrue.
    He then drove to a petrol station and shot dead the owners.
    He served 15 years in broadmoor and in 1996 he was housed next door to us without proper supervision where he amassed a cashe of guns and bullets while planning to do the same to my family and I.
    There has been a serious case review which I have just read.
    The findings are quite astonishing which I would like to discuss with someone. I have have a link to the sentencing notes by justice Blair the high court judge that dealt with the case. I hope you can talk to me regarding this case. Thank you.

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