77 known cases 1993 – 2019
24 inquiry reports

Date Victim Location Event Comment download
05 May 2020 John Rees (88) Pen Y Graig, Rhondda Schizophrenic woman fatally stabs and bludgeons elderly shopper & attempted to murder three others Had previously sought help for deteriorating Mental Health
10 Sept 2019 Thomas Gallagher Cwmbran Mentally disordered man repeatedly and fatally stabs father after broadband argument Described as a savage and brutal attack
28 Feb 2019 Lewis Stone Borth, Nr Aberystwyth Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger Previous inpatient & known to services
08 Jun 2018 Amelia Brooke Harris (4) Trealaw Delusional paranoid schizophrenic woman drowns young daughter and sets body alight Had been unwell for weeks before hand. Not guilty by reason of insanity Sentencing remarks
12 Jan 2017 Janice ‘Rose’ Griffiths Taff’s Well Psychotic man fatally stabbed step-grandmother believing she was a witch Long history of serious MH problems
9 Jun 2016 James Hughes (8 weeks) Shotton Mentally disordered woman fatally smothers baby son Reportedly Munchausens case
15 May 2016 Gwilym Jones (71) Ogmore Vale Psychotic man fatally stabs elderly neighbour and seriously injures young woman
10 Jan 2016 Robert Sadler Llanrumney Insane woman sets fire to family home killing her father
12 Dec 2014 David Jones Holyhead Paranoid schizophrenic bludgeons man to death Said he was getting messages from car number plates – Sec 45
6 Nov 2014 Cerys Yemm Argoed Mentally ill man fatally batters young woman Recently released from prison with lack of aftercare Inquiry
8 Oct 2014 Fred Hatch Dinas Powys Paranoid schizophrenic fatally attacks neighbour with claw hammer Believed he was a witch
6 Mar 2014 Darren Thomas Cardiff prison Mentally disordered man with schizophrenia repeatedly and fatally stabs cell mate
Mar-2014 Patricia Durrant Llandysul Paranoid schizophrenic fatally slashed partner’s throat MH history – not taking meds
Aug-2013 Caroline Parry Newport Depressed man fatally shoots ex-wife Ten year history of depression and mental illness IPCC Report
Oct-2012 Paul Trevelyan Porthcawl Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs father Recent patient – substance abuse problems
Oct-2012 Karina Menzies Cardiff Paranoid schizophrenic kills disabled young mother and injures 17 others Long MH history, off meds, nearly killed 13 others including children Inquiry

Sentencing remarks

Mar-12 Suzanne Jones Tremadog Mentally ill delusional man strangles and stabs partner and repeatedly stabs son Had become ill previous year Serious Case Review


William Jones (2yrs)
May-11 Jennifer Mills-Westley Tenerife Recent Welsh patient with schizophrenia fatally stabs grandmother Inq found many failings in care Inquiry
Mar-11 Stephen Rees Cardiff Paranoid schizophrenic fatally slashes hostel resident’s throat Victim was also mentally ill Inquiry
Nov-10 Harley Ruck (11mths) Abergavenny Paranoid Schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs baby daughter Undiagnosed for years, Police attended hours before killing Serious Case Review
May-10 Glen Freaney Cardiff Mentally ill woman fatally strangles son
Mar-10 Karen Welsh Cardiff Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally beat and strangled nurse who befriended him Sought help before killing Inquiry
Jun-09 Anthony Kitely Cardiff Schizophrenic man attempted to kill his mother then fatally and repeatedly stabbed his friend Long MH history, recently released by MHRT agaisnt advice Inquiry
Jun-09 Zoe Anne David (4) Newport Paranoid schizophrenic fatally smothers daughter Recent MH contact Serious Case Review
May-09 Margaret Ford (84) Templeton, Pembs Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs mother then cuts her throat Long MH History – Family critical Inquiry
Mar-09 Anthony Williams Pontardawe Paranoid schizophrenic shoots father twice then repeatedly and fatally stabs him
Mar-09 Gwen Poole Llanbradach, Caerphilly Deluded Schizophrenic mentally ill man fatally stabs pensioner (stranger) Indefinite hospital order Inquiry
Dec-08 Kenneth Augur Merthyr Tydfil Mentally ill man (bipolar) kills neighbour with a hammer Repeatedly asked MH services for help – ignored Inquiry
Mar-08 Michael Morgan Hengoed, Wales Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs father with samurai sword then unsucessfully attempts suicide Indefinite hospital order
04 Aug-2007 James Fortey Newport, Gwent Schizophrenic fatally stabs former school friend Critical Ind Inq 2009 – not assertive enough Inquiry
Mar-07 Fr Paul Bennett Aberdare Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly & fatally stabbed Priest (neighbour) frenzied attack Ind Inq 2009 Inquiry
Nov-06 Caitlin Samuel (5) Bodelwyddan, Denbighshire MH patient, with Manic depression killed children SCR 2008, Case notes, teamwork problems Serious Case Review
Aidan Samuel (3)
Oct-06 Sandra Bowring (Vincent) Rhyl, Denbighshire MH patient fatally stabs woman five times Ind Inq 2008. Long MH history – failings – avoidable – High risk to others Inquiry
Aug- 06 Baby A South Wales Mother with post natal depression fatally shakes baby
Jun-06 Shirley Farley South Wales MH homicide then attempted suicide by stabbing, then sectioned
Apr-06 Dean Shorney Bargoed MH patient fatally and repeatedly stabs victim. Critical Ind Inq 2008. Known high risk of violence. Inquiry
24 Mar-2006 Marian Rhoden Penrhyn Bay, North Wales depressive strangles partner with dementia sentenced under MHA to psych hosp
Oct-05 Valerie Thomas (75) Cardiff MH patient fatally stabs elderly stranger (2nd choice) Long MH history. Critical Ind Inq. No Risk ass. CCTV Inquiry
May 05 Aaron Gilbert (1) Swansea Mentally ill man fatally batters baby MH history with offending Serious Case Review
Apr-04 Carys Williams Porthcawl Delusional mentally ill man fatally stabs wife
Apr-04 Emma Proctor Cwmbran Paranoid Schizophrenic drives 4×4 into pedestrians at speed killing all three GP had referred to MH services – DNA
Martin Connop
William John Gibbings
Feb-04 James Latham Abercregan, South Wales Schizophrenic pours petrol over house starts fire killing his father, brother and himself.
(Mother survives)
Parents not told of son’s paranoia
Joseph Latham
May 03 Marjorie Glover (70) Swansea Mentally ill deluded pensioner strangles wife Guilty to manslaughter detained indefinitely under MHA
Mar-03 Brian Dodd Prestatyn Paranoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly (28 times) stabbed a stranger V critical indep inq 2004, previously slashed strangers throat 1996. released 2000. Prev danger to others noted. Had stopped meds Inquiry
Feb-03 Caroline Evans Llangadog, Camarthen MH patient fatally shot victim then shot himself Ind Inq 2005 – Previously sectioned for shotgun threat. Public protection not considered Inquiry
Jul-02 Jordan Reid (23 months) Saundersfoot, Pembs Depressive let baby drown in sea in buggy Had been refused palce in psych unit earlier. Fm Birmingham
Dec-01 Afryl Burr Tredegar Schizophrenic man fatally stabs mother and attempts to kill 2 police officers ‘Freedom fighter for God, Welsh Osama Bin Laden’
Oct-01 Steven Magee Cardiff Mentally ill man fatally batters neighbour
Sep-01 Susan Doughty Porthcawl Demented & depressed man fatally batters wife with hammer
Jan-01 Janet Worth Ruthin, North Wales Schizophrenic batters mother, pours petrol on her and sets her alight fatally
Jan-01 Stephen Provoost Cardiff Schizophrenic fatally stabs son-in-law 20 times in front of pregnant daughter Previous violence. Wife had warned police 24hrs before
26 Nov 2000 John Hayward Newport Depressed woman fatally stabbed husband Diminished responsibility – jailed for 1 year
Sep-00 Mary Griffiths Bridgend Mentally ill man fatally strangles wife Major depressive illness
Jul-00 Catherine Mochrie Barry, South Wales Psychotic depressive (w paranoid delusions) fatally batters wife and four children and then hangs himself Long MH history
Bethan Mochrie
Luke Mochrie
Sian Mochrie
James Mochrie
Jul-00 Emma Hall (12) Whitelye, Monmouthshire Depressive Schizophrenic fatally stabs daughter (to prevent 15 christian families from certain death and her ‘reincarnation’) MH patient – Inq? Sentenced indef det.
Jun-00 Mabel Harrison (87) Aberystwyth Depressed man fatally slashed wife’s wrists and attempted suicide
Apr-00 Colin Bloomfield Cardiff (Jail) Mentally ill man fatally strangles cellmate, gouges eyes and cuts out liver
17 Mar 1999 John Faithful Talsarn Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs friend and seriously injures another Detained indefinitely but convicted of another stabbing after release
08 Oct 1996 Raymond Roberts Wrexham Mentally ill man kills his father Hospital order
May 96 William (Ronnie) Crompton Llandrindod Wells Previously sectioned MH patient fatally stabs ex (52 times) and her boyfriend (38 times) Just released from hospital
Fiona Ovis
10 Feb 1996 Jessica Parry (5) Haverfordwest Mentally disordered man with history of serious violence fatally batters young child Diminished responsibility
Oct-94 Rachel Kyvetos Trinant, Gwent Psychotic mentally ill man fatally strangled ex-wife and buried her in garden
June 1994 Susan Roberts Llangefni, Gwynedd Mentally ill man fatally stabbed ex wife in front of six children at woman’s refuge Diminished responsibility
Jan-94 Angela Jones Barry Mentally ill man fatally stabs ex-wife
Jan 1994 Harry Stephenson Cardiff Mentally ill man fatally stabs neighbour after assaulting two others
21 Dec 1993 Pat Morgan (75) Bridgend Mentally disordered woman repeatedly and fatally stabbed woman who let her in to use the telephone Had previously killed her step-father. Sent to Broadmoor
30 Sep 1993 Emma Page (17) Llanwrtyd Wells Depressed and mentally disordered man fatally shoots young student, a stranger

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  1. I live near some of these incidents and never new about them. Sadly so many suffer from MH including myself. My heart goes out to families involved. Stress and poverty is causing people to have mental breakdowns specially when it comes to money and paying the bills. I think thats why so many of us is turning to Meditation and yoga.

  2. Pat Durrant was my friend when she and James lived in Ross-on-Wye. He wasn’t very good at taking his medication and was frequently having visions of aliens invading and killing everyone.After one of these episodes he spent 6 months in a secure unit, during which time Pat was happier and more relaxed. However, she was persuaded to let him live with her again, as he was deemed to be non- violent. When I asked her why she was having him back in her house she said ” Where else is he going to go?”, indicating that she had had no choice in the matter.She was badly let down.

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