East Midlands

102 known cases 1993 – 2019
49 inquiry reports

NHS East Midlands ordered a review of all local mental health homicides between April 2002 and July 2006 and found some 20 cases. They found nine require a full independent investigation, nine did not meet the criteria and two have been subjected to other forms of investigation (Serious case reviews).

Only 14 of these cases have so far been identified.


12 July 2020Connor Young (5 mths)Royal Derby HospitalMentally ill woman strangles young son in mother & baby psychiatric inpatient unitLong MH history 
02 Aug 2019Daniel MockBulwell, NottsMentally ill and learning disabled man fatally stabs nephewDiminished responsibility 
02 July 2019Edwin Whatsize (92)Glen ParvaMentally disordered man repeatedly and fatally stabs grandfatherDiminished responsibility 
19 Apr 2019Terry Radford (87)Mansfield WoodhouseMentally ill man in stolen car fatally reverses over stranger, after assaulting a family claiming he was JesusConvicted Manslaughter by diminished responsibility 
14 Feb 2019Dorothy Bowyer (77)Buxworth, DerbyshireMentally ill man fatally stabs grandmother and her dogDiminished responsibility 
20 Nov 2018Jenson Spellman (5)Tintwistle, DerbyshireDepressed woman kills young son and herself by drowningTwo reviews? 
28 Aug 2018Lisa ButlerMansfieldMan with schizophrenia and psychosis fatally stabs nieceHad stopped taking meds – not reviewed 
16 Aug 2017Karen JacquetNewarkMentally ill man fatally batters partner  
19 July 2017Murrey PaulsonDerbyMentally ill man fatally stabbed housemateConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished reponsibility 
27 May 2017Sohbia KhanDerbyParanoid schizophrenic kills wife in ‘savage’ attackHad previously served hospital order for seriously assaulting another partner 
02 Mar 2017Liam PennickDerbyMentally ill man fatally stabs flatmateConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished responsibility 
23 Feb 2017Brian RobsonCosbyMentally ill man fatally batters elderly neighbourConvicted of Manslaughter by diminished responsibility 
16 Dec 2016Claire NagleBorrowashMentally ill man fatally strangled ex wife, seriously assaults step son and takes his own lifeInquest found MH had deteriorated significantly 
10 Dec 2016Martin MaughanNottinghamMentally ill & deluded man fatally batters strangerSentenced to Sec 37/41 
02 Nov 2016Adam Stokes (11)

Matthew Stokes (5)
HinckleyMentally ill man kills his two boys and then himselfPrevious stand off with Police 
07 Aug 2016Gary HastingsNottinghamMentally ill & deluded man fatally batters strangerLong MH history – court found him insane 
03 Aug 2016Ernestine Tindall (88)NottinghamDepressed man fatally strangles wife with dementiaSentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for two years 
25 Feb 2016Julie Hill

Rose Hill (75)
ShirebrookMentally ill man hearing voices from Satan batters and drowns aunt and strangles grandmotherSubstance abuse 
08 Feb 2016Kerry GascoigneSutton in AshfieldMentally ill man fatally strangles vulnerable partnerFamily tried to get him help but told ‘nothing wrong with him’ 
03 Dec 2015John Coxall (80)HMP NottinghamRecent mental health patient fatally chokes vulnerable fellow prisonerPrevious inpatient at secure unitPPO Investigation
17 Apr 2015Aileen BellHinckleyMan with dementia & depression fatally and repeatedly stabs partner  
14 Apr 2015Sandra ThomasNorthamptonParanoid schizophrenic off meds fatally batters mother with television bracketRecently released – history of violence 
18 Feb 2015William TomlinsonLeicesterMentally disordered man fatally strangles partner’s uncle and sets him on fireHistory of mental disorder 
23 Dec 2014Alex RobinsonLincolnMentally disordered man drowns grandsonLong MH history – Recently released from inpatient unitInquiry

11 Oct 2014Maria MayesShepshed, LeicsParanoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs motherNot taking meds and abusing substances 
11 Sept 2014Paul AverillIlkestonPsychotic man fatally stabbed lodgerPreviously undiagnosed – substance abuse problems 
21 Apr 2014Leszek Dantes

Malgorzata Dantes
WorksopPsychotic man fatally stabbed parentsLong MH history with violence and drug abuse, Sec 45a 
09 Dec 2013Sandra BainbridgeBelperMentally ill woman breaks into house and kills pensionerLong History of mental illness – recent contactINQUIRY

Inquiry Follow Up


31 Oct 2013Alan GoodeLincolnMentally ill prisoner kills cellmate PPO Inq 
04 Sept 2013Newborn baby – JamesBourneTeenager fatally suffocates newborn baby boy whilst balance of mind disturbedInfanticide case 
01 Sep 2013Zoe Black (7 mths)NottinghamPost-natally depressed woman drowns baby daughter  
02 Apr 2013Timothy KeamNorthamptonPsychotic man repeatedly and fatally batters landlord with hatchetPrev concerns about deteriorating MH 
28 Dec 2012Julia ThurgarlandMaplebeck, NottsMentally ill man fatally strangles wife and attempts suicideDue to have Psych. assessment on day of killing 
02 Dec 2012Charles TalbotElkesley, NottsParanoid schizophrenic fatally batters fatherLong MH History had previously been sectioned for attacking his Dad 
07 Nov 2012Khloe Abrams (20mths)NorthhamptonMentally ill man (w PTSD) battered babyFormer soldier, injured in Afghanistan, SCR due 
10 Sep 2012Giuseppe DifinaNottinghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs fatherHad previously threatened to attack him 
20 Jun 2012Mark BladesNottinghamParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed strangerIndef hospital order & 20 yrs imprisonment 
25 Dec 2011Gillian WoodwardNottinghamDepressed man fatally stabs wifeLong history of depression not treated 
30 Oct 2011Skye Jacques
(7 mths)
LeicesterMentally ill woman kills her baby SCR
31 Mar 2011Mary ThorpeBarrowbyMentally ill man fatally stabs mother20 year history of psychotic mental illness 
23 Feb-2011Thomas Oakes-Green (13)
Eleanor Oakes-Green (9)
Shepshed, LeicsDepressed mother fatally stabbed both her children and then killed herself  
02 Jun-2010Rachael Slack

Auden Slack (23 mnths)
Holbrook, DerbyshireMentally ill man fatally stabs ex-partner and toddler son days after MH assessment and threats to kill them INQ



Coroners PFD


28 Mar 2010Margaret ClappertonMansfieldMentally ill man kills mother  
4-8 Jan 2010Michael YoungNottinghamMentally ill man fatally stabs brotherLong MH historyInquiry
24 Jul 2009John McGrathStapleford, NottinghamSchizophrenic man repeatedly and fatally stabs grandfatherLong MH history, family warnings, repeated missed opportunities. Judge criticised MH professionalsInquiry
10 Sept 2008Terence HooperKetteringEx High Secure Mental Health Patient fatally punches manInq found he had been released too early from RamptonInquiry
28 May 2008Eunice CarrNether LangwithDemented pensioner fatally batters wife  
20-23 Apr 2008Newborn baby – EithanNorthamptonMentally ill teenage mother suffocates newborn baby and puts his body under a lawnmowerInfanticide case 
04 Dec 2007Stephanie BartonBostonPsychotic man fatally and repeatedly stabs girlfriendHeavy cannabis user. Tried to access help without successInquiry
27 Nov 2007Halimah AhmedDerbyPsychiatric patient smothers girl then hangs himselfInd Inq 2010. & Coroners report. Prev violence – Known risk – tried to section 3 times but no S/WInquiry


17 Aug 2007Karen GoddenLeicesterParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed neighbour with chiselInd Inq 2010 (2007/9113 Recently released from Psych hospital – stopped meds.)Inquiry


02 Aug 2007Jay Birch (5)BuxtonMentally ill woman murdered son and attempted suicide  
19 May 2007Margaret McIntyreCorby, NorthantsMentally ill man kills grandmother Inquiry
30 Jan 2007Nicole Townshend

Jane Malkin
LeicesterPsychotic drives car and mounts pavement killing two strangers (Satan driving)Sought help day before but released, Ind InqInquiry
03 Jan 2007Lorraine LoweBasingham Lincs & MH unit NottsParanoid Schizophrenic kills sister by driving car into tree; then throttles patient in MH unitLong history, stopped meds 
03 Jan 2007Rina PanchalThurmaston, LeicesterMentally ill man fatally stabs shopworkerMH historyInquiry
07 Nov 2006Nicholas WindsorNorthamptonPsychopath fatally batters manIndefinite detention under MHAInquiry
26 Sep 2006Debra LarnLeicesterMH patient fatally stabbed neighbour and wounded another (PD)Ind Inq 2007. Long MH history with violence. Predictable & preventable. Warnings. Poor team working.Inquiry
25 Sep 2006Rodney WellsNottinghamMH patient fatally stabbed daughter’s boyfriendLong MH history, with violence. 2010, Verita.Inquiry
04 Jan 2006Joanne ButlerEast Shilton, LeicsMentally ill man batters mentally ill neighbour and sets house on fireInd Inq (ref 9090) 2010Inquiry
13 Aug 2005Michael GreenNottinghamMH patient fatally stabs victim with pen (6″ lodged in brain) Inquiry
05 Apr 2005Joyce Halsey (70)ChesterfieldPsychotic man fatally batters wife  
23-25 Jan 2005

Dec 2004-11 Feb 2005
Ellen Frith

Katie Baxter
Zoe Pennick

East Midlands
D&A Patient fatally strangles victims (prob PD)Indep Inq dueInquiry
19 Jul 2004Keith FrogsonAnnesley Woodhouse, NottsParanoid Mentally ill man fatally shoots stranger with crossbow and hacks him with sword  
28 Dec 2003Rosie May Storrie (10)LincolnshireMan with Aspergers Syndrome stripped and suffocated childPrevious History of violenceSCR
19 Oct 2003Nico MeliNottinghamMH patient fatally stabs manThreatened MH workers that day with knife and hammer but released.Inquiry
23 Jul 2003Robert CoryNorthamptonSchizophrenic shoots flatmate dead
08 Jul 2003Paige Shatlock Jones (PS/J) (6)Hucknall, NottsMentally ill man rapes and hangs stepdaughter then hangs himselfInd Inq 2006Inquiry
28 Jan 2003Joan AndrewsLeicesterParanoid schizophrenic cuts off mothers head with chainsaw. (deceased but he thought she was alive)Ind Inq kept confidential for “patient confidentiality”. 
29 Dec 2002Jerome BerganNottinghamParanoid schizophrenic stabs strangerjailed for life 
15 Nov 2002Adam Morell (14)LoughboroughMentally disorderd man strangles and cuts up boyGang attack 
01 Nov 2002Janet FranceNorthamptonParanoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs ex-partner in front of 7 year old daughterHospital order under MHA 
25 Sep 2002Michael DohertyLeicesterRecently released paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed stranger in head and heartSCR 2005, Violent history. Vol. inpatient – catalogue of errors, prev. threatened to stab stepfather.SCR
21 Jul 2002Sandy Hadfield (13)Lincoln (& Derby)Sexual predator with long MH history kills teenagerSCR 2006. Long MH history – Previous violenceInquiry
14 Dec 2001Jacqueline WedderburnNottinghamPsychotic man fatally battered sister with knives, glass and spade  
29 Dec 2000Zafar IqbalNottinghamDetained paranoid schizophrenic leaves hospital without permission and kills brother in lawInd Inq 2005Inquiry
06 Nov 2000Alan ClarkBarnsleyMH patient fatally and repeatedly stabs victim (affair)Ind Inq 2004Inquiry
08 Oct 2000Danielle Hurst (2)Norton DisneyDepressed man killed young daughter by asphyxiating her with car fumesDiminished responsibility
22 Mar 2000Phillip BeardmoreLincolnMH patient stabs victimInd Inq 2003Inquiry
22 Oct 1999George AckroydHope, DerbyshireParanoid schizophrenic beheads fatherInd Inq 2002Inquiry
18 Aug 1999new born babySutton in AshfieldMentally ill teenage mum fatally stabs new born babyInfanticide case 
10 Aug 1999Wilfred MarchantLeicesterPsychotic MH patient stabs young boy (stranger) and father then beats pensioner to death (also a stranger)Ind Inq 2001 – prev hist of violence, left hospital day before, terrible failures, stopped meds.Report on Inquiry 
16 Jun 1999Vicki OlderNottinghamMentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs and batters his ex-girlfriend with a pick-axe handleDepressive sent to secure unit – released by MH Tribunal 4 years later 
03 May 1999Richard MardenNorthamptonMH patient battered father to death with gas bottleCritical Ind Inq, 2003. No CPAInquiry
04 Oct 1998Catherine HundlebyLeicsMentally ill man fatally strangles wifeInd Inq 2001Inquiry

Action plan
16 Jan 1997Caroline BurninghamWelling-borough, NorthantsParanoid schizophrenic batters, sexually assaults and fatally strangles pregnant woman (stranger)Ind Inq 1999Inquiry
22 Jul 1996Anthony WinshipNottsMH Patient kills father after stabbing and repeatedly hitting him with hammer.Ind Inq 1997Inquiry
22 Jun 1996Adil ButtLeicsMH homicideInd Inq 1999 – failure to evaluate and assess properlyInquiry
19 Oct 1995John DawsonLeicsMH homicide, kidnapping of stranger w firearmInd Inq 1997Inquiry
10 Oct 1995Patrick CullenLeicsMH HomicideInd Inq 1998Inquiry
08 Aug 1995Gwendoline Smith

David Smith (12)
Sandiacre, South DerbysPsychotic fatally stabbed mother and step brother, a month after release from psych unitInd Inq 1996Inquiry
01 May 1995Janice SymonsLeicesterMH patient fatally stabs landladyInd Inq 1996Inquiry
03 Aug 1993Samuel VernonNottinghamParanoid schizophrenic fatally stabs man and attempts murder of anotherInd Inq 1993. Many previous admissionsInquiry

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