335 known cases 1993 – 2017
130 inquiry reports

In addition to the Inquiry reports here NHS London commissioned two reports into mental health homicides in London between January 2002 – December 2006.

The report by consultants Verita found 26 mental health homicide cases during that period and their report was published.

The report by Caring Solutions Ltd found 69 cases over the same period and investigated at a sample of 40 cases (which included a very high number of ‘stranger’ homicides). The report was not published. A copy was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

Verita review – March 2008 London Project Report – Caring Solutions


Date Victim Location Event Comment Download
30 Oct 2017 Julian Aubrey West Kensington Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed neighbour Services knew offender had previously tried to kill him
11 Aug 2017 Louise (Leah) Cohen Golders Green Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly & fatally stabs mother and sister
Hannah Cohen
06 Jul 2017 Ilona Czuper Mitcham Paranoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabbed grandmother and removed her eyes
18 Mar 2017 Gabriel Sonu Bibekas (16mths) Finsbury Park Mentally ill man fatally batters toddler with hammer & seriously assaults another child
21 Jan 2017 Kyle Maher Tooting Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs flatmate Convicted of Manslaughter by diminished responsibility
1 Dec 2016 Tarek Chowdhury Harmondsworth Mentally ill man fatally batters fellow inmate at immigration detention centre
23 Nov 2016 Deeqa Ibrahim Tottenham Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs wife
12 Nov 2016 Duran Kajiama Dagenham Mentally ill teenager fatally stabs student Convicted of Manslaughter by diminished reponsibility
25 Oct 2016 Martha Pereira Addiscombe Mentally ill woman convicted of killing her mother Convicted of Manslaughter by diminished reponsibility
15 Oct 2016 Moamen Settar Wembley Mentally ill man ‘with severe psychiatric issues’ fatally stabs young cousin
15 Aug 2016 Lance Scott Walker Hayes Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs vulnerable teenager in hostel Was due for MH assessment three days later Review
3 Aug 2016 Darlene Horton Russell Square Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger and seriously injures 5 others Family had tried to get him help before incident
1 Aug 2016 Huseyin Gulbudak Kilburn Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stab father Family had been trying to get him help beforehand – Sec 45a case
12 May 2016 Patrick Clarke South Croydon Mentally ill man fatally stabs volunteer care worker in psychiatric hospital
21 Feb 2016 Priscilla Edwards (78) Plumstead Mentally ill woman fatally strangles her mother believing her to be a witch History of previous serious violence, 10 yr inpatient, off meds
31 Jan 2016 Elidona Demiraj Islington Psychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabs fiance
19 Jan 2016 Daniel Young Morden Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger and wounds another Off meds and abusing substances
29 Dec 2015 Dr Jeroen Ensink Islington Mentally ill man fatally stabs stranger, a new father Reported history of previous violence
29 Nov 2015 Amirali Manji (81) Harrow Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters disabled father believing him to be a zombie Long history of mental illness – carer for disabled parents
10 Nov 15 Bianca ‘Kay’ Shepherd Uxbridge Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs housemate Previous history of aggression and violence
5 Sep 2015 Karen Reid Ilford Mentally ill man fatally stabbed fellow care home residents
John Down (86)
23 Aug 2015 Jamil Ali Tower Hamlets Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed father and attempted to kill 2 young children
27 July 2015 Jenny Foote Acton Mentally ill man fatally batters lone care worker with fire extinguisher Long MH history with violence
8 July 2015 Florise Corette (81) Lewisham Mentally ill man fatally batters elderly mother Had been released from Psych. hospital that day
29 Jun 2015 Lorraine Barwell Blackfriars Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters prison guard No definite diagnosis before incident
4 May 2015 Wadid Barsoum Wandsworth Prison Mentally ill man fatally batters and stabs cell mate History of previous violence  PPO Inqury
25 Mar 2015 Darren Flynn HMP Swaleside Two mentally disordered prisoners repeatedly & fatally stabs fellow prisoner PPO Inquiry
16 Mar 2015 Nigel Yon Neasden Paranoid schizophrenic off meds fatally stabs fellow B&B resident Questionable care before incident
19 Feb 2015 Richard Brown Notting Hill Psychotic woman repeatedly & fatally stabs partner and 4 year old daughter Had sought MH help 2 days before
Sophia (4)
13 Feb 2015 Hassan Amrani Paddington Mentally ill man fatally stabs father and strangles and batters mother/td> History of mental illness and violence
Zohra Amrani
24 Jan 2015 Farah Boscolo-Gnolo (2 mths) Earls Court Mentally ill woman kills baby daughter
8 Dec 2014 Anna Maria Thomas Putney Psychotic man fatally strangles landlady Bedroom tax case
31 Oct 2014 Magdalena Welna Ilford Mentally ill man fatally stabbed woman before killing himself Previous history of violence
4 Sept 2014 Philip Steels Enfield Psychotic man repeatedly and fatally batters stranger with a brick Extensive drug abuse
4 Sept 2014 Palmira Silva (82) Edmonton Insane man beheads elderly woman in her garden Pleaded ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’
13 Aug 14 Nicholas Stewart Earlsfield Paranoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs acquaintance Long MH & criminal history, had stopped taking meds
16 May 2014 William Boots Kingston Paranoid schizophrenic gives friend fatal dose of heroin
15 May 2014 Antonio Tommaso New Barnet Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs friend & sets flat alight Not taking Meds – Long MH history Inquiry
9 May 2014 Tamara Holboll (76) Kentish Town Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs mother and sets flat alight Tried to access care days before but no beds Inquiry

DHR Full

DHR Exec

8 May-2014 Ibrahim Abdi Haji (79) West Drayton Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters elderly relative Undiagnosed – Mother had tried to get help without success
24 April 2014 Andrew Else Croydon Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger 200 times Had previously stabbed teenager in head three weeks earlier INQUIRY 
22 Apr 2014 James Fiennes Mortlake Mentally ill man fatally stabs complete stranger Thought end of the world had come; wanted to kill the Queen
Apr-2014 Olivia Clarence (4) New Malden Depressed mother fatally smothers children and attempts suicide Released back into community eleven months after the incident SERIOUS CASE REVIEW 
Ben Clarence (3)
Max Clarence (3)
2 Mar 2014 Ronald Parsons Bromley Mentally ill patient fatally batters elderly & vulnerable neighbour Recently released from psych unit INQUIRY
Feb-14 Fatima Bibi Bow Mentally ill youth kills woman with claw hammer and scissors Not guilty of murder by reason of insanity
Jan-14 Maria Duque-Tunjano Earl’s Court Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters woman Recently released from psych. Hospital as ‘malingerer’
8 Dec 13 Anna Maria Thomas Putney ‘Extremely psychotic’ man fatally strangles landlady Did not believe he was ill
5-Oct-13 Badri Dabir Barnet Psychotic man fatally batters mother Had been seen by hospital 4 days before
17-Aug-13 Mya Nguyen (18 mths) Holloway Mentally ill teenager fatally smothers baby
29-Jul-13 Keisha McKenzie Brixton (Undiagnosed) paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs ex-wife and seriously stabs two other women sentenced to 29 years
21 Jun 2013 Gary Brisco Tower Hamlets Psychiatric patient with schizophrenia fatally stabs fellow hostel resident Long history of mental illness & substance abuse Inquiry Exec Summary –

Inquiry Full report

15 Jun-13 Colin Greenway Thamesmead Psychotic man fatally batters and cuts throat of disabled man Previous violence, not taking meds, long MH history INQUIRY

Exec Summary

13-Jun-13 Vethanayagam Anthonypillai East Ham Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs father INQUIRY
1 June 2013 Myrna Holman (76) Plaistow Mentally ill man fatally smothers ill mother
May-13 Andrew Iacovou Morden Mentally disordered man fatally and repeatedly batters man with hammer Refused consent to talk to family about psych history
May-13 Margaret Mercati Bloomsbury Mentally ill man fatally strangles wife then kills himself Stopped taking Meds, delusions worsened
22 Mar 2013 Zaki Oettinger (3) Croydon Severely depressed mother kills herself and young son at railway station
Feb-2013 Pernella Forgie (79) Catford Psychotic paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs mother 60 times
22 Jan 2013 Chloe Siokos Finchley Mentally ill man fatally battered & stabbed his wife, then set house on fire Subsequently took his own life
Dec-12 Anastasia Voykina Streatham Mentally ill man off meds fatally batters girlfriend with hockey stick Violent history, Should have been seen daily by CMHT DHR Full

DHR Exec


Dec-12 Dolores Smith (87) Earlsfield Paranoid schizophrenic fatally beat mother then slit her throat 20 year history of mental illness
Dec-12 Rebecca Sessacar Croydon Psychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabs wife in front of child Had been sectioned 2 weeks before but released DHR


Nov-12 Ali Abubakar Acton Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters islamic scholar Prev. concerns about deteriorating MH
Nov-12 Dr Douglas Hutchison West Hampstead Paranoid schizophrenic fatally punches and stamps on partially sighted man whom he believed was the devil Implicated in another murder in Germany two weeks earlier
Oct-12 Colin Hammond Putney Psychotic man with schizophrenia fatally stabs stranger 10 yr history of Mental illness, had previously stabbed father
Oct-12 Abed Polin Waltamstow Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs father in law after wounding son and daughter who survive Hadn’t taken anti psychotic meds for 2 months
30 Sep-12 Ben Pedersen (7) Andover Former soldier with PTSD kills children and himself
Freya Pedersen (6)
10 Sept 12 Newborn baby Tooting Severely mentally ill woman buries newborn baby alive Inquest found multiple failings in care
Aug-12 Adeel Salaam Hainault Psychotic man fatally batters office worker with Basball bat Substance abuser
Aug-12 Eleftheria Demetriou (79) Wood Green Mentally ill man repeatedly stabbed elderly neighbour Recently discharged patient INQUIRY REPORT
Jun-12 Mark Morrison Marble Arch Paranoid schizophrenic fatally strangles stranger Many warning signs. Judge said killing ‘entirely preventable’
May-12 Lily Skye Boots (14mnths) Wandsworth Mentally ill woman suffocates both her young children MH history, stopped taking meds
Mason Boots (9wks)
27-29 Mar 2012 Richard Hamilton Maida Vale Recent MH patient fatally stabs flatmate Substance abuse problems INQUIRY
Mar-12 Elizabeth Coriat (76) Forest Hill Paranoid schizophrenic decapitates mother whilst off meds and taking street drugs Long MH history. Been taken to hospital day before but not detained
Mar-12 Lesley Larner Ealing Schizophrenic man repeatedly and fatally stabs partner Prev history of violence & substance abuse
Feb-12 Rajendra Patel Croydon Mentally ill man attacks neighbour who later died Jailed for only two and a half years
Nov-11 Carmel Charles Catford Mentally ill man fatally stabs woman MH history Domestic Homicide Review
Oct-11 Sally Hodkin Bexley Released restricted MH patient fatally stabs stranger Had previously killed mother in 2005  INQUIRY
Sep-11 Maymoun Zarzou Finsbury Park Schizophrenic fatally strangles Imam Unfit to plead – indef hospital order under MHA
Jul-11 Umesh Chaudhari Croydon Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters stranger with a brick previous history of violence
Jun-11 Shaun Corey Lewisham Mentally ill woman drugs and suffocates partner Long history of MH problem – prev threats to kill ignored Domestic
Jun-11 Sarwat Malik Finchley Psychotic man fatally stabs wife 120 times Found insane – but released
May-11 Clarence Larteh Tottenham Mentally ill man fatally stabs acquaintance History of violent attacks
May-11 Mary Philomena Quinn (81) Islington Depressive fatally strangles elderly mother and keeps body locked in room Depression and Alcohol problems
May-11 Badi Saleem Kings Cross Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs man Inquiry
24 Apr 2011 Lucinda Port Bow Mentally ill man fatally stabs partner then kills himself DHR
Mar-11 Ram Bhasin (80) Shadwell Psychotic man sets house on fire killing his father and a lodger
Sunil Koosuru
Jan-11 Kasey Gordon (15) Tottenham Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs schoolboy Long MH history – previous warnings about knives Inquiry
Dec-10 Steven Marshall Homerton Psychotic boy fatally stabs man
Dec-10 Winifred Crowther Sutton Depressive man fatally stabbed wife 58 times and attempted suicide. Long MH history
Dec-10 Joan Mungall Tooting Depressive fatally smothers wife.
Dec-10 Nusayba Bharuchi Ali (4) Clapton Psychotic woman fatally stabs daughter 40 times and cuts out her liver
Oct-10 Carl Everson Barking Mental health patient batters man and fatally stabs him Inq found many failings in care – had killed before. Ind inq, Wynchcombe, 2013 Inquiry
Oct-10 David / Sonia Burgess Kings Cross Paranoid schizophrenic fatally pushes friend in front of tube train Fears of deteriorating mental health
Sep-10 Beata Slomiana Finchley Paranoid schizophrenic kills girlfriend by putting plastic bag over her head MH history – not taking meds Inquiry
Jul-10 Peter Joseph Wembley Mentally ill man on run from psych. hospital fatally stabs workmate 49 times
Jul-10 Osman Grbic East Ham Mentally ill man fatally shoots men
Jul-10 Nezir Golaj Cricklewood Mentally ill man fatally shoots men.
Jun-10 Paul Royston Herbert Brent Schizophrenic fatally stabs MH patient Previous violence. Inq found failings in care. Ind inq Winchcombe, 2013
May-10 Robert Lewis Sutton Schizophrenic fatally stabs resident in shared hostel and hangs himself in prison cell. Inquiry
May 10 Keith Drummond Perivale Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed and battered his father Long MH history, not taking meds, mother tried to get help in vain Inquiry
Apr-10 Prodip Debnath Mile End Paranoid Schizophrenic inpatient kills MH patient by stamping on his head Previous violence. Inquiry
Apr-10 Indra Tharmananthan South Norwood Mentally ill man fatally strangles his partner Long MH history
Apr-10 Prodip Debnath Mile End Paranoid schizophrenic inpatient kills MH patient by stamping on his head Previous violence
24 Feb 2010 Hannah Fitzgibbon (100) Stepney Mentally ill man fatally stabs mother
Feb-10 Ajit Singh (12) Barking Mentally ill woman kills autistic son with bleach History of previous violence Inquiry
Dec-09 Julie McKinley Finsbury Park Recent MH patient fatally strangles wife while children were sleeping Long history of violence Inquiry
Dec-09 Aysel Djevdet Palmers Green Psychotic depressive man fatally strangles wife Inquiry
Oct-09 Richard Price Bromley Psychiatric patient batters and fatally kicks pub customer in head MH history Inquiry
Sep-09 Perseus Coore New Cross Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed brother then set flat alight Previously undiagnosed?
Jul-09 Sandra Wedderburn Enfield Mentally ill man fatally stabs mother Previous MH history – mother tried to get him help
Apr-09 Joseph Walsh Earlsfield Deluded paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed father
Mar- 09 Rasool Khan Holloway Schizophrenic man batters friend and cuts his throat
Feb-09 Kulwir Kaur Southall Psychotic depressive man fatally strangles wife
Jan-09 Rose Jatto Camberwell Schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabbed mother Undiagnosed before assault?
Sep-08 David Stoute Holloway Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs family friend
Sep-08 Sehrish Sheikh Canning Town Psychotic fatally stabs woman and injures another
Jul-08 Kitts Mbeboh Greenford Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs father
Jul-08 Elliot Guy Tufnell Park Paranoid Schizophrenic with history of violence fatally stabs stranger Drug abuser
Jun-08 Abiodun Ilumoka Islington Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed heavily pregnant woman (baby also died)
unborn baby
Jun-08 Virginia Griffiths Hornchurch Schizophrenic man kills mother Former inpatient – Much previous violence and threats to kill Inquiry
May-08 Christina Kuye Finchley Paranoid schizophrenic tortures and fatally stabs mother 21 times believing her to be a witch detained under MHA
Apr-08 Ismail Jama Stepney Deluded psychotic man fatally batters cousin with table leg
Apr-08 Waveney Mclure Hoxton Paranoid Schizophrenic repeatedly batters mother with a hammer after failing to take meds detained under MHA Inquiry
Apr-08 David Kemp Great Yarmouth MH patient absconds from secure unit and murders stranger Previous serious violence Inquiry
Mar-08 Devoe Roach Stamford Hill Psychotic man fatally stabs stranger Heavy drug user
Feb-08 Alekseis Kiselovs Hayes Paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs and batters friend
Feb-08 Tung Minh Le Central London Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger Drug user
Feb-08 Lakhdar Ouyahia Kilburn Paranoid, mentally ill man decapitates neighbour and disposes head in canal MH history
Jan-08 Eric Mills Harlesden Mentally ill man fatally punched stranger and repeatedly stamped on his head MH history
Jan-08 Faridon Alizada Erith Recent MH patient fatally stabs teenager & wounds two others Heavy drug user & long history of violence Inquiry
Jan-08 Enrique Parada- Blanco Kingsbury Paranoid schizophrenic fatally battered father with claw hammer Recently released from MH hospital – many failings Inquiry
Dec-07 Kazi Qadeer Ilford Psychotic man repeatedly and fatally stabs housemate (in front of his son)
Oct-07 Sean Denton (18 mnths) Barnet Deluded mother smothers son then commits suicide – long MH history, substance abuse & violence SCR 2008. Long MH History Inquiry
Sept-07 Donald Fletcher Camden Paranoid schizophrenic fatally batters boyfriend and stabs him 17 times Long MH history – inquiry found many failings. 2011 Verita Inquiry
Aug-07 Balthous Galtricia (2) Barking & Dagenham Paranoid Schizophrenic mother fatally stabbed child SCR 2008.MH assessment concluded no needs 5 days earlier Inquiry
Aug-07 Iris Griffin Isleworth Mentally Ill pensioner fatally batters wife with crowbar Diminished resp – sectioned under MHA to MSU
Jul-07 Richard James Northwood Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour Long MH history Inquiry
Jun-07 Eduardo Mendoza Hammersmith Mentally ill woman fatally stabbed uncle 111 times Had attacked him before. (Ind Inq 2012 Verita) Inquiry
Jun-07 Ahmed Shah Southall, Middx Mentally Ill taxi driver fatally stabs businessman Paranoid Psychois.
Jun-07 Douglas Scott Manor Park Schizophrenic repeatedly and fatally stabs mother’s boyfriend with scissors MH patient in Tower Hamlets, had stopped meds Inquiry
Jun-07 Yanire Izaga (2) Westminster Psychotic killed daughter after she disturbed his Sunday morning lie-in Sent to secure unit
May-07 Mickael Bousson (5) Thornton Heath Mentally ill woman suffocates two of her children.
May-07 Mary Bousson (6 wks) Thornton Heath Mentally ill woman suffocates two of her children.
Apr-07 Janet Hossein East London Mental Health patient fatally strangles former girlfriend Poor internal investigation Inquiry
Mar-07 Jaspreet Singh Ilford Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger
Feb-07 Mark Kent Hayes Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs friend Ind Inq – ‘not sucessfully treated’ weeks before offence Inquiry
Jan-07 Kenniece Ogunkoya (3) Hackney Schizophrenic bludgeoned son to death with hammer, suffocated daughter with clingfilm. Claimed she wasn’t real mother and ‘Jesus was her twin’ SCR 2008. Prev attempted stabbing. Father opposed SS decision to release her to care for kids. Prev sectioned but released as no risk. Not taking meds. Inquiry95kb
Jan-07 Antoine Ogunkoya (10)
Dec-06 Camille Remy (pregnant) Hackney Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabbed stranger student. Ind Inq. Released from hospital against medical advice. History of violence with blades Inquiry
Nov-06 Gerry Fairall Kilburn, London Schizophrenic fatally knifed stranger and attacked another Inquiry
Oct-06 Edward Shaw Ladbroke Grove Mentally ill woman with history of substance abuse repeatedly and fatally stabs friend History of previous violence Inquiry
Oct-06 Terry Wilson Wewlyn Garden City Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabbed father Previous inpatient – discharged month before incident. Failed to take meds. Ind Inq. Inquiry
Sep-06 Lucy Braham Harrow Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed family friend 66 times and then stabbed himself (survived) Oxford U student – Harrow school connection
Sep-06 Tom Easton Old St, London Paranoid Schizophrenic stabbed youth worker whilst on day release. Earlier stabbed solicitor in eye Ind Inq due Inquiry
Sep-06 Carmelita Tulloch Vauxhall, London Paranoid schizophrenic stabbed a stranger seven times Inquiry
Aug-06 Mark Murphy Streatham Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger Critical Inquiry, 2011 Inquiry
Aug-06 Rajdeep Kaur South Harrow Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs wife 27 times in front of two year old child Previously sectioned in 1999
Jul-06 John Curran Highbury & Islington Schizophrenic fatally pushed stranger in front of a tube train, two weeks after telling Drs Ind Inq 2010. Vol. Homerton patient. Inquiry
Jul-06 Lee Johnson (81) Hampstead MH patient fatally battered disabled father then torched house and stabbed himself (survived) Police &SS had advised panic alarm convicted manslaughter – indef det under MHA
Jun-06 Jon Cooper-Taylor South Norwood Manic Depressive fatally stabs neighbour 130 times
May-06 Jack Perry Ealing fatally and repeatedly stabbed father in law Ind Inq. Personality disorder Summary
May-06 David Rodway Bromley Schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger in back of the head with screwdriver On bail for previous stabbing at time.
Apr-06 Hamidi Hamidullah Tulse Hill Paranoid Schizophrenic firebombs’non-christian’ shop killing two workers Ind Inq 2010. Previous history of violence, released from Psych hosp by MHT Inquiry
Khizer Hayat
Apr-06 Naquibulla Aman Hounslow Absconding Psychiatric patient steals van and fatally knocked down father to be, at 60 mph after smoking cannabis Ind Inq Inquiry
Mar-06 Martin Ellicot Walthamstow Homicide by homeless mentally ill Indep Inq 225kb
Feb-06 Michael Gallagher West Norwood (Undiagnosed?) Schizophrenic fatally stabbed neighbour Ind Inq. Asked to be admitted before incident. Summary
Feb-06 Roy Barber Chiswick Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs care home resident MH history Inquiry
Feb-06 Lesley Wright Tooting MH patient fatally stabs wife 77 times V Critical Ind Inq 2008. Dr had requested urgent treatment Inquiry
Feb-06 Matthew Carter Tooting Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally kicked and stamped on stranger V Critical Ind Inq. 2008. Family wanted him admitted – ceased meds. Prev. violence. Refused consent for release of medical records. Care too patient centred. Inquiry
Dec-05 John Stringer Canning Town Mentally ill man fatally stabs cousin MH history – Inq found failings in care. Ind Inq 2010 NHS Inquiry
Dec-05 Amanda Bentsi-Addison Camden, London Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs girlfirend MH history
Aug-05 Aman Raj (23 mths) Southall Station Mentally ill woman jumps in front speeding train with her children Long history of depression. Had sought treatment, no team work Inquiry
Simran Sidhu (5)
Jul-05 Richard Whelan London Schizophrenic man repeatedly stabbed victim on bus after throwing chips at his girlfriend CJ INQ 
Jul-05 Louis Gomez Oxleas Homicide by mentally ill Indep Inq Summary
Jun-05 Allah Ditta Barking Mentally ill man kills hostel worker with hockey stick and knife Long MH history – AOT had warned about dangers Inquiry
May-05 Freddie Reid East Ham Schizophrenic with DiP fatally and repeatedly stabs father 37 times Family taken him for MH asssessment weeks before. Missed follow up appointment.
Apr-05 Maryum Lewis Notting Hill Homicide by homeless mentally ill man Ind Inq Summary
Mar-05 Brian Messitt Swiss Cottage Paranoid schizophrenic approaches pensioner from behind and splits head open with axe. Repeated blows.
Jan-05 Mark Evans Ilford MH patients fatally strangled punched and kicked man and set fire to his body in wheelie bin MH history (Ind Inq NHS 2010) Inquiry
Jan-05 Eric Daggers Croydon area MH woman fatally stabs partner Ind Inq NHS 2008 Inquiry
Jan-05 Gary Hunt Enfield Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed friend 5 times Stopped meds, jailed for life
Dec-04 Benjamin Durao Brixton Mentally ill teenager fatally stabs man MH history.(Ind Inq. 2010 NHS) Inquiry
Dec-04 Ernie Meads Edmonton, Wood Green, N London Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed stranger (and seriously injured five others). Not taking meds Ind Inq 2009 Discharged patient,family concern over increasing violence. Inquiry
Nov-04 Ugo Costa Finchley Schizophrenic man beats stranger to death
Oct-04 Katkiene Aldona Oxford St, London Paranoid Schizophrenic deliberately drives car at pedestrians, killing one Indefinite detention
Sep-04 Denis Finnegan Richmond Park Psychotic fatally stabbed stranger whilst released from secure unit by Psych. Ind Inq 2006. Errors made. Previous history of stabbing strangers Inquiry
Sep-04 Jean Robinson N London Psychotic fatally stabs strangers Ind Inq.2009 Mother had been asking for MH help for him for months. Inquiry
Derek Robinson
Kevin Molloy
Sep-04 Edna Morrison (85) Catford Mentally ill man fatally batters elderly mother
Aug-04 Kenneth Quy Romford MH patient batters partner whilst intoxicated MH history, later killed again (Carl Everson Oct 2010) Inquiry
Aug-04 Attamparkash Katiyal Norbury Schizophrenic man batters father to death Unfit to plead – indef det S 37/41
Jul-04 T Spencer Dagenham MH patient fatally shoots acquaintance during a robbery MH History with previous violence. Verita 2010. Inquiry
Jul-04 Terrence Anthony Boynes Bexley Homicide by mentally ill Ind Inq. 2010 Inquiry
Jul-04 Gavin Ings Plumstead, SE London Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs girlfriend and her son (and dog) Undiagnosed? – indefinite detention to secure unit
Anita Ings
Jun-04 William Kean (73) Canning Town MH patient repeatedly and fatally batters grandfather Ctitical Ind Inq Inquiry
May-04 Unknown Unknown Paranoid schizophrenic with history of violence fatally stabs man Long history of violent offending and inpatient staysInd Inq 2011 NHS London Inquiry
24 Apr 2004 Alice Plant (11) Catford/Lewisham Mentally disordered teenager sets house on fire killing sister in plan to kill his family
Apr-04 David Fairburn NE London Homicide by mentally ill Ind Inq 2010 NHS Inquiry
Apr-04 Richard Loudwell Broadmoor Mentally ill man killed patient Ind Inq 2009 Executive

Apr-04 Mickle Green Peckham Delusional MH patient killed baby by burning him on cooker. Long MH history
Apr-04 Simon Breed Wood Green Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabbed neighbour Ind Inq 2010 Inquiry
Mar-04 not known South London Homicide by mentally ill Ind Inq Summary
Feb-04 Brian Cherry Newham Mentally ill man killed victim, cut off both arms & one leg, fried brains. Later murdered Loudwell (qv) in Broadmoor Ind Inq 2009. Had previously been released from secure hospital as no threat. Summary
Jan-04 Josephine Abell North London Mentally ill man strangles wife
Nov-03 Michael O Connor North London Homicide by mentally ill Ind Inq. Coll had killed before
Oct-03 not known West London Homicide by mentally ill Ind Inq
Oct-03 Mary Skerrit (81) Stoke Newington Schizophrenic stabbed partner 58 times and Gt Grandmother 130 times Ind Inq 2010 had been released from hospital twice after psychosis improved Inquiry499kb
Keith Fernandez Palmer’s Green
Jul-03 Pauline Cole (partner) Manor Park, London MH patient Kills 2 in 1985 then fatally stabs partner in 2003 Ind Inq 2006. Previously murdered wife and GP in 1985 Inquiry
Jun-03 Paul Geddes Plumstead Schizophrenic helps beat stranger to death, then sets fire to body during burglary Inquiry
Jun-03 Eshun Marnade Chattun Springfield hospital Tooting Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally attacked Psych nurse Ind Inq 2006. Trust fined Inquiry
May-03 not known Central London Homicide by mentally ill Ind Inq Summary
May 03 Edward Miles Tower Hamlets Fatally and repeatedly stabbed husband Ind Inq 2006 Summary
May 03 Olga Blaskevica Harmondsworth Paranoid schizophrenic strangles girlfriend History of mental illness
Apr-03 Desmond Gould Lancaster Gate Homicide by mentally ill Ind Inq Summary
Apr-03 Peter Greenfield (PG) Croydon Schizophrenic tortures and kills man Ind Inq 2008. Previous violence, recent psychiatric visit Inquiry
Apr-03 Pascal Furness Crouch End London Paranoid Schizophrenic kills man History of schizophrenia, delusional – on bail at time for knife offence
Mar-03 David Donnelly Greenwich Mentally ill man fatally stabs mentally ill neighbour Long MH history, on s117 Inquiry834kb
Mar-03 Qamar Mirza Cricklewood Mentally ill fatally stabbed stranger Sectioned under MHA
Feb-03 Salma Abu Sedra Elstree Mentally ill man fatally stabbed wife then later committed suicide MH History – Ind Inq 2010 Summary
Jan-03 Heather Harris (6) Richmond Woman with schizophrenia fatally smothers daughter MH history – care failings
Jan-03 George Barnet Clapham Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally batters and stabs landlord
Nov-02 Paula White Manor Park Psychotic man fatally stabs student 67 times
Oct-02 Jane Kellett West Hampstead Schizophrenic man decapitates mother with paving slab
Sep-02 Christoph Duclos Mile End Tube Psychotic pushed stranger into oncoming train Ind Inq 2006. Personality disorder and dual diagnosis Inquiry
Jul-02 Paul Michael Whetstone, Barnet Paranoid schizophrenic stalked and fatally stabbed student
Jul-02 Andreas Hinz Camden Psychotic mentally ill man strangles and dismembers man
Mar-02 Tommy Bakumo-Abraham (19 mths) Sydenham, Kent Psychotic believing she was Virgin Mary strangled baby then threw him over balcony ‘to save the world’ Pleaded manslaughter by dim resp – got community rehab order Summary
Feb-02 Violetta Vella (82) Finsbury Park Paranoid schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabbed disabled pensioner in neck Previously sectioned in 2001. Not taking meds
Jan-02 Sally White Camden Psychiatric patient killed and cut up bodies Ind Inq 2005 Lengthy psych history, ind inq claimed ‘clinically normal’ at time of killings Inquiry
Elizabeth Valad
Bridget Maclennan
Nov-01 Narayanan Sukumaran Newham MH patient killed his father Ind Inq 2004. History of violence, preventable Inquiry
Jul-01 Nicole Smith (4) Greenwich MH Patient beats daughter to death with leather belt. Inq?
May-01 Felicia Oyejola Wembley Schizophrenic fatally stabs mother 22 times in neck and chest Long MH history, previous stabbings, failed to take meds.
Mar-01 Fatou Jawo Harringey Mentally ill man fatally stabs wife more than 100 times
Oct-00 Freya Emson
(3 mnths)
NE London Mentally ill psychiatrist kills baby daughter then herself Ind Inq 2003 Inquiry
Aug-00 Geraldine Sureda
(Mrs S)
Mitcham Park, Merton MH patient kills mother whilst on w/e leave from Springfield, Tooting Ind Inq 2006 found catalogue of errors
Aug-00 Shedrina Patterson (10 mths) Tottenham Mentally ill woman threw baby out of third floor window Got 3 years probation
Jul-00 Shanaz Hussain Walthamstow Mentally ill man fatally strangled daughter Indefinite detention MHA
Jul-00 Nurzida Galimozanova Brixton Schizophrenic with history of drug abuse sets his grandmother alight and repeatedly stabs her. Ind Inq 2004 – several failings in treatment
Jun-00 Asiya Haque Newham MH homicide of wife Ind Inq 2002 Inquiry
May-00 Diego Pineiro Villar (12) (A) Covent Garden fatally stabbed 12 yr old child 30 times Ind Inq 2002. Judge had previously wanted to section him
Apr-00 Sindi Smith (SS) Stratford. London MH patient fatally stabbed girlfriend 22 times with a samurai sword, nine days after she gave birth Ind Inq 2006. Long MH history, previous violence Inquiry
Mar-00 Zahid Mubarek Feltham YOI Psychopath w personality disorder fatally battered Asian cell mate Public Inq 2006 INQ Vol1

INQ Vol2 

3 Feb 2000 Margaret Haigh (MH) Hanwell Schizophrenic man fatally slashed his neighbours throat & battered her with baseball bat Ind Inq – errors, deteriorating, no action, preventable. 2004, Lingham Summary
Feb-00 Diane Carol Northwood Schizophrenic man fatally punches and strangles wife Wife tried to get help with his MH problems
Feb-00 Lee Field Bromley Paranoid psychotic nurse repeatedly and fatally stabs fellow nurse in hospital Steroid abuse
Nov-99 Elizabeth Stacey Westminster Mentally ill man fatally batters woman with rolling pin
Jun-99 Zhen Yong Chen Soho Schizophrenic man fatally stabs co-worker
May-99 Stelios Economou Hatch End Station,Pinner Schizophrenic fatally pushed stranger in front of train Ind Inq 2003. Long MH history.
Apr-99 Nik Morre Brixton & Central London Schizophrenic lets off nail bombs in London – had previously sought treatment
John Light
Andrea Dykes
Apr-99 Anne Ponting (77) Paddington Paranoid schizophrenic decapitates mother Huge arsenal of weapons
Mar-99 Alan Petch Holloway MH patient fatally stabs stranger Ind Inq 2001. On leave from MH unit
Mar-99 Lee Day Chingford Psychotic man sets house alight killing occupants
Yvonne Colverhouse
Maddison Day (3)
Rhiannon Day (3)
Reece Day (2)
Sandra Day
Kathleen Day
Nov-98 Jenny Morrison (s/w) Balham,S London Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabbed social worker more than 100 times Ind Inq 2002. Previous violence,failure to take meds.
Nov-98 Carole Parsonage East Finchley Paranoid and delusional depressive kills wife with claw hammer – who had reportedly warned MH professionals
Nov-98 Senait Mezgebe Wandsworth MH homicide of sister Ind Inq 2003
Nov-98 Angus Gilmore Holborn Deluded psychotic woman pours petrol over neighbour and sets him alight
Sep-98 David Philips London MH homicide Ind Inq 2000
Aug-98 John Dysart London Mentally ill man strangles woman then bludgeons man to death 4 days later
Jun-98 Ivy Newman Tower Hamlets Mentally ill man ‘savagely kills’ his grandmother and rapes corpse Ind Inq 2002 Inquiry
May-98 Vincenzo Gianni Chelsea, London MH homicide Ind Inq 1999
May-98 James Mitten (5) Edgware Paranoid schizophrenic suffocates son ‘to save his soul’ – (verdict insanity)
Mar-98 Hugh McCaffrey NW London MH homicide of partner Ind Inq 2002 – got 3 years Inquiry
Mar-98 Spiros Graspas Hampstead Depressed man burns down home killing partner
Jan-98 Paul Watson Earlsfield Mentally ill man repeatedly and fatally stabs neighbour
Jan-98 Carla Thompson Merton MH homicide – prolonged and violent assault, Ind Inq 2000 Inquiry
Oct-97 WPC Nina Mackay Stratford, London Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs WPC Ind Inq 1999
Sep-97 Caroline Coates East London MH homicide Ind Inq 2000
Aug-97 Jennifer Atkins Kingsbury Mentally ill man fatally attacked wife with a hammer Ind Inq 2001
Aug-97 Janet Keegan Enfield & Harringay MH homicide of wife after who left after threats and abuse Ind Inq 1999. Extensive psych history, history of violence with knives
Jul-97 Rita Sibley West Drayton Schizophrenic stabs mother, beheads her and tore out part of her lung Detained indefinitely. Released after 2 years – suicide in 2011
Jun-97 Jocelyn Harris Beckenham Mentally ill Dr bludgeons wife with hammer and throws her out of bedroom window
May-97 Henrietta Leane Cricklewood MH patient poured petrol in living room and struck match, killing mother Ind Inq 2001
Apr-97 Nicholas Boyd Camden & Islington MH patient fatally and repeatedly stabbed neighbour Ind Inq 2000. Same psych as in Mursell case
Mar-97 Beatrice Hughes (91) Harrow MH patient fatally punched kicked & stamped on pensioner during burglary Ind Inq 2000
Jun-96 Harriette Auma (3) Canning Town Mentally ill woman (depression) fatally smothers daughter
Apr-96 Susan Barry Bromley MH patient kills estranged wife Ind Inq 1997
Mar- 96 Diane Bristow Thornton Heath Mentally ill man fatally stabs partner 42 times
Jan-96 Suzanne Kopernik Stekel Croydon area MH patient stabs mother then cuts own throat Ind Inq 1997
Jan-96 Harinder Singh Rehal Battersea MH battered and repeatedly stabbed victim – sentenced to indef detention under MHA
Dec-95 John Trinder Peckham Schizophrenic fatally and repeatedly stabs victim Ind Inq 1999, previous history of stabbings
Dec-95 Michael Earridge Walworth, S. London Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs neighbour after Ouija board game
Pre Sep 1995 Margaret Renner Hackney Depressed man repeatedly & fatally stabbed wife
May-95 Louise Crowe Turnpike Lane, London Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger On bail for other charges
Jan-95 Mrs Grey East London Drug Induced psychotic killed mother after absconding from Psych unit Very critical Ind Inq 1995. Poor notes, info, teamwork
Dec-94 Margaret Hatton Brixton Psychotic fatally shot one stranger and knifed another after mistakenly released from hospital
Dec-94 Anthony Kellman Brixton Psychotic fatally shot one stranger and knifed another after mistakenly released from hospital Ind Inq 2001 (!) – catalogue of errors – no risk ass, previous firearms use, Comm failures
Nov 1994 Jean Stedman Romford Mentally ill man bludgeons wife to death with a hammer
Oct-94 Joseph Collins Islington Paranoid schizophrenic with history of serious assault, kills stepfather after ceasing taking medication Ind Inq 1997 – Long history of MH problems & violence. Cf Kurter
Oct-94 Susan Crawford Herne Hill MH patient fatally stabs victim Ind Inq 1998
Pre Oct 1994 Marilyn Thompson Hendon Depressed man stabbed and battered girlfriend Had killed previous girlfriend as well in 1988 when unwell
Sep-94 Sanita Kaura West London Paranoid schizophrenic ran over and killed stranger Ind Inq 1996
Jul-94 Bryan Bennett Newham MH patient fatally stabbed victim more than 80 times Ind Inq 1995 – previous violence Inquiry
22 Jun 1994 Zacherly Anne Brynin Regent’s Park Mentally Ill man fatally stabs and strangles young woman
14 Jun 1994 Christine Akamo (13) Tottenham Mentally ill woman fatally poisons daughter and attempts suicide
Pre Jun 1994 Aristides Ttoffalli Muswell Hill Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabbed man
31 May 1994 Catherine Hampshire Gant’s Hill MH patient fatally stabs wife wife 300 times in head and neck – failed to take meds Ind Inq 1996
7 May 1994 Mary Collins Northolt Mentally disordered man battered and kicked wife to death
11 Apr 1994 Madhavni Ambasna (82) Hounslow Mentally disordered man fatally stabbed, battered and mutilated elderly neighbours, then raped a child
Raliat Ambasna (72)
Apr-94 Lidie Diema NE London MH Patient repeatedly stabs, kicks and beats girlfriend to death Ind Inq 1996
Mar-94 Ellen Boland NW London MH patient strangled and repeatedly hit elderly mother with hammer ( + subsequent suicide) Ind Inq,1995 later suicide in Wandsworth Prison
Jan-94 Mohammed el-Sayed Bayswater Schizophrenic man cut stranger’s throat and stabbed him 14 times Bizarre ‘SAS’ ritual Appeal Court Judgement 
Nov-93 Jazmine Bisset (4) Plumstead, SE London Paranoid schizophrenic rapes her daughter and fatally smothers her
Nov-93 Samantha Bisset Plumstead, SE London Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs and mutilates woman keeping some of her organs
Oct 1993 Dr Ann Mead Camberwell Mentally disordered man fatally battered GP
15 Aug 1993 Lise-Lore Hartling London Ex-Broadmoor patient kills mental health worker
Pre Aug 1993 Joseph Rollins Tottenham Paranoid schizophrenic fatally stabs father MH history
5 May 1993 Darius Leckie (2) Hayes Mentally ill teenager suffocated young son
18 Mar 1993 Nisha Sheth Chelsea MH, homicide – psychopath sent to broadmoor qv two other killings – (Cherry and Loudwell)
Dec-92 Jonathan Zito Finsbury Park Paranoid Schizophrenic fatally stabs stranger in the eye. Catalogue of MH Service errors, very critical inquiry 1994 Inqiry

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  1. Its amazing the effect words can have.
    having looked through the long list of people who due to mental illness
    committed murder
    makes me want to cry.
    we need help BIG Time.

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